Winamp + FireFox = Songbird

Songbird is a music player and browser built on top of Mozilla Firefox. You can’t download it yet, but they’ve got a pre-release blog with screenshots. Here’s some background:

Songbird is a complete desktop media player or “jukebox” with a uniquely open approach to Internet digital media network services.

Songbird is developed by Pioneers of the Inevitable, a small, chirpy team of digital media innovators whose previous incubations include the Winamp 5 and Y! Music Engine media players and Muse.Net, a location-independent digital media network service acquired by Yahoo!.

iTunes has been my music player of choice for quite a while now, but I’d be willing to give this badboy a shot. Here’s a methinks-they-doth-protest-too-much comparison.


  1. In a fit of pique I went back to Windows Media Player. Yah, yah, I know, but I was pissed off at iTunes for forcing me to download it with QuickTime, and WinAmp is sloooooooow. Soooo sloooooow. I’ll still give Songbird a (suspicious) try, though.

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