Alice Munro in Vancouver

If I ever knew that Alice Munro spent nearly a decade in our fair city, I’ve since forgotten. James points to this New York Times piece about Alice Munro’s Vancouver:

“Winter in Vancouver was not like any winter I had ever known,” Ms. Munro writes in “Cortes Island,” a story in her 1978 collection “The Love of a Good Woman” that matches detail for detail with her first months in Kits. “No snow, not even anything much in the way of a cold wind.” After a day of wandering the city vaguely looking for work, the story’s nameless narrator (dubbed Little Bride by one of the other characters) returns to Kits Beach at dusk as “the clouds broke apart in the west over the sea to show the red streaks of the sun’s setting — and in the park, through which I circled home, the leaves of the winter shrubs glistened in the damp air of a faintly rosy twilight.”

On a related topic, witness the flawed emphasis of Wikipedia. Its article on Alice Munro has 1500 words, while its article on Doom has over 5000.

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  1. Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood and Margaret Laurence all lived in Vancouver in the 1970s. I think they were in a writing group with Jane Rule, too.

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