Best First Date Locations in Vancouver?

I was just perusing my Hittail results, which provides this cool river-o’-referrers view on your web stats. It’s pretty slow at the moment, but it’s a fun and totally unscientific way to see where people are coming from, right this minute.

Anyhow, somebody found my site with the Google search ‘where to go on a first date in Vancouver’. Unfortunately, they found this entry, which was probably no help to them.

Why don’t we help them out? I haven’t been on a first date in, like, a decade, but I’ll start:

Those are pretty mediocre. What have you got? You may want to refer to the related post, Offbeat Things to Do in Vancouver.

Other amusing Google results from this evening:

UPDATE: Jen provides a broad range of advice that goes far beyond geographic location.


  1. If you’re broke or don’t want to pay for the Capilano suspension bridge, you can always go to the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge. Free.

    I’d say hike in the Lynn Canyon park too… there’s a belvedere where you can see the city from.

    If you’re rich, the revolving restaurant…

    brem, the intermittent vancouverite.

  2. Female Perspective:
    There is no way I’d hike Dog Mountain on a first date: too isolating. I’d prefer to be fed at a quiet restaurant in the centre of the city. But *not* an expensive restaurant (because if I don’t like the guy, I worry the whole dinner that he is paying all this money for nothing.)

    My recommendation to all you guys: Andales Mexican restaurant on Broadway in Vancouver. Worked for me.

  3. Like Air, I would not go on a hike for a first date. I might not even go on the bridge — if I don’t know the guy very well, I don’t know if he’s some sort of nut who’ll push me off the bridge. I prefer restaurants in very public locations where I can slip away to my car or transit without having to worry that I’m being followed home. I used to also make dates for restaurants near Davie Street, as the guy’s reaction told me a lot about their political and social thinking.

  4. Like Air, I would not go on a hike for a first date.

    Odd, both of my last two serious long-term relationships started on first-date hikes.

    ‘Course, I knew them both pretty well before the first date…

  5. Further to that Andale’s recommendation: I was even brusque enough to finish her meal when she was too full on that first date, which is a pattern that has repeated itself many times in the nearly 13 years since.

  6. My first outing with my current gf was at science world. Although it wasn’t technically a date at the time it worked out well. Bear in mind we’re both geeks.

  7. i would take her to a eb games, they love when you show them your technological side, (your penis)
    Or if your a transvestite (your vegina)

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