Peter Greenaway’s Online Game

Peter Greenaway is a mad genius of a director. His films make my head hurt, but I still like watching them. Via Jay is Games, I read about the Tulse Luper Journey:

It is being described as a “multiplayer” game, one that features 92 puzzles to solve and a community of players whose assistance you will need to seek for reconstructing the life of the mysterious lead character through pieces of a film.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m buttressing my brain as I write this.


  1. I only tried two games (frogs and matchsticks), but they were both so easy that I quit. I was expecting something at least as challenging as Myst.

  2. maybe he got the idea from william gibson’s last novel (in which a group of surfers are trying to track down the origin of a series of video clips that slip onto the net)

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