Drown Your Election Sorrows at the Library Square Public House

Last week, I suggested that we have a little get-together to watch the election. After careful consideration, we’re going to meet at the Library Square Public House. Here are the details:

Library Square Public House
300 West Georgia St.
7:30pm 7:00pm onwards

Steve, the owner, has given us the whole upstairs section. It’s a long, narrow section with multiple TVs and seating for up to 40. I don’t necessarily expect 40 to turn up, but it’s nice to have the option. The pub is actually part of the library building, and is on the main floor, facing Georgia Street. I waded through about 300 photos on Flickr before I found one that showed any of the pub.

I believe local election coverage won’t start until 8:00pm, but you may want to get a head start on your wailing and gnashing of teeth.

One important caveat: I don’t want to hear any early results from any of you clever Intarweb users. I wish to be in the dark until Peter Mansbridge (or whoever) clues me in at 8:01pm. If you know the results, go sit in the corner with all the other smug mofos.

UPDATE: Richard kindly added the event to Upcoming, so that you can RSVP if you like.


  1. I’ll be on the air with Mansbridge but will come after they let me out. P.S. Your photo doesn’t show the pub, it shows the other side of the building. If you can find the CBC building, it’s directly across the street. And wave to me — I’ll be on the second floor (with my back to the window) from about 4 PM Pacific time on.

  2. Tod: The pub may face the CBC building, but it also faces Georgia and a bit (the bit we’ll be in) actually faces Homer across the courtyard. It basically wraps around the entire end of the library building there.

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