Remember Rachel Marsden?

Remember Rachel Marsden? Ever since her false harassment allegations against an SFU swimming coach, she’d fallen entirely off my radar. As it turns out, she’s apparently a prominent and controversial conversative pundit, with a column in the Toronto Sun and regular appearances on Bill O’Reilly’s show.

As Western Standard reports, she was asked to run against Jack Layton in the Toronto Danforth riding. Apparently Ms. Marsden declined, but I like this analysis nonetheless:

Up until last year, I lived in Toronto Danforth for some time, and I was probably one of the 10 non-socialists that did. It’s full of CBC journalists, public school teachers, gay and lesbian couples and immigrants who came over 30 years ago but still think they owe Trudeau a favour for it. The Tories wouldn’t stand a chance in that riding if Shania Twain was their candidate. But sticking a loose cannon who revels in making obnoxious comments about gays and Muslims, smack dab in the backyard of the Toronto media would not only earn the Conservatives no points in that riding, but would almost certainly ruin their campaign nationally.

I don’t know. I’m certainly no politico, but I think it might have proved an effective distraction tactic for the Conservative Party. Marsden would have lost, but she’d have drawn some media attention away from Layton.

As this Wikipedia entry (a little too obsessively) describes, Ms. Marsden’s personal conflagrations apparently didn’t end when she left SFU.

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  1. Rachel, Rachel. It’s funny how the past always comes back to haunt you. I’ve actually been sort of following her career ever since she made my SFU undergraduate experience slightly more colourful and always with a bit of a wry smile. She always seems to fall squarely in the “just no clue” department and hasn’t learned a thing over the years. What always amazes me is how she manages to have others take her seriously.

  2. Here’s something even crazier. Marsden now writes for the run by one Judi McLeod who is even crazier than Marsden.

    McLeod claims the Mafia framed the Arabs for 9/11. Read more about her here

    McLeod also claims the Marsden has never been convicted of anything and has only suffered “bogus boyfriend” troubles.

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  4. What is with these people?

    These people belong in the mental institution!! They are obviously mentally disturbed.

    One thing for sure…I will not let my kids go to SFU. The SFU administration was a joke in handling the case.

  5. I was amazed to happen across the fact that Rachel Marsden was a host on Fox News, and then to realize she is the same Rachel Marsden that was involved in the scandal at SFU. I was going there at the time, and remember my gf sticking up for her and villefying the swimming coach. I think it is plainly obvious now that Rachel is just an attention whore, and really vindictive towards her exes. But what is so unbelievably amazing is the fact that she is now a widely publicized political columnist. She calls herself a maverick – sound like someone else, who happened to run for vice president? I think they are two peas in a pod.

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