Titanic Two: The Surface

Somebody cleverly mashed up a bunch of movies (at least ten or twelve) to produce a trailer for the sequel to the mega-hit Titanic. You may have seen it, as it’s already been viewed 143, 998 times (though, that’s a pretty small number for a mainstream Internet meme), but it’s very sharp:

One thing about this reinvent-trailers trend is that it highlights the role of the editor. I don’t think the average film goer understands just how important the editing process is to their understanding of moving images. The editor (under the supervisory eye of the director) literally makes the film. For a wonderful meditation on what an editor does, read The Conversations : Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film by Michael Ondaatje. [more]

I don’t want to spoil anything, so highlight the following text (sorry, RSS readers) to view it. That didn’t work at all. To reduce spoilage,I put this bit after the jump. Here’s a fun game: what are all the movies featured in this trailer? Here’s what I’ve got: Titanic (obviously),The Abyss, Con Air, Catch Me If You Can, Romeo and Juliet, Basketball Diaries, Hulk, Austin Powers and Enemy of the State.

What have I missed? One shot I can’t place is where you see someone’s legs disappearing into the wall of a jail cell. I first though The Shawshank Redemption, but I believe that’s a bigger hole, higher on the wall.


  1. “Se7en” is in there where the guy says, “Now we’re going to finish this up today ladies and germs.”

    Good pick for a book on editing; I just happen to be reading the Ondaatje book — it’s excellent. So is Sidney Lumet’s, “Making Movies,” for all aspects of the movie process.

    From an editing viewpoint, that is one of the best fake trailers I’ve seen. Hours and hours of work. Impressive.

  2. Good effort. You missed “Gangs of New York”, “War of the Worlds” and and “Independence Day” though

  3. i saw this on youtube and had to check to make sure it was a fake. of course Im disappointed, but whoever worked on it did a nice job

  4. ahh man – its fake? Well – it fooled me – and I was planning on seeing it already! lol wow – looked awsome – great concept!

  5. it was good watching it at youtube, until i saw john cusack and i remember the lines from the movie con-air, the other one was from the movie hulk, where the father is talking to her daughter. It was awesome. I thought it was real.

  6. Authors of the above comments about wanting to see the film:

    You had BETTER be joking!

    The recommendation to the President line was ganked from Contact.

  7. That was absolutely awesome! I was actually waiting for it to come out, until I realized otherwise. Great editing! I did however, question that whole scene with John Cusack and remembered them from Con-Air. But you would have had me fooled if not for that…

  8. wow… i thought it was real… i searched Google to see if it was real and I ended up here… It sucks, it would have been a heck of a good movie 😛 That fake trailer was awesome. They should really turn this into a real movie, it’d be awesome!!!

    1. there’s a lot of fiction today. And many people patronize it. Well, I am not really a fan of Titanic but. I agree that this movie must be produced. If I were a director or have a power to produce this film.. I will.. I was really desperate to watch this movie.. Hope it is real..

  9. i knew it was a phoney from the beginning…. lol.. ” the old lady droped the diamnod here.” ha ha.. that was funny.. good job though.. it was really interesting..

  10. i knew it was a phoney from the beginning…. lol.. ” the old lady droped the diamnod here.” ha ha.. that was funny.. good job though.. it was really interesting..

  11. i knew it was a phoney from the beginning…. lol.. ” the old lady droped the diamnod here.” ha ha.. that was funny.. good job though.. it was really interesting..

  12. Gosh I wish it was real! I cried when I found out that it wasn’t! It would have been a good movie!

  13. funny, would not be a good movie AT ALL, when i seen it on Ebaum’s i was like dear god, how can they make a sequel, does jack come back to life and sure enough, thats what happens, nice job tho, had me going, but i dont know if it actually would be a good movie

  14. I am HIGHLY upset… I want to see the sequel to that movie really bad now… it would have been a good one too. I am SO pissed. For real.. I cry everytime I watch Titanic and I thought they were guna get to bring him back… I got excited. I want to send whoever made it Hatemail… finding out that it is fake just ruined my whole year… I was looking forward to seeing that this summer and now what am I supposed to look forward to? I done had a date set up with my friends and everything… I am so disappointed.

  15. Theres a voice over where the guy says, “we’re gonna find this son of a bitch and take him down” thats from bourne supremacy.

  16. At first i thought it was real but there would have been more talk about it on the tv and it was cleverly made but why would he be put in jail?

  17. When I watched it at first, it seemed all good….. a bit corny, but it would’ve made it to the movies. Still I wasn’t sure so I asked my boy and had him view it. He said it was corny as well, but after viewing it, I seen scenes, from romeo and juliet, the beach, basketball diaries, and the incredible hulk.

    I probably broke my girl’s heart when I told her it wasn’t real……

  18. i think Part 1 is good ending but Part 2 ..Ghost~!!=[]=!!! …and i think in present is imposiple to make some new human . Jack had die and his body is in the the ocean . How they mack new Jack for Rose ?? =[]=??

  19. i watched the trailer three times.it didnt make much sense that they brought jack back to life,because titanic is a very high quality and realistic movie,and such an act makes it look sciencfictional,which makes the movie less special.
    but they absolutely got me fooled.
    my compliments to the producer of this trailer.two thumbs up..

  20. why??? why??? i watched this trailer in school and i thought it was real, it was so awesome. But then i played to some of my friends and they thought it was real but sumone said it wasnt. it was so great. They should really put it into a real movie. but neways i loved the effort, two thumbs way UP!!!

  21. The scene with Jamie Lee Curtis screaming about a cup of coffee is from the movie “Forever young” with Mel Gibson

  22. oh heck no…ur making this movie…please please please… titanic is my altime fav. movie..just please make this one 😥

  23. If DiCaprio agreed to do the film, I guarantee it would make money and it has interesting ideas. They would have to come up with a better idea how he could have survived though…I would seriously have gone seen the movie it existed on launch.

  24. I think it should be a movie because then it will be the most sadest story ever…even though it will never happen.

  25. Damn, I can’t decide. On the one hand, when I first saw it, I knew it was a fake, and it seemed too cheesy a concept to take seriously. I had something else I had to do, and it kept looping in the background, so I had a couple minutes to think about it, and I guess I resigned myself to the idea that even though it’s cheesy, it’s still an interesting thought. I got back on the ‘puter and watched it twice more, to see if I could decide if it was certainly fake, but I was kind of into the idea that it might be real, so I ignored the fact that I knew scenes from other movies (they could have left that Cusack part out, it doesn’t fit). Ended up I wanted to see it (the part with him watching the musical was tasteless enough to be hilarious), so I checked IMDB, and they didn’t have it (never a good sign), but thinking maybe it was just too new (although it had a trailer?!), I checked google. Damn! Now that I can’t see it, I really kinda want to… 🙂

  26. if the person would made this movie could get with the titanic producers i believe they could make this movie work . because i showed all of my friends and they agreed to go watch it if it was real i posted it on my myspace and i have already had over 6,000 views this is a big hit for the box office if it could be made real.

  27. the guy saying”rose is dead” is tom hanks and jack says “is that the truth” is from “Catch me if you can”

  28. you really hould make this movie it would be really good!! I seriously thought it was for real, whrn I found out it was a fake I was so mad.

  29. great footage and mixing work was what i though when i saw the “trailer”.2 major errors… freezing in deep sea is impossible due to water pression and cryogenic technologies available today are unnable to bring life to any human being;)

  30. This was absolutely hilarious!! Al those who thot it was for real kudos to them!! Lol!

  31. I thought that it was a real trailer at first and I believed it was time to get my gun, because I’d given up on humanity. However, once I realized it was a parody I was feeling newfound hope for our race. (It really was incredibly done.) And now that I see how many people saw this trailer and thought the movie would be good I’m feeling a bit depressed again.

    Though, I think making this would be a brilliant move by Hollywood. Who wouldn’t see it? I mean, either you think it’s a great idea and you see it or you think it is the dumbest movie to ever be conceived…and you go see it.

    Honestly, who could resist?

  32. Maybe they can dig up Rose’s body and call in Dr. Frankenstein; then they can get married and take their honeymoon on a Celebrity Cruise Ship.

  33. it is an ok idea….but they would have to do something about Rose…seing as she is dead and died at 101/2 that would be a bit weird….but it was really clever except for the gooie phase thing so good job!!

  34. Yes of coarse its a fake (mostly because the lead charter Leonardo is staring in 3 other movies at the moment and wouldnt be able to keep up with his work if he took on another film) but of coarse im one of those people who think making a titanic 2 would be the best idea ever of coarse alot of the people in there 30-80 something years old would probly think its just a piece of crap but the people around are age (15) would love to see a second titanic movie, like dont get me wrong the first one was great but a second one would be GREATER!!! I saw the perview of the second (fake movie) titanic on youtube and i thought it was so sad when it said (and ever thing u knew was gone) then it showed the last survier died at 102 years old, it was so sad I cryed!!! But all in all please if any movie directors read this site, please make a Titanic 2

  35. I thought it was so sad i mean i would love a 2nd one to be made the trailerwas really good even though fake i mean the whole idea of jack searching to find out about rose was bkick ass i just didnt get why they were trying to kill him mabey cause hes an expeiriment?? I dont know but they better fn make this plzplzplzplz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. aww im so depressed i thought it was real for weeks!!! until someone told me to search google
    you should really turn it in to a movie
    it would be awesome i already was gonna see it =( o well you did a good job faking it

  37. omg!i wish this were a real movie im so sadd =[[[[
    i was looking 4ward to seeing it btw hi lindsey i read ur comment be4 mine i feel the same way….MAKE THE MOVIE NOT GAY FAKE THINGS please

  38. omg im soo glad its not real…i though what the crap. thats too sad. he comes back and everything is gone like rose. it wouldve been good but omg wayyy to sad. i cried watching the preview thing.

  39. Was pretty excited when I saw the trailer & thought it was for real. I loved the first movie & would’ve liked to live through it again. Am terribly disappointed to know it was fake. But what a fake! Brillant work. Now that so many people want to see it someone should make a movie out of it. Anyone listening?

  40. can i ask you guys what does happen in titanic 2. does jack see rose again i no she’s died but does he go back in time or somit caruse i dont get it

  41. This would’ve been the best movie ever it could’ve made millions to bad its fake, but i got to give credit for the guy who made this movie trailer at first I really thought this was a real movie.

  42. OMG! I totally believed it was real!
    😦 DAME!!!!! I think they should make it into a movie, its perfect! And millions would watch it ! Oh thanks for ruining my day! You got me all excited! GO TITANIC! LEONARDO DICAPRIOS HOT!!!!

  43. WOW! The person who made that so clever!! I totally thought it was real but then I just thought OMG it was so real and I was so hyped. Well, if the clever person EVER turns it into a real movie they will make millions! WINK WINK! My friend and I love Titanic and you just ruined our day becuase titanic is rocking and a sequel would be hot. oh well
    i love leo (hehe) nardo decaprio

  44. i thought that this was cool. they should really make it into a movie. i know for a fact that this movie would make millions.

  45. This Clip looked awesome when I saw it. I know it’s a fake now. I didn’t like how Jack looked like he got interested in another girl besides Rose, though. Whoever this “Derik Johnson” is, well he did a pretty good job on it.

  46. Oh my god!!! This really made my day. I saw the trailer and thought it was real. I at first was dissapointed because Titanic is a very prestigious and realistic film. Making a sequal where Jack comes back to life is just silly crap. But then when I found out it was fake, I was still dissapionted, I think that it would have been a hit, and if not, it would have gotten the “failed film” attention. So either way, it would be popular. I cracked up when I read all of the previouse comments about how people thought it was real and stuff. This fake trailer is getting a lot of attention though….. Props to whoever made it. It was really cool. I would be totally out of it if it would be turned into a movie and made millions.

  47. “Titanic two”? Thats one hint that it was a fake…Why “Titanic Two”? Nowhere in the trailer did I see another ship or something to make it such a Title. a better title would be just simply “Jack Returns”. But man that was so cool, I still cant get over the fact that so many people fell for it.

  48. OMG a thought that it was an actual film when I saw it on youtube. Oooo im kind of happy its not real because it would of been so sad nd a would of cryed soooo much, even more than what i did when i watched titanic. Really gd film though a cant believe how many people actually thought it was a real film lyk. Nd how hot is leonardo de caprio xxxx luff yoo

  49. I got surprised in this sequel! I think this is another “grandslam” movie of Leonardo DeCarpio. Girls will gonna get crazy again with this movie!!!!
    5 stars for me…hehehehe!

  50. WOW am I upset. When I first watched the trailer I was like, “Where is the pen and paper?? I have to write this down!!” A few minutes later, then I said to myself, “Where is the date when it was viewed?” Then I looked all over the internet and I landed here. Thanks. Alot. I totally believed it. It looked realistic until I saw one part from “The Hulk,” I was like that can’t be right. Nice job.
    Oh yeah, one more thing…Leonardo Di Caprio only looks hott when he was YOUNG.
    Grr…I am so mad/sad. I was about to go to Blockbuster, too.
    If this movie was real, it would make millions of dollars. You see, people would buy the original movie to know what it was about then go see the “SO CALLED SEQUEL” and when this comes out on DVD, MORE MONEY! OH WELL!
    …Nice job on the trailer though, but why would Jack go for another woman? NO. HE loves ROSE. Not some blonde girl. Haha.

  51. I think there should be a movie like this i mean everyone watched it and they loved it and if they dont see the rest they’ll die and so will I PLEASE FINISH THE MOVIE you can get a lot of money on this trust me FINISH IT!!!!!!

  52. Hello,
    how could you make a joke out of titanic? Although it was good, however in the point i see it, its a joke to you. Titanic was a true ledgend. Its been in history for years. There was a rose and there was a jack. Two true people, who’s sould no longer live.
    * please dont do this agin*

  53. woooow I thought that it’s not fake when I saw the trailer but when I saw it I felt bad :S:S I saied that I have to watch it whole but I can’t found it

  54. ok i really thought this was going to be a movie. andd i really wish this can become a movie, i think that alot of people had loved the titanic and they made alot of money on it. i believe that if you were to make another titanic it would be so popular and you will make alot of money because i also wondered about how people interpret the titanic today and this movie is basically the answer to that question. soo can u at least think about making this into a moviee

  55. ewww im PISSED, this shouldve been REAL, ughh i really wanna see it, gezzz im really mad now that i found out its fake

  56. when i herd about a sequel i was dreding it how could they ruin the 1st one with such a cheesy storyline for the second coming back from the dead ye ryt..then when i actaully watched the trailer on youtube i starterd 2 get excited and wanted 2 see it even though i recognised part so it from catch me if you can bt didnt realise it at the time i had no idea wen it came out as the trailer only says summer so i googled it n i ended up here i could cry :(..i think if it was to be made into a film it would do well but thn theres thos ppl who wont cme n see it as thy dnt like the idea n think it’ll spoil the 1st film..i wounder what the makers of the titanic would think of this trailer n if thyv seen it or not!

  57. ok, my friend told me about titanic 2 and told me the plot and i was like really? i was kinda excited and kinda like ewww dont ruin the first movie. i watched the trailer and belived it was real. i was excited but then i found out it was fake 😦 this should really be made into a movie.

  58. At first, i got really excited, i thought this is gonna be the next blockbuster. But then ,after reading ur comments, it really feels bad that we would not be able to see an amazing piece of work…But hats off to the editor.

  59. Omg I’m so friking mad I actually thought this was really….. when I saw it on the iPhone I ran to my family and told the that there was gonna be a titanic 2…….seriously I was so exited I as planning to go watch it in the summer but now I’m depress……not cool……the guy that did this is a total genius seriously……it would have been a really great movie

  60. OMG it was brilliant you shpuld defentaly make it into a film i mean titanic was a terrible tradgedy and to see the last youngest survivor on his own in a new world would be fantastic plz plz plz make it a movie

  61. Meilleur film,j l’ai vu ds ma vie ,c le Titanic,et j’aime bien voir la Suite..mm Titanic 2..ché b1, k’il a + de tragidie ke le 1er Titanic

  62. That F*cking sucks. I was sooo looking forward to seeing this, then i got soooo mad at who did this. Whoever did this can ROT IN BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!

  63. well..as i saw the trailer i knew it was a fake..frames from different films
    used were recognisable..only one change in concept would make a great movie if jack survives and started looking for rose just after TITANIC sank..

  64. This would have been extremly disrespectful to all of those who perished on the Titanic, it would have been…I can’t even tell you, this just disgusted me…I mean it was good editing…but..they wouldn’t ever run something like this…it would be horrible…and just like I said disrespectful

  65. this movie looks fukkin bomb!!!!!!!
    now tell me wen does this movie come out because it’s something i would enjoy watching and i know that millions of other people would enjoy it too!!!!!


  67. I knew when i watched the trailer that it was fake, but after i finished watching it i thought how great it would be if they made it into a real film !!!
    I thought the plot was great ! The only thing they would need to do would be tot think of a better way to bring him back but apart from that i thought it was great. Please make this into a real film !!!

  68. Just one more thing to, why was he Americas most wanted and why was he put in jail ? Thumbs up to whoever made this trailer though its brilliant !

  69. think aviator is one of the movies…that shot where he runs to the door

    its hilarious to read the comments….people who thought it was real, who were happy ,who werent…

    😀 sometimes human nature is delightfully batty

  70. i fell 4 this film i loved it i did notice some other bits of other films tho like forever young with mel gibson n jamie lee curtis wen a woman sez “well wot do u want him 4 and nice chat or a cup of tea” its a great mash up tho n i loved it n it shud b made in2 a film every1 wud watch it and 2 all the ppl hu sed they dint fall 4 it
    U SOOOO NO U DID !! neways make it itll b worth it xx

  71. I found this trailer on a fan edit site which gave the game away that it was fake when my girlfriend came in played it for her and she got all excited……………………………. and then i smashed her hopes and told her it was fake ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! absoloutly loved it 10 out of 10


    this is the web site of the guy who made it.

  72. I just watched the trailer on youtube. I myself am an incredible movie lover and I had to watch it a first few dozen times to realize it was fake. I mean the part with the defreezing was my first clue. But I give him props for choosing movies most people wouldnt catch notice to. I would have enjoyed watching this movie, another addition to my collection. As disappointing as it is IT IS FAKE. The people that respond on this site asking where can they find it and other nonsense, realize it is fake.

  73. omg you ppl have GOT to be kidding me, those of you who say they would wanna see the movie nd that theyre disppointed that its fake..
    that movie would be shit!! titanic is THE best movie ever made in all goddamn history nd this sequel doesnt do it justice! come on ppl think ahhhhaha..
    yea okay jack comes back (miraculously lol… frozen?? youre kidding me lol) but he doesnt get to be with rose so it would suck. there.
    go titanic 1 tho ahhha

  74. oh an another thing..
    titanic should NEVER EVER have a sequel, the first one was so good that the sequel would ruin it
    omg i pray that NO ONE ever tries to make a sequel!!!

  75. OMG this should ttly be a movie except for the part where jack goes with that blonde grl.i mean come on it is rose or nothing.I like the part where jack is watching the musical he looks sooo sad.my friends and i have desided that the minute they make a second titanic we r going to see it

  76. OMFG I really wish you would make this into a movie! I dont care if you edited it or whatever but it has a nice plot , but I don’t get why he’s thrown into jail…Is it lyke a phsyco asylum or somethin? You could make millions , 5/5 stars!


    some of the scences are so obviously new they havent been in other films!

  78. DANG!!!!!
    I was looking foreward to seeing that!!

    I cried so hard when Jack died(I personally thought Rose should’ve died, seeing as she didn’t deserve him), and I went and got my hopes up watching that thing on youtube.com. Now I’m crushed.
    Oh, someone is SO going to recieve hatemail.

  79. A lot of people have been asking why Jack would be in jail.
    I think the answer to that is that he would go crazy in modern-day society, since he’s from the 20’s.
    They were trying to protect him and everyone else, but in the wrong way.

  80. Dat trailer looked so real…..but come on, there cant be a sequel, look, jack comes back, but Rose is dead, and wats the point of it being called Titanic 2, if the damn titanic is even in the movie????!!!!!answer dat, my goodness they thought they could make a sequel lol

  81. who was the idiot who tried to make fun of a tragety so widly respected. You think this is a matter that can be played with in this manner? all i have to say is respact the lives of those lost at sea to never have a chance for survival and who died a tragic and an eternal memorable death.

  82. well ,i was disappointed that it was fake ,but who ever made this nice job man ,it’s awsome i loved it so much ,nice work man 😀 😛 :).

  83. “Escape From Alcatraz” is the scene of the feet going through the wall. They are Clint Eastwood’s feet…

  84. Will anyone make the movie, please?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The trailer is great and i believe the movie would be too….


  85. very good. if there was a real one, people would so go and see it. a lot of money will dish out on this film. book leonardo to make one!
    definately catch me if u can
    romeo and juliet um…


  86. that looks like a disturbing movie its sad how he never get to meet her if it were real it would be better if he could have seen her just once…

  87. thats the GAYEST thing i ever saw! the first movie was like all real why would they ruin it by making one that is total bullshit come on if someone is frozen for like 80 years they rnt going to majically be alive this trailer alone almost ruined the first movie for me! i think that in the first movie they should have both lived and been happy for years to come but i guesse they didnt want a happy ending in this movie 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  88. fuck. im really fucking mad right now. i thought this was a fucking movie. im really fucking upset. im like crying. FUCK. damm damm damm. fuck. im really pissed. yeah. make this is a fucking movie . GOD!!!!!!!!

    `Eriin*bEtcHH` <–myspace it betches.

  89. Jack is Back:

    The other film is Bourne Supreme.
    I heard that they are DEFINATELY making it film!!!

  90. Well if the movie is seriously getting made than YAY!!!!! I really wanted it to be a movie so i’m so glad their making it one!!!! =D

  91. i wana c this movie y dont you let it play?

    i love the titanic
    i really wana watch the movie? 😦

  92. i would love it to be a real movie, but how would they pull it off since dicaprio is older…im mad its not a real movie. but it was a good trailer so two thumbs WAY WAY up!

  93. uhh ok like on the gravestone its says rode was born 1899 and the titanic was in 1912 so tht means they think she was 13 on the titanic movie…..



  95. Derek “Bob Blankenheim” Johnson should make Titanic: Two the Surface I mean he lives in LA why can’t he just like ask Leo and check in with Speilberg if I even spelled his name right. He dosen’t even have to put it in theaters he can just get dvds made and sell them on Titanic: Two The Surfaces offical webiste http://www.robertblankenheim.com

  96. i am a big titanic fan. i love that movie and i think it would be the coolest thing in the world if this is true and who ever made this did a really good gob.

  97. What a great idea for a Titanic 2 , jack comes back and then he could fall in love with rose’s grandaughter and get married, rose could never come back as shes too old an surley passed on by now but Titanic 2 would make a great movie, Please make it.

  98. Titanic 2 should be made! I think the guy should make the film at a low-budget i mean Terminator was a extremely low-budget film and now they have Terminator 2, Terminator 3, Terminator The Sarah Connor Cronicles, Terminator Comic Books, bobble heads, props, and all that and it all started with a low-budget film. So low budget is just as good! It could be like the Scorpion King 2 they just sell it on dvd and bluray disc NOT the theaters.

  99. Hey my topic today

    Low Budget film
    Titanic 2: The Surface

    I saw the Scorpion King 2: Rise of A Warrior Today and it was a really good movie I liked it more than the original!
    Now this film was made as a prequel to The Scorpion King but they did not think it would make a lot of money so they sent it directly to DVD. Now on to Titanic 2: The Surface If the did make it I suggest directly to DVD because most people want it to be made but a lot do not want another Titanic movie but if it is made Robert Blankenheim creater of Titanic 2: The Surface Trailer he could write the screen play. If you go to IMDB if they decide to make another film it should say

    Titanic 2: The Surface (2011) (V)

  100. Aww man i wish it was true :*( i was getting ready to call my friends and tell them about it HA

  101. titanic is a story of true lovers i’m not like real jack but i feel like jack about my love i think i’ll die for her.

  102. I want to watch this now make this in to a movie plz plz…………or u know what there should be a movie with leo and kate together a newer one they have alot of chemistry together…

  103. Is titanic never let go fake 2? I rly wish this trailier wasnt fake i was lookin forward 2 seeing it!


    BUT IT AIN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF U WANT IT TO BE REAL MAKE IT URSELF

  105. i saw this on youtube and had to check to make sure it was a fake. of course Im disappointed, but whoever worked on it did a nice job

    they should make a titanic sort of like that though.

  106. I would love the idea when Jack is back and he would married with rose’s granddaughter.
    Thnk about it guts. He will see all the technology that he has never seen and he will enjoyed of it!
    For anyone who is wondering why he is in jail cause he is considered as a science object. Cause it’s not normal for a human for sitting in a situation like this.

  107. k now i really want to see this and i already told my mom and dad about it please talk someone into making this into a real movie that would be so cool see that ugh i got so excited and now it is ruined ugh!!!!!!!!!!!



  110. Wow… someone really had way too much time on their hands. As amazing of a job as they did with this trailer, as far as whether or not it would make a good movie, I really don’t think it would be a good idea to mess with this story. I think it would really cheapen the original. If they wanted to start a whole new story about a completely different character on the Titanic not tied to the original story, I would think it could work just fine, however messing with the original story would ruin them both.

  111. it is a cool trailer!!!!!!!!!
    i wish it was real.
    it was sad trailer.
    but is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish it wasn’t fake.
    frozen jack,WOW!!!

  112. bhe chi mi sa dire se esiste il film titanic 2??perchè vado matta per quel film aggiungetemi anche americani basta che sapete dirmi se esiste perchè e da poco che l’ho saputo!!!traks…elenuccia_thebest@hotmail.it

  113. but how did they get the wanted jack dawson thing. and him in a cell like that. and all of the mentionings of rose? like when the officer told that rose was dead.

  114. Alright this is rediculous. how can you people even be exited for a movie like this to come out, and sad when you find out its a fake?? seriously when i saw titanic 2 i thought thats stupid. then i look a little deeper into this and people, this thread has been going on for almost three years now and nowhere in the hollywood media has there ever been a mention of Titanic 2, so get over it its not gonna happen, dont cry for something that will never become a reality. It just pisses me off the thought of a second movie.

  115. I lOvE yOu CeLiNe!!!!!!

  116. the only thing i wonder is how did they get the names in there? r there other movies where they refernce those people? Jack Dawson,and Rose? r there OTHER movies that DiCaprio has been in where he plays someone names jack? very popular role name,i guess,but this trailer is freakin amazing

  117. Shame its not real I would love to watch it as I loved the first one, and that looked really good for a fake.

    Damn oh well…

  118. Wtf my friend showed it to me today and i was hell of a lot excited. Damn its fake. I cant get it, whoever made it, must be a freak.

  119. If anyone out there is looking for a good science expirement or history day project, I would suggest doing something with this. Scientifically, study how one simple event causes people to react, etc. Historically, maybe the real history of the titanic vs the movies or how the titanic changed ship building or how the movie brought new levels of expectations to the movies. Just sayin.

  120. This is amazing they made a titanic two!
    but much more heartbreaking then the first one…
    if they made a second one i hope they did.

    It would be the best movie in the world how rose thought jack was dead but he was not and how rose died right before jack came to her i mean stop being retarded people and make that movie i can guarrentee that it will make billons of dollars i mean i would buy it the day i came out i mean …. well just do it please really really please it would be spactaculare!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  121. I drive all the way to Blockbuster, went in and looked for it for about 30 minutes and finally asked the clerk if they had it in stock. The clerk looked up the name of the title, Titanic Two the Surface, and she said that they didn’t have it in stock. I asked her what other Blockbusters may carry it and she said that the computer wouldn’t tell her that kind of information. That was a week ago. So now I know the truth and I feel like an idiot.

  122. i m a big fan of titanic my heart beats says that titanic 2 will also be a great hit…….it will create history world wide

  123. This is completely obserd (im not the best speller), i absolutely LOVE Titanic its so breath taking and everytime i watch it, i cry.. everytime!
    If only this was a real movie.
    I would so watch it, i can tell u one thing ima try find a way to contact DiCaprio or James cos this made me cry when i found out it wasnt real, my friend told me about it..

    Whoever wants to agree and help me somehow lol contact on shan_kitty-101@hotmail.com
    cos this is heaps good
    whoever did this was completely and totally MADD!

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  125. Hi,

    I saw TITANIC lots of time. It’s my favorite film all time. I am big fan of leo..

    I wish james camron will make titanic-2…we will see there jack & rose meet again. Forever

    Idea is that… Like they have born again in modern world…

    I wish it will happen soon….we will wait….

    Jack Nelson

  126. Awwhhh!!! I wanted it to be real. I cried when I found out it was fake. It would have been really good and really sad! :(:( 😦 😦

  127. i would so see this movie but it would be soo sad im even crying seeing the tralier. right when jack comes back rose dies.

  128. I was so excited to watch the movie. I believed it was. I mean, the frozen Jack, the reward, the music, etc seemed very real. I was so happy about the sequel. Now, even though the trailer was fake, my heart wants to see the movie. <:(. Waaaaaaaa………!!!

  129. I m a big fan of titanic. n vil wait my entire life 4 its sequel. please hurry up … i cannt live 4 102 yrs

  130. do you know how long i waited to watch this movie only to find that your trailor is a fake. people like you are full of **** and have no remorse for all the other people expecting to see what you advertised and end up renting or buying shit.

  131. wow … -_- although it was excellent editing, I was GREATLY disappointed!!
    I actually saw Titanic II come out onto Shaw movies on demand and looked at the trailer and was like “omg! I have to see this!!”
    But then I realized half way through it that it was a different type of Titanic movie -_- … what a rip off!!
    Also I think you should invest in this movie “Titanic: Two the Surface.” You would make loads of money because I know EVERYONE would watch it, including me =P
    Well you fouled me and a bunch of other people which I conclude as to why you aren’t favoured, but hated and ignored as well. People though this was ignorant as to why we were waiting for such a film and renting a movie that says Titanic II and seeing it was completely different.

  132. oh my god, Really I’m glad this day completely, I thought it was real, and spend hours trying to find, after putting more attention to the trailer I realized it was fake, and I had scenes from Romeo and Juliet hulk. but I still wonder how they took scenes jack, or Medici asking things of rose, and the truth, I think that james cameron, aria not a sequel, because the movie was very good and realistic, but oviously, a human would not be returning wing life, after 100 years of freezing. besides if they did the movie again, the movie loses authentically, not be the same, it would be boring and unreal. geneal really out that this trailer was real, and would have much success, but it would be unrealistic, and the truth was very aburrda without dawson rose, but my compliments, which made this trailer, really I am delighted to think that was real VERY GOOD JOB seriously that: D

  133. Hi, Before anyone says a thing, yes my name is Rose DeWitt but Destiny not Bukkater or whateva her name was. i need a reply. in the fake trailer, which movie is it from where jack sits in the musical crying and which film is it where hes in the cage on the stage? there is an obvious but cleverly blended in mistake. it says the FOZEN MAN OF THE TITANIC instead of the FROZEN man. please answer!!!! Thanks. oh yeah … id pay to see it

  134. i cant wait to see this in theater ..i hope it would be show soon in Philippines.. This stories make everyone interest to see jack is back..Hope it would be sooner this year or next year to be show.. please please.. alot of my family interested on this movie..seems very interesting ..hehehe..

  135. Its one of the best blog/site ever seen my life. You have been shared best knowledge which is really helpful for everyone & I must say about your management of blog/site is fabulous & fantastic. Hats off to webmaster.

  136. i really wish it was real but i would want him and rose together, i think they should make one set a few years later and he managed to survie some how then they got it on for a bit before jack dies again or sumat. i just want a nice loving film with a tear jerker ending to look forward to, there arnt anywhere near enough decent cry ur heart out to films anymore 😦

  137. cool but sad because jack goes to all that trouble and she dies. they could have found him a little sooner just for one day

  138. I beileved for years this film was real :/ untill I found this website. Whoever made titanic 2 on youtube, has a good creative mind.

    I just wish the real titanic movie, could of ended in a better way 🙂

  139. a movie like this would BOMB. it has a ridiculous plot like something that would happen on a soap opera lol like comeeee on people. a sequeal would just ruin the original movie. & it was amusing to read people’s comments asking when this comes out..hahahaa… grow a brain

  140. I like this movie and I really like to watch this but if they really create movie like this,I think the original movie of Titanic will be ugly and pity to the ones who work so hard to create a movie that marked the history of film making…

  141. i know those scenes got from the movies basketball diaries but you forgot to put the gangs of the new york i really wish that it was real and james cameron would also do again the great job for titanic!

  142. I completely adore your weblog and find plenty of your post’s to be exactly I’m seeking for. can you offer guest writers to write content material to suit your needs? I wouldn’t mind writing a post or elaborating on some with the subjects you write in relation to here. Once again, awesome weblog!

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