Dinnerpoint: Dine With Random Strangers

Travis points to Dinnerpoint, which seems like a wrong-minded idea:

We at dinnerpoint have done something that we think is pretty unique and groundbreaking. We organize and list online 100s of dinnerpoints in cities around the world for on the go people.

  • Make the most of your time in a city
  • Meet 4 to 8 interesting new people over dinner
  • Dine out in trendy and hard to book restaurants
  • Receive great discounts on your meals

Gosh, that sounds like Meetup, except without the specificity and it costs way more. Yeah, really ‘unique and groundbreaking’. The FAQ does say “groups are based on self-selection of specific or general events, ensuring that those of similar age, circumstance or interest are automatically placed together”. However, until (or rather, if) they achieve a critical mass, I’m sure they’re going to lump everybody together. The FAQ fails to answer my first question: “What guarantees that I, or any of the other people at the dinner, are actually interesting?”

I’m tempted to just suggest hiring an escort instead. After all, at least they’ll make you feel interesting.


  1. Hey, Darren, that’s a good plan — hire an escort and get a discount on a meal! Sort of a package deal, like airfare and a hotel.

    I love that their site thinks one might wonder, “What if I’m not actually interesting?”

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