.IE Domains Gouge the Irish

As you probably know, there are many domain extensions out there beyond .com, .org and .net. There’s one for every country as well (.tv, in case you’re interested, makes a bunch of coin for the tiny, shrinking island nation of Tuvalu).

Joe reveals some surprising details about the administration of, .ie, Ireland’s extension:

I recently gave a dig out to somebody by registering a .ie domain for them. Total time from initial application to finally getting the domain up and running (e.g. getting the IEDR to update the nameservers) was 40 days!! Even I can’t believe it when I count it up.

Even if I generously lop of ten days to allow for some delays on my part in responding, this really is atrocious, and we pay a premium price of €95.59 for this service.

For those keeping track back in Canada, that’s CAN $133.65 per year. Or more than ten times what it costs to register a (frankly, much more valuable) .com, .net or .org domain name. Also, you can register any of those domain names instantly, instead of taking a month.

Ireland has done so many things right to support technological innovation. Occasionally, though, they get something horribly wrong. I smell a cash grab.

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  1. I am an Irish web developer, and I only ever buy .com/.net/.org domain names for my projects due to the ridiculous requirements and cost associated with .ie domains. If this is a cash grab it is ineffective, as the barriers to entry are enough to put most people off. From what I can see it is only larger businesses that are using .ie domains, for individuals they do not make any sense.

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