Sarah Harmer Has a New Album

As you may know, I’m a Sarah Harmer fan boy. I was pleased to read that, after a long delay between her first second and second third album, she and her band mates have rapidly produced a new one called I’m a Mountain. She, or her publicist, writes:

Me and my musical mates have just finished a brand new record!!!!
We spent last week in Toronto with our mandolins, fiddles, stand-up bass, guitars and vocal chords all tuned up,with microphones on and tape a-rollin’. The new album is called “I’m a Mountain” and it features some acoustic bluegrass style ditties of mine and some choice covers…looks like it will be released in mid-October.

Presumably she’s tour to follow, though only one date is announced thus far.


  1. Based on your previous post, you may not be aware that “You Were Here” is Sarah Harmer’s second album, not her first. Her first album was called “Songs for Clem.”

  2. I was first introduced to Sarah Harmer when she was part of Weeping Tile. Have you heard their albums, Cold Snap (1995) and Valentino (2000)?

  3. Theresa: Indeed, I was going to mention that to Jason, but I didn’t want to sound snarky. Yep, I do have most (or all) of the songs off those albums. “Good Fortune” is probably on my desert island CD.

  4. I agree! “Good Fortune” is a great track. It’s one of those songs I hesitate to play on my iPod while in public, for fear I will enjoy it too much. Normal things people do when enjoying a good song suddenly appear kinda freaky when you’re the only one that can hear it.

    The other track I love from that album is “Handkerchiefs and Napkins”.

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