Web 2.0 Quote of the Week

From an IM conversation with my friend and client Joe:

It’s fucking fantastic, we host all our data on S3, our applications on EC2, our website on Fasthosts and our email and calendaring on Google. its a completely virtual company. You could burn the office down tomorrow and at most we’d lose a day’s work

With Google, we will soon have all our documents and spreadsheets online and if they ever got over that godawful pages crap we’d host our website there as well.

Of course, Joe and his team work in some terrifying concrete quonset huts on the north side of Dublin, so it’ll take a nuclear strike to burn the office down. Regular readers may recall that I recently mentioned ‘my second-most vulgar Irish friend’. Joe is my first.


  1. I hope he doesn’t deal with sensitive customer data. If so, I wonder if the customers mind having their personal information (such as the type that would be stored in “all our documents and spreadsheets”) subject to US Privacy laws (i.e. the government can come in, look at things, then legally prevent the company from telling you that they looked). The Canadian healthcare system is currently getting flak for the same reason – outsourcing records analysis to US companies makes Canadian patient data subject to US laws.

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