Pay Your Fellow Students to Strip

Somebody from Naked Condo (not particularly safe for work) emailed me with this unlikely story from the Toronto Star from Fleshbot (unquestionably NSFW):

The University of Western Ontario is investigating an incident in which a female first-year student performed a full striptease and lap dance last week for several males in a residence bedroom, with graphic photos soon sent out over the Internet.

You know, I keep getting emails from college girls (not to mention Namibian warlords) offering this sort of thing. Regardless, the unlikely part is that the university didn’t mete out any punishment. They apparently investigated and concluded that the female student in question “was a consenting participant and she was aware that pictures were being taken”. They go on to say that “we’re not the alcohol police and we’re not sex police.”

That’s a tricky one. On the one hand, I respect the university’s position (and kudos to them for stating it frankly). On the other, I’d hope they’d be a little more apologetic.


  1. I’m not sure what the university would have to be apologetic about – for investigating at all perhaps? Just hoping you will clarify. 🙂

    I’m mystified as to why this is even a story.

    Stuff like this happens all the time at universities.

  2. Apologetic? Because their students are … doing things that are perfectly legal? Why not?

    Are there rules about pictures of residences being sent out? 🙂

  3. I find their result refreshing, actually – all too often I find institutions mistaking moral issues for legal ones.

  4. It’s a story, I think, because of it’s got nudity, there are photos on the web, the incident was apparently consensual, and the university sounds laissez faire about it.

    I should have rephrased my last sentence to “they’d sound a little more apologetic”. They’ve got nothing to apologize for, but from a PR perspective they might want to change their tacts slightly.

  5. from a PR perspective, UWO scores! and so will all the high schoolers who are trying to decide which university to attend next year (the whole situation and the university’s reaction to it suggests.)

    would you rather go to the Univerity of Toronto, where there’s something called the Monk Institute (aren’t monks, like, unsexy?), or how about some place with a rocking rez?

    UWO must figure that parents pay for the schools, but it’s the kids who choose them.

  6. Darren’s (corrected) remarks are right — the UWO _should_ sound apologetic. Something like this:

    I’m sorry that you in the news media think this is newsworthy. Haven’t you got anything better to do?

  7. “Stuff like this happens all the times at universities”,hm, I used to be a student in Germany in the late 80ies and early 90ies. It has not come to my attention, that students payed other students for sex services.

    But the this was a backward country with less repressive policies as far as moral standards go 😉

  8. I agree that the university shouldn’t even bother looking into this but UWO does have a lot of problems that they always find a way to make go away. This type of thing is just a slutty young girl forgeting to remember that there is a life outside of res and she has a future to think about. dumb.

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