Who Wants to Organize Future Blogger Meetup Thingies?

Meetup fired me today. It’s because I’ve been busy, and ignoring their emails about paying for another six months of their service. Apparently being tardy with the cash gets you fired as Meetup leader.

That’s cool, though, because I need to hand the reins to somebody anyway. Looking at the schedule for the fall, I’m not going to be able to make any of the next three meetings. Plus, I’ve done it for a year or so, so I think it’s fair to let somebody else have a turn at bat. There really isn’t much to it–you just pick a venue, make the reservation and notify the list using Meetup’s email service. I’ll be happy to still blog about upcoming meetups.

If you’re interested in wearing the Meetup Tiara, visit this page.

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  1. Are there no free Meetup-type websites? I think I’d prefer to use a site that doesn’t require payment. And I’m pretty sure someone could cobble something together without too much work.

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