Are Crocs the New Uggs?

Fasion Police Brigadier General Colene writes about Crocs, a new scourge on our fashion world:

If you visit the website, they give you an enticing list of why you need to own a pair. My favourite is the “ultra-hip Italian styling”. Oh those Italians…ever so stylish in their garish coloured garden clogs! Plus, who wouldn’t want their shoe to be compared to a performance tire?

The other day I was grocery shopping at Granville Island when I spotted three forty-something tourists all wearing these shoes in different colours. I had no idea I was in the midst of yet another ugly footwear trend.

UPDATE: Check out what just showed up on my personalized page this evening. That’s worrying.


  1. These look like they could be pretty comfortable and multipurpose. I don’t realy care what people think of my shoes – if they were cheap and good, I’d wear ’em.

  2. hey colene and boris, i am a 40 something and i wear my new yellow cros with pride because they are comfortable unlike thongs/flip flops and I don’t need socks

  3. I just don’t understand them. When I first saw them last year I thought they were gardening clogs, until I saw people wearing them while shopping and dining. Are they beach/pool footwear? Sandal substitutes? I see people wearing these with socks in spring and fall, but what if it rains?

  4. I don’t necessarily think of crocs as the new uggs. They’re more like the new version of that hippy/Berkeley shoe whose name I can’t remember right now (they’re sandals and people egregiously wear them with socks quite often). Uggs, unfortunately, were embraced by the gliteratti. I doubt crocs will be. They’re more for comfort than fashion.

    If you want a list of ugly shoes (NSFYE — not safe for your eyes) see this page: . Uggs and crocs are featured.

  5. I’m happy to see I’ve been promoted to General! 🙂 Now if only I had to power to eradicate the ugly shoes…

  6. Open your minds and let the clog in. The crocs are especially good for summer wear in an urban environment. They are good for posture and comfort as well as giving one a bargaining chip for negotiations during spousal disputes.

  7. If comfort and common sense are more important than fashion, these crocs are # 1.

    Try wearing a pair first. Then you can do your bitch thing after you have a clue.

  8. As a matter of fact, people who complain about what other people are wearing….boring! jeez, who freakin’ cares? This is your life???

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