Get .EU Domains While They’re Hot

Tomorrow, they’re throwing the doors wide open on the .EU domain:

In the so-called ‘landrush’ period to start on Friday (7 April), anyone living in the EU or any company with an office in one of the 25 member states can register for a .eu domain name on a first-come-first-served basis.

“Nobody knows exactly how many registrations of new domain names to expect for Friday, but interest so far has been significant so I think we will see several hundred thousand,” said Marc Van Mesewael from EURid–the private European non-profit group responsible for the .eu registration.

If you’re in Europe, I’d recommend spending the few euros it’ll cost to pick up a .EU version of your domain, if only for safe keeping.

UPDATE: Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy and torture advocate, has an interesting post on ‘the .EU landrush fiasco’.


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