Will Pate, Web Monster, is Looking for a Job

Will is moving on from Raincity, and is seeking gainful employment. Here’s what he’s looking for:

A great job with an awesome company, filled with people who “get it”. I can do the best work for firms that provide web services or are building web application products, work with open source (Drupal is my forte) or social software of any kind. I could also do good things for companies that want to stand apart in industries that need help figuring out Web 2.0 opportunities; such as media and entertainment.

He’s not just a pretty face, either. He’s smart, diligent and an excellent schmoozer. Any sales and marketing department would be lucky to have him.

I called him a Web Monster because he’s very clued in to the online world. See the 130,000 hits on Google for “Will Pate”. Mind you, some of those are probably for “Will pâté make me fat?”, but you get the idea.


  1. Will should call me. I have an excellent opportunity for him: Strong six figure base + excellent bonus. Famous TV network looking for an A-player to develop and market new products. Phone (678) 795-0900.

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