Four Montreal Bloggers on the Dawson College Shooting

Via Stephen Taylor and Boing Boing, here are four bloggers’ accounts of the shooting at Dawson College in Montreal:

Metroblogging Montreal: “My colleague then spotted a young girl looking for cover in the hallway and ran out to help her. There was another gun shot as he got the student to the ground… he was hit in the shoulder and ran back to the print shop. I have no idea what happened to the student, I don’t know if he knows either. He will be fine, I’m no expert on bullet wounds, but it looked like it went straight through.”

Paul: “So we were basically locked into our office while we waited to be evacuated.”

Freak Under Cover: “Yes. I ran like I’ve never ran before. Yes. I saw someone got shot in the stomach. Yes. I’m freaked out.”

Olek: “there was a shooting at my college today. i have never ran so fast in my life.”

Thus far, there’s only one death besides the gunman. Let’s hope and pray it stays that way.


  1. My heart goes out to all the students and families. I work for a college and I can’t say this kind of incident is ever far from my mind.


  2. I’m curious about the cafeteria selected and whether that might reflect a partial motive?

    What is the Dawson cafeteria’s official name and what was its nickname?

  3. the Cafeteria selected is called the Atrium, it is a cafe-type hang out where many students love to spend time between and after classes. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it was a random choice, it is the first place leading from the sherbrooke entrance, so maybe that’s why.

  4. First off my condolecences to the family of anastasia be strong and pray for her! and to the students of dawson, fear not your family and friends are with you! it is a sensless act that is not easy to comprehend but the important thing here now is to start the process of healing! as a parent and an old college student (Vanier) my heart goes out to all of you.

  5. Unbelievable that a person can be so damaged to the point of doing somthing like this. My heart goes out to all who had to endure this tragedy. rj

  6. Another tragedy is that several campus police departments are not allowed to have the equipment to prevent or quickly stop these acts when they happen. Here in the western United States many campuses don’t think it could happen to them and leave there students at risk.

  7. Something that you won’t hear the CBC or CTV talk too much about is Gill’s obvious hatred for God and for “Bible Thumpers”. We tend to reflect what we secretly worship, and for this man to use “666” on his blog, and (strangely) for him to end up murdering a woman whose very name means “resurrection” is both very troubling, and spiritually very odd. If spirituality could be put into a beaker and tested, and if I were a betting man, I would lay down some serious cash that Gill was demon-possessed.

  8. Hello – I wonder if you could help me? There is a report about a Dawson college security guard who, in the course of doing his job and before the guman even arrived at the school, called the police and it was because he did this that the police arrived so quickly on the scene. They were actually approaching the school in response to the other related concern the security guard had called them about. Do you have any information on this story? Thabnk you very much, Eleanor, Mistissini, Quebec

  9. I want to send my condolences to all of the families who are affected by this horrible tragedy. I, myself, have just started my first year at Durham College in Ontario… I couldn’t being in many of the first year’s shoes at Dawson. “God Bless” to that young girl’s family.

  10. First, to call this incident an accident is very inappropriate. An accident is something that cannot be prevented, with no one at fault. This crazy guy is just another nail in the coffin of religion. Believe in yourself, people. Stop blaming things that don’t exist for things you can’t explain. You are all in control of your lives, just as the moron who committed this atrocity was in control of his. I’ll not ask something to “bless you” because it isn’t necessary. You all have the strength to get through this tough time, and you have each other to turn to for extra support. I wish you all the best.

  11. Hey, Fireholder! Believing that the demonic exists does not suggest that people are not responsible for their actions. I also believe that culture exists, and it, too, impacts our behaviour, though it does not excuse it.

    Believing simply in “yourself” is a guaranteed formula for pride and egotism. Believing in Biblical “powers and principalities”, on the other hand, while perhaps looking foolish to the worldly, is actually quite prudent. The world is more than we know. It seethes with hidden spiritual influences, both good and malevolent.

    May God have mercy on the families of the Dawson College victims. May the Lord Jesus deliver us from demonic influences, and revive us in our time through His Holy Spirit. God save Canada!

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