A Link Round-Up Because I’m Busy

I try not to make big link lists, because I don’t like reading them. That said, I’ve had about 25 tabs open in my browser for at least a week, and haven’t found time to blog about their contents. If I had more time, these are some things I’d write about:

  • David Byrne has some interesting things to say about SpiralFrog: “All well and good if you want stuff these major labels have signed and approved of.”
  • Hugg is a kind of environmental Digg, run by the people at TreeHugger. Via Hugg, I found this video (kind of safe for work, unsafe for prudes) discussing the environmentally-friendly sex toys: “It smells like the head of a Cabbage Patch kid.”
  • Some crazy Flashy flash revealing the connections between Exxon Mobile and climate change skeptics.
  • Canadians are apparently going back to the movies: “Revenue from distribution to movie theatres grew to $446.3 million in 2004-2005, a 16.6 per cent increase over 2002-2003, while revenue from the wholesaling of DVDs and videocassettes remained unchanged at just over $1.8 billion.” Thanks to Alexis for that badboy.
  • A level-headed discussion between David Suzuki and Preston Manning about Alberta’s environmental policies and the idea of a ‘teal Conservative’.
  • Phil points to an Apple Mail plugin that “scans outgoing email key words like “attached,” “attaching,” and so on and warns you if there’s no attachment.” It’s about frickin’ time.
  • Sarah tells the amusing story of judging a Bonny Baby competition in rural Ireland: “Then I instantly announced the winners based on criteria invented in the intervening seconds between interviewing the last parents and turning to the assembled, and expectant, masses.”
  • 7-Up began one of the most amazing film projects in the history of cinema. They’ve just released 49-Up.


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