Vote for and Link to My Wind Video: Help Me, Yourself and Some Charities

Last month, I wrote about a contest sponsored by a wind energy company. I made an entry using Creative-Commons-licensed Flickr photos called No War Required. It’s simplistic, but those opposing the war in Iraq will hopefully buy in.

The prize for the winner is $10,000. Here’s my modest proposal. If I win:

  1. I divide the money into three pools: $4500, $4500 and $1000.
  2. $4500 goes to three charities: The David Suzuki Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and Amnesty International.
  3. I get to keep $4500.
  4. Each of the first 20 people who link to the contest (and, naturally, encourage people to vote for my video) get $50 gift certificates to the online store of your choice. You just have to email me (note, that’s a munged address) after you post your link. I’ll reply to you, letting you know if you make the cut of the first 20.

There you go: help yourself, help charities and help me, all in one fell link.

Please go and vote. Unfortunately, they haven’t made individual entries linkable. The entry is called No War Required and features a guy with a rifle.

And you have to register to vote. I know, kind of lame, but what’re you going to do?

UPDATE: I had meant to mention that my original idea was a whole ‘wind warrior’ ninja theme with a very simple (i.e. lousy and skillless) animation style. I even made a three-second proof of concept (there’s no audio, imagine me doing bad Japanese samurai accents). However, that was going to be a lot more work, and I liked my ‘No War Required’ idea better.


  1. Yeah, the other top three videos are all pretty funny. I’m hoping they split the humour vote and I can slip in with the political crowd.

  2. So … you basically admit you are relying on politcal/charitable sympathies rather than on merit?

    Considering the images were all free and you want to win to donate to charity, perhaps you could donate all 10k to charity.

  3. Coldstone: How do you separate a particular theme or approach from a video’s merit? Isn’t that like saying, ‘this video is funny/nostalgic/purple and therefore not meritous’?

    Also, your criteria for donating money to charity is odd: ‘because the source material is free, I should donate the money to charity’. None of the video producers appear to have spent much on their creation–why single me out?

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