Brokeback Truck On Auction

I can’t quit you, but I can auction off your vehicle. A Canadian high school student bought the 1950 truck that Jack Twist drove in Brokeback Mountain. He’s auctioning it off on eBay, hoping to pay his college tuition:

Murray Ord, executive producer at Alberta Film Entertainment, said it’s standard procedure to sell film gear post-production. “Whether it be furniture, props, anything we purchased, we try to recoup the cost,” he said.

The bidding is currently up to US $15, 150. That must be getting close to four years of college tuition. Mind you, two shirts from the film went for US $100,000, so he may be able to cover room and board as well.


  1. He ended up selling it for $70,000 on eBay. He’s pretty much covered for tuition, methinks, unless he spends it all on beer and chicks.

  2. That is true. You can find a wide range of vehicles at such events. The only problem is that sometimes you dont’ get a chance to drive a car or even start the engine. My overall experiance through is positive.

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