One Day in September

I just watched One Day in September on the CBC. The strike is at least resulting in some decent movies. It’s a documentary about the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics. I knew the basic facts about the Munich Massacre, but never had the full picture of the incredibly incompetent rescue attempt. From the Wikipedia entry:

The five German snipers did not have radio contact with each other and were unable to coordinate their fire. Later it was discovered that one of the snipers never fired a shot, and yet another sniper was positioned directly in the line of friendly fire, without any protective gear. None of the rifles were equipped with either scopes or night-vision devices. In the ensuing chaos, two kidnappers standing near the pilot were killed, and a third was mortally wounded as he fled the scene.

Watching the documentary in a post-9/11world, it’s fascinating to see how primitive the anti-terrorism tactics were. In an era before suicide bombers were commonplace, they permitted thousands of citizens and athletes within a block of the terrorists while they were holed out in the athlete’s village.

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  1. I was 11 that summer…I remember things being so much delayed than they are now–everything’s LIVE these days. But we stayed up late, slept in sleeping bags on the floor and waited and prayed. We were such an Olympics-watching family that this was a huge part of that year for me, along with Watergate.

    *Wow* memories…

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