Marek Malik’s Shootout Goal of the Year

Saturday night’s game between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals featured the longest shootout yet. Fourteen pairs of players took shots without deciding the affair. As you may know, each player on the roster must shoot before any player can shoot again. At this stage, then, the coaches were looking at the two or three poorest scorers on the bench.

The Rangers coach, Tom Renney, mustn’t have held out much hope when he sent Marek Malik (a former Canuck, incidentally) over the boards. A small man in a big body, he’s an average defensemen with little offensive upside. In fact, he hadn’t scored a goal all year, and only had five points.

Every jaw in Madison Square Garden dropped, then, when Malik scored the shootout goal of the year (thus far). Check out the video. You may want to save that badboy to your desktop, as opposed to clicking on it. The latter made my browser freeze worryingly for about 15 seconds.


  1. Ummm…wow. I have never seen anything like that.

    Gretzky’s still rolling his tongue back into his mouth.


  2. Is there a video sequence of the entire overtime shoot-out? Surely it is digitally stored in some archive. In an effort to preserve this moment of history and excellence does anyone know if and where this video can be found in its entirity or whom I would might have to contact?

    It seems to me the nhl is missing a huge marketing oppotunity. This clip wasnt on In fact I had to dig quiete a bit to find it. Baseball has the slogan “I love this game!” and they don’t have anything like specatcle that wasd this the shootout. should have that whole sequence or at least the goal linked from their website all year if not forever.

    Any ideas?

  3. Well – I´m a bit suprised you´ve never seen a tricky goal like that. In our Czech hockey league it was used first by Ota Vejvoda from Kladno over 10 years ago…! :))

  4. I remember Mario Lemieux doing something like that in an actual game. I think against… Boston? It was a before he retired and then came back.

  5. This is Maliks team mate Jaromir Jagr. This goal is so sick and I gotta try it in the next shoot-out against a big team to get the fans riled up.

  6. This is Maliks team mate Jaromir Jagr. This goal is so sick and I gotta try it in the next shoot-out against a big team to get the fans riled up.

  7. That was insane! That’s harder then it looks I tried it during hockey practice and lost the puck! Goal of the Year maybe even best goal ever!

  8. WOW….I mean Malík is really the best,this was amazing….I remember the time when he was playing at home here in Czech Ostrava for HC Vitkovice he was an ordinary back (but very cute, ha ladies?;-) ) but now he is really gooooood….MY FAUVORITE PLAYER I am so sad that he lives in New York now I hope he comes back home soon… !!!Go Malik Go!!!

  9. i was more surprised that he tryed the move more then he hit it. craziest shot i ever saww.

  10. that was the crazied goal ever! now i always try it on the ice and playing road hockey

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