Needed: One Podcasting Engineer, Stat

Every couple of weeks, I help record an episode of QA Podcast. We have a session scheduled for this Thursday, but I’m going to be in the States. Our guest is a fairly senior guy at a large Vancouver technology company, so I’d rather not change the date.

I’m looking for somebody who can either:

  • Head down to the Bryght offices, at 525 Seymour Street, on Thursday at about 4:45pm. Familiarize yourself with their setup (which is pretty simple), record the session and make the file available to me.
  • Organize recording the session over the phone. We can set up the conference call, but you’ll need a reliable mechanism to record the phone conversation.

Either way, we’ll pay, I don’t know, CAN $50/hour for your time. If you’re interested, or know somebody who might be able to do this, let me know ASAP. The clock, as they say, is ticking.

UPDATE: Looks like I’ve got this sorted.


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