Foiled by Low Contrast

This is hardly worth writing about, but you know, bear with me. I’ve written before about the shocking lameness of so many musician’s websites. It’s improving (though I don’t think MySpace is helping anybody–see also the immortal ZeFrank), but I’m still often presented with Nightmares of Poppy Flashness.

This, on the other hand, is a tiny complaint. It involves the website of up-and-comer Corinne Bailey Rae. You may have heard her very listenable single “Put Your Records On”.

I visited her website, and was encouraged by the second link off the navigation bar:

Biog or Blog?

Maybe it’s just the world I’m steeping in these days, but that second link sure looks like ‘Blog’ to me. As it turns out, it’s actually ‘Biog’.

I guess it’s a cultural difference (Rae is from Leeds), but over on this side of the Atlantic, I never see the term ‘biography’ abbreviated to ‘biog’. It’s always ‘bio’. ‘Biog’ is something you have to put up with in first year university.
Is ‘biog’ a common usage in the UK? I didn’t recognize it as such when I lived in Dublin for a couple of years (I know, not the UK, but close enough to get plenty of UK culture). Can any Brits comment?


  1. Well, I’m not a Brit I’m a paddy, but I would have definitely taken “biog” to mean biography, but “bio” is a little open-ended (biology? biochemistry? bio…?). The problem I have with that site is, as you pointed out, is that the text is difficult to read due to being low contrast. On top of that, the overuse of Flash (those butterflies are really annoying!), and the non-standard scroll bars are clunky on Firefox. Over designed.

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