Which Flickr Photo Does Google Think Is Most Popular?

I just happened upon a stupid little hack to answer that age-old question: which of my Flickr photos does Google think is most popular?

It only works if you have a fairly unique user name. And, frankly, it only works some of the time. So, it’s pretty lame.

Enter your username or, if that doesn’t work, enter /* into Google. In both cases, the first result will generally point to your main Flickr page, and a secondary result will point to your most popular photo. Here’s an example. Here’s an example of the second strategy.

Your most viewed or favourited photo isn’t necessarily your most popular according to Google. Google, as you know, cares about links. Of course, a photo that’s well linked to will also likely have a high number of views.


  1. It doesn’t seem to work for me. Mostly because my flickr nickname ( rebelcan ) is the one I use all over the web. Most of the results from the Google search are from Slashdot. =\

  2. Darren: Off subject, but have you though about moving to WordPress. You’ll find it better and your comments page won’t be as slow.

  3. Anonymous: I am so close to being ready to launch the WP version of this site, you wouldn’t believe it. By the end of the week, if all things go as planned.

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