God Bless SeatGuru!

Normally when we book flights, we do so through one of a zillion third-party vendors. Though it’s often Expedia.ca, it’s almost as often some random site–Cheep-Flightz.com or whatever. In my experience, when you book through one of these sites, you can’t select your seat.

On this trip to Europe, there was a good seat sale at Air Canada, so we booked directly through them. We could choose our exact seat, so I made use of SeatGuru.com to identify the optimal seats for the trip. The site’s been around forever, but I’ve never had a chance to try it out.

It worked like a frickin’ charm. On both legs (Vancouver-Toronto, Toronto-London) we got the first two seats behind business class (seats F12 and H12, to be exact). The legroom, particularly on the first leg, was big league. It’s a little hard to make out in the photo, but Julie’s stretching out her legs, and her feet don’t touch the bulkhead. She’s no giant at 5’3”, but for all 6’1” of me, it made a huge difference.

This is a fantastic airline hack. We combined it with our usual requested vegetarian meals (they come first, and they’re generally of better quality than the standard ones), and the trip was actually tolerable.

Until, of course, we arrived at The Worst of All Things British, Heathrow Airport. I’ll spare you the tedious details of the fiasco that is the BMI self check in counter.


  1. Vancouver->Toronto->Heathrow->Edinburgh

    Boy that’s a long trip. Was there no easier way of commuting?

  2. You just discovered the bulkhead?? Lyns and I book that everytime. It rocks (except you have to mindfull of the potential baby factor) Also -you were in the Sun yesterday -big photo of you -it was funny. It was on podcasts.

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