King’s Quest III Remade

If you’re old enough and your family owned a computer, you probably remember King’s Quest III: To Heir is Human. It was an incredibly popular adventure and puzzle game:

The player plays Gwydion in King’s Quest III. The major events of the story include breaking free of Gwydion’s captor wizard by turning him into a cat and escaping Llewdor, returning to Daventry where he frees Princess Rosella (Gwydion’s twin sister and daughter of King Graham and Queen Valanice), and finally discovering that he is actually the royal couple’s lost son and heir to the throne, Alexander.

In an increasingly familiar trend, some ardent fans got together and remade the game for modern PCs. As these side-by-side comparisons show, the new game’s looking a bit slicker than the original.

In related news, fans are apparently building King’s Quest IX, though they’re not calling it that for licensing reasons.


  1. Kings Quest III was the very first graphics-based computer game I played seriously. Entire weeks of my childhood were lost as my brother and I sought out new and exciting ways to kill Gwydion. Did you know he can fall out of almost every window in the wizard’s castle? Try it!

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