Sweet Deals to Be Had on Air Canada at the Moment

If you’re planning to fly to Europe in the first half of 2006, you may want to check out the current prices on Air Canada. I’m flying to London in March, and there are flights available, all in for CAN $850.

When I say “all in”, I mean including the following pounds of flesh: Canada Airport Improvement Fee, Canada Security Charge, U.K. Passenger Service Charge, GST, Fuel Surcharge ($149!) and U.K. Air Passenger Duty. I believe I also have to donate a kidney at the security checkpoint.


  1. Sorry! The donation of a kidney has now become the donation of an arm and a leg.

  2. We are taking a British Airways flight from Vancouver to London in March – enjoying a 9 day layover, then flying on to Kenya. Then back to London and back to Vancouver. Round trip total was under 2 grand with taxes. I’m pretty sure they take the kidney at security though.

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