10 Free Days of World of Warcraft

As regular readers know, I’ve tried several massively multi-player games, and failed every time. That is, they haven’t stuck for more than a couple months. I wrote a short piece about my disinterest in Star Wars: Galaxies (where now anybody can become a frickin’ Jedi–what’s with that?).

It’ll no doubt be fruitless, but I’m going to give World of Warcraft a try because, well, it’s free for ten days:

With over 4 million players online, World of Warcraft has made gaming history. Now you can experience the intensity of Blizzard’s “massively epic” role-playing game for 10 days – absolutely free. Just fill out the form to the right, click Submit and follow the instructions to create your World of Warcraft account.

I’ll take any introductory tips anybody has, such as “don’t take the brown acid” and so forth.

Written by dbarefoot

Darren Barefoot is an author, speaker and digital strategist. He’s the co-founder of Capulet Communications, and co-author of “Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook”.


  1. It’s worth trying. Your first choice is a Player vs. Player (PvP) server or a Player vs. Environment (PvE). Actually, I think they might call the latter “normal” for now. I recommend normal if you’re just getting started.

    I started playing way back in November 2004 when it first came out, and put in some solid time that Christmas experimenting/understanding the world. It was fun, but I also started from scratch several times trying to get a feel for it. To really move forward, you have to put in solid chunks of time (like 1-2 hrs per session). If you just wander around by yourself, it can take quite some time to go anywhere.

    Advice? Get the fishing skill. If nothing else, it can be quite soothing to just sit there and fish, randomly catching fish to sell and/or cook, as well as the odd tarnished jewel or other item hiding beneath the waves.

  2. If you end up on Durotan, let me know. This game is fantastically addictive, just ask the Chinese. They’re dying from it. I’m much more conservative in my playing, however. I’ve played several of the former MMORPG’s before and this one is more fun to me. Ultima Online might have been the best until it began lagging and PvP kills became obnoxious. WoW has created an eloquent system of balance using honor and dishonor, rank systems, and general experience bracketing. There are also limitations on what a given level can do or wield. That makes for a good system in which a level 60 can’t unfairly hand over rare weapons to level 1 alternate characters. Because of an in-game auction, there’s a sort of ‘economy’ as well. One thing that really struck me in this game over others was the speed at which I was able to get into it. Within the first hour or so, I was able to bring my first character up to a level 7 with no strategic planning whatsoever. That leads to an inevitable obsession to continue driving this succession. Watch your health, and good luck!

  3. this game is awesome it is the beest game in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. any one got advice on getting money plz i seen the books but dont wanna pay for it too expensive man. and dont say that dont be lazy or somthing if u kniw plllllllz tell if u dont keep ur comments too ur self dont be rude

  5. If theres any way that you can send me an authorization key code please do so i will be very please of you.

    Thank you

  6. If theres any way that you can send me an authorization key code please do so i will be very pleased of you.

    Thank you

  7. i need an autherization key i had a 10 day free trial then bought the 60 day game card can somebody send me a autherization key pls

    thank u much

  8. I have tried to download the WoW free trial, but just when i think that i am done, it says to shut down WoW and restart it, and it starts the WHOLE process over again! any body have any helpful tips?

  9. I have played WoW for a good year or so and I love it. But now I am at a dilema. I am not old enough to drive or get a job, and thus my account time ran out one day and now I’m bored out of my mind. If anyone is a kindhearted soul, could someone please send me an unused Time Card, please.

  10. I realy liked this game, but i can only play 10 days. And after that 10 days i trowd the game in the sea. I realy h8 it now, i am not going to pay millions of money for a ”GAME”

  11. It is just stupid of BLIZZARD, you must pay for a game around 54 euro. And for this game you must pay 29.99 for 60 days. I think its a big shame for you ”BLIZZARD”
    I am going to buy good games, and i can play then for ever. and not for 60 days or so 😦

  12. Let’s make a deal evryone !
    Evrybody that’s buys a card, tells de number ! Maybe it works on that key !
    I think Blizzard may have cards with the same key so it’s no problem
    I HOPE !

  13. If you want to try the 10 day trial, here are some keys you may use:


  14. Here a few guest pass keys.

    WOW Guest Pass Keys :

    1. DWREHK-VT2H-F8JZ89-4P9P-9B9EBM
    2. HENBM9-VB2E-EHF78W-87NW-PZVC87
    4. B74B4P-2RRZ-BGNMZR-9CJK-G4X2T8

  15. can someone please send me a 30 or 60 day wow game card i am 12 and i am soo addicted but i cant afford it

  16. can someone please send me a 30 or 60 day wow game card i am 13 and i am soo addicted but i cant afford it and i have not even started yet

  17. here is a few more keys, feel free to use them.


  18. Yes wow is a great game. But, you guys remind me of gold beggars in the game. Always bumming off the level 70’s. Go and get a job and buy you’re self a card. Damn!

  19. Rather sad that people are begging for game cards authorization codes. Pitiful.. Like this russian lady once said after immagrating to the US to a bum on the street begging for money!!!.. ” You speaka english right?” Bum-“yes”. Russian “Than go get a F***** job”!!! Seriously. If you are that young, tell mommy you’ll do chores for time cards learn to work for what you enjoy.

  20. yea i need a autherisation key ive played this game be fore and i have a 60 day game card but all i need is a autherisation key. cause ive brorrowed the game of a friend and now hes moved and i for got to rite the key down so i really really need 1 please if u can tell me 1 i would really like it thanks a bunch email me at overscore_12@hotmail.com from ben

  21. Plz i need a free game card 60 day plz yes i admit im a kid so my mom doesnt buy it if i dont give her the money and i have none plszzzzzz just gimme the code for one plzz!!!

  22. i was playing my ten days of warcraft and the day i got the ability to transform into a bear it ran out, it was horrible,plz any codes you have for world of warcraft send to jem91994@hotmail.com i would appreciate this very much

  23. The only way to get an authorization code is to buy WoW, and TBC, everyone who has bought wow has used their auth code, and it can’t be used again for any other account. There is not other way really other than buying the game yourself.

  24. Free 10 days trial keys :



    Enjoy 🙂

  25. i was woundering if anyone had a authentication key i bought the game and still cant upgrade my account.


  27. woah, i love WoW but seriously, if your gona make us beg for codes like this, at least give us a 2month one that has all of its figures in!

    jeez, its taking too long to do this.. 5 hours to download and now this shit? i just wanna play with my bf online and you know, do all the cheesy things that are only legal on WoW.

    please just someone, if you have the morals and the love, send me a free code for more than 10 days that actually is complete and ill be forever in your debt.
    thanks x

  28. if you want to play that bad but cant afford it go to your local walmart grab the game go to random ile
    open it and take the auth code and go home dwnload the game and play if you run out do the same for the game cards
    dont be stupid and get cuaght

  29. One, if you’re going to beg here, please spell correctly and use at least the bare minimum sentence structure of English grammar.

    Two, no one is going to send you a free card. Seriously, if they have one, I wonder who they are planning to use it for.

    Three, if you’re 13 and you don’t have a job or mommy won’t buy you the game, finding someone online to send it to you probably won’t get you far when mommy sees the mail you received from someone in South Dakota. Then, when she finds out what you’ve been doing on the internet giving out your address and whatever, good luck playing computer games until you run away from your insane idea of “overly strict” parents.

    So… stop begging and just wait until you’re actually old enough to either get the money yourself or continually beg and plead with mommy that “j00 neeedz WoW” and end up living at home till past 20 from your obvious lack of skills in prioritizing.

    Not to mention the various other bad addictions you’ll probably end up having from your pathetic lifestyle.

  30. hey eeveryone…
    here’s a keycode that’ll work forever

  31. Hi,

    Can anyone give 1 authentication key. Please i want one: azardis@gmail.com. Anyone who give me and its works i will give one quest pass key for free 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!Only *1 key* for 10 free days i have. hurry up and invite you or any friend.

  32. Also i give credic card number for 20
    AUTHENTICATION KEYS. The first 4 digit are 5171-****-****-****.

  33. I have 1 trial key. I want 1 Authentication key . email me on:azardis@gmail.com . If you give me you can tell me to give the trial key to a friend and i will sent it to him like a gift from you. Like for his birthday



  35. I have wow and i will teach anyone that wants to Play with me everything about wow if you want to join the 10 million people online now, its a really great game. The key is FBBCDW-42ET-MXY2CZ-KNZV-HB962C use it when you make a new account on Worldofwarcraft.com for free!!, but after the 10 days you need to start a subscribtion and when you do, you get 1 month free, so you get 1month and 10 days free, thats enought to get a lvl 70!!!! because of the triple xp when you are leveling with me . I really just want to play with someone that is committed to the game. If you join wow with that key you will get 3x the experience and we can port to each other. I can supply money as well. If you think you cant be committed to play at least 2 hours a way with me please don’t use this key. i have 5 keys left, give me your email and i can send you one if you need it, that’s the only way to do it.
    Email me with any question at zapmaxvital@gmail.com

  36. hey guyz just wondering if there is a way to get on a private server with the new patch!!!! (3.0.2) i think…

  37. Gods, I miss the good ‘ole days of SWG when you actually had to work to become a jedi, where there were 30+ professions, and you log in and can’t understand anyone until someone teaches you the languages… I miss being a Doctor/Rifleman. 😥

  38. If anyone gives me a working US 60 day card code, i will give the best alliance leveling guide there is, Team iDemise guide PDF download, and the best money making guide there is, iDemise Money Making. There awesome guides and got me rich on WoW, and i will send the PDFs of them if someone wants to send me 1 working US 60 day card code.

  39. i som1 gived me a 60 days (or few) on my email they’ll help me better friends i rly need that at school i havnt got any friends they just sayim ugly ans i small and stuff i rly need atleas 1 key to have a gr8 friend like i lost long time ago in WoW bcause kept making WoW accounts for 10 days so pls help me =/ my email is arcadi28@msn.com ty if som1 does =/

  40. hmmm….this is weird, but w/e,I am selling boost 1-80 + 1k gold in-game.The payment for this is a 60 days gamecard . If there is anyone interested about this send me a mail with your request and the game card code at this e-mail adress catau_20005@yahoo.com
    The request must be ast the example:
    Characater’s name which you want to be boosted: XXXXX
    The 60 Days PrePaid Gamecard key:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
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  41. Here are 3x WOW 10 day trial keys… After these have expired you can buy 30 days and receive 30 days free I believe.




  42. This is the best game ever!! hey can someone please send me a 60day wow code it would help alot because i cant afford it it would make me happy

  43. You little shits don’t need to be playing WoW anyways, stay off it. All you little bastards do is create wipes and piss off all the older players with your ignorance. Go to school do your homework and don’t become like the dying Chinese. Try telling your ma that you love her, MAYBE she’ll buy you your precious card, that or whore you out in Thailand for $$$$.

  44. Hi guys,
    I love this game, i played 5 days of my 10 days testacc, and now i can´t get over lvl 20. couse with an testacc, u can´t get over lvl 20.
    So pls can anyone send me an 30 or 60 days key code?

    PLS An 30 or 60 days key code.

    E-mail: Luke01@sms.at

  45. Here are 2x WOW 10 day trial keys… After these have expired you can buy 30 days and receive 30 days free I believe.



  46. Here are 3x WOW 10 day trial keys… After these have expired you can buy 30 days and receive 30 days free I believe.




  47. Sorry, first key is
    and not

  48. Someone please send me a key i really really need it please I need it so much. could anyone please send me one i have one day left and have uber items! please my email is jdoggy77885@gmail.com

  49. i also forgot to say I LOVE THAT GAME i am hooked and if i part from it idk what i would do. I have so much friends on it and WOW is what i do. I am already lvl 30 and i have only 1 more day… if you could send email to jdoggy77885@gmail.comwith a key that would rock
    God Bless

  50. Hey guys i have been playing wow but i dont have enough time to go buy a game card i need a code for a game card i will be very grateful … send me an email at mcmj8132@live.com.au … kk thx

  51. I have a key gen… if someone could give me an unused Key i could give multiple more back to everyone

  52. Key 1: WMFTY7-WRN9-W7MF2K-YZXK-Y72NFF
    Key 4: YT8BMT-MP7G-X98X7X-KPP8-RRN76X

    1. hey can u send me 1 of those keys plz
      WOW is serioisly WOW i beg of u
      plzzzzz i will owe u back as soon as i can

  53. Key 1: WMFTY7-WRN9-W7MF2K-YZXK-Y72NFF
    Key 4: YT8BMT-MP7G-X98X7X-KPP8-RRN76X

    All keys still valid !!!!!!!

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  56. I would want to play this game, is there a new key that I can use? please send to my email nova_widianto20002yahoo.com

  57. I have 10 – one month gameplay credits I need to unload from a credit cards reward program. These are not trial passes, they work for existing accounts as i used to use them before I quit playing. All I have to do is send the reward passes to your email and you login through the reward link and BAm 10 months of free gameplay.

    I’ll unload these cheap, email me at rdrobertson21@hotmail.com if interested.

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