A Figure Skating Blog and Emanuel’s Fabulous Website

I’m hereby officially outing my wife’s figure skating blog. She started it back (voluntarily, without any encouragement from me) in March or April just to try the medium out. She likes to blog occasionally, and has given me the green light to actually refer to it. Yes, it’s hosted by the good people at Bryght.

Long time readers may recall that Julie was a competitive figure skater growing up, as this video (MOV, 74 MB, 13:05) will attest to (related to this entry).

With the figure skating season upon us, Julie discovered that Canada’s Queen Diva Emanuel Sandhu has launched a fantabulous new website. It truly must be seen to believed. Of course, if the site’s server is as reliable as Emanuel, you shouldn’t all go there at once.

I’m glad he’s not reinforcing any stereotypes about gay men or male figure skaters.

UPDATE: I spotted Ms. Sandhu handing out papers this morning for the Vancouver Sun’s Raise Another Sun Reader campaign. They get local celebrities to hand out free papers and promote literacy around town. Emanuel made a very unlikely pairing with Wally Buono, BC Lions head coach. I can only assume they talked about the evils of instant replay in their respective sports.


  1. From his bio “Sexy. Passionate. One-of-a-Kind. Phenomenal. No single word can begin to describe him.”

    That site, especially the flash intro, is like a Ru Paul video with a Karate Kid homage thrown in just for kicks. And spins.

    Whatever. I’m surely he’ll make someone very happy one day. Most likely his Mother.

  2. You wrote “Of course, if the site’s server is as reliable as Emanuel, you shouldn’t all go there at once.”

    Whoa! Where’d all that blood suddenly come from! (*Nice* one, Darren!)

  3. Hey Darren,

    I think you and your wife might want to strap on some skates some day and put your opinions and thoughts where your big mouths are!

    As for your thoughts on his website, it looks a far site better than yours -and, whoa, wait a minute….it’s actually beautiful, informative and positive – more than I can say about this site!

    If you’re worried about reinforcing gay stereotypes, check in with your wife my friend – you’re the one devoting a blog to Emanuel Sandhu and figure skating – maybe it’s time you came out of the closet!

    And as for making light of Emanuel’s volunteering efforts to raise funds to help literacy rates among kids, GET A LIFE! I hope you and your wife have the good sense not to have any children of your own with that kind of warped thinking!

    Good luck with your “blog”!

    PS Emanuel’s site requires a flash player program to view – check in with your webmaster – he’ll explain it all to you.

  4. Jean-Marc: My wife was a competitive figure skater growing up, and I’ve watched my fair share of the sport both live and on TV, so I think we’re qualified to comment.

    I went to give the site another look, but ironically it’s currenly down: http://www.emanuelsandhu.com/. Part of my work is designing websites, so I have some strong opinions about them. You’re entitled to yours just as I’m entitled to mine.

    Er, why are you suggesting I’m gay? And why would that be relevent, in any case?

    And how did I ‘make light’ of Sandhu’s charity efforts? I thought it was funny that he was paired with a very tough-guy football coach. Can you point out precisely where I derided his charity?

  5. Whoa..I think someome (Jean-marc) is a little sensitive! I personally have no desire to check out Emanuel’s website, but I can only imagine what that would entail. I knew before he went totally diva…I’d like to keep my opinion of him based on that person…although it’s hard to ignore the stories I hear from his team mates!

  6. Ah, the fabulous world of competitive figure skating blogging. 😉

    I’m not sure whether I’ll go check out the site or not. I do know that I wasn’t even aware of a streotype of gay male figure skaters. Although that YouTube video of the male figure skaters dressed as cowboys doing a Brokeback Mountain routine was – I thought – both sexy and hilariously tongue-in-cheek (uh, no pun intended, I swear!)

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