Age-Specific Job Sites

Coincidentally, I’ve heard about two new age-specific job sites over the past week:

  • Via Inside the Net, I discoverd Job Loft, which is a cool-looking Canadian job site for the student and just-out-of-school crowd. Killer feature: search by postal code to find jobs close to your home. The results are displayed via Google map integration. If this whole technologist/marketer/writer thing doesn’t work, there’s a line and prep cook just 500 meters down the street for me.
  • Via Steve, there’s Eons…ah, never mind. It’s founded by Monster founder Jeff Taylor, but is actually more of a social network for the 50+ crowd. There’s obituaries and everything.

So, those are more just ‘age specific sites’, but you get the idea.


  1. Huh. When I first read this, I thought I saw “new age”-specific job sites. Made me wonder how many jobs there could be that targeted tarot card reading and astrology.

  2. search by distance eh.. now that is pretty smart… where was this 10 years ago?

    eons looks pretty nifty.. good looking out darren

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