1982 Pez Dispenser Going for $30,000

In my childhood, I collected comic books and hockey cards. Since then, I’ve never really been a very serious collector of anything. I can, however, understand the obsession and satisfaction that comes from gathering an assemblage of similar, rare things.

I want to, but I won’t judge Pez dispenser collectors. You guys go nuts.

They’re currently going nuts over a 1982 ‘World’s Fair’ Pez dispenser. It’s on auction on eBay, and after 54 bids it’s up to US $30,000. To the untrained eye (and I’ve got two), it looks like a profoundly ordinary chunk of plastic. But what do I know?

Maybe, but for certain, here is a chance to enhance your PEZ collection with a spectacularly unique piece that absolutely no one else in the entire universe is known to have!

Once the centerpiece of the famous Headley-Du Vall PEZ Collection – reputed to be the largest and most valuable in the world – the World’s Fair PEZ is one of only a few magnificent and one-of-a-kind pieces that remain after the bulk of the collection was privately liquidated following its being donated to charity in 1995.

Rarity: This is the only known example of its kind in existence! It is an Astronaut B with white helmet and green stem with the distinguishing raised inscription on the side: 1982 World’s Fair Knoxville Tennessee.

Ah scarcity, you old temptress, you.


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