Cling Wrap Explained

Back in February, I wondered what the deal was with cling wrap. CB writes from Fine Vantage with an explanation:

If you are using LDPE Cling Wrap, it cling well with glass, ceramic and stainless steel with shinny surface. LDPE does not cling well with plastic container or stainless steel with sand blasted surface. LDPE is the safest plastic when it comes down to food packaging. Look at all the food storage bags. All of them, under all brand name and size, are made of LDPE. Some company (one example is our company) are starting to add LLDPE into the LDPE to increase the “Cling”. LLDPE is a plastic very similar to LDPE and is just as safe. LLDPE enhances the “Cling” and the tensile strength of the film, could be a prefer choice for some users.

PVC cling wrap can cling well on almost anything and that is a prefer choice for catering business (restaurants and supermarket). There is a potential of you having to swallow the plasticizer into your body. If you pay attention, you will see all the PVC wrap product pictures on the unit box are wrapping fruit only. I mean no meat, no fish, just fruit. This is my understanding that PVC film is not good in blocking out moisture and air. Your meat being wrap in PVC film in the freezer or fridge, may dry out in just 10 days. Your food being wrap in PVC film and being reheated in microwave, the plasticizer will get very excited under high temperature and get more into you food.

How to tell if the plastic wrap is a LDPE or PVC wrap? First look at the product label. Second, look at the plastic film, if the film is white in color, it is LDPE. If the film is yellowish (or in blue, red, purple, etc.), it is PVC. I hope my explanation here is helpful.

Fine Vantage are apparently makers of ‘high quality cling film’, so they ought to know.

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  1. Correct.

    Errrr . . that’s what I said back in February.

    LDPE stands for Low Density PolyEthylene a.k.a. polythene.

    The old PVC stuff sticks better – but it’s very hard for the manufacturers to polymerise it fully, and vinyl chloride ( i.e. un-polymerised Vinyl Chloride ) is carcinogenic – not that great for a food wrap.

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