GoDaddy President Favours Torture

GoDaddy President Bob Parsons has a blog, and this weekend he’s written a naive polemic about international politics and the closing of the Guantanamo Bay military prison:

Some of the “terrible” techniques we are being decried for using in Gitmo are sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, exposure to cold and heat (as in a cold room), mental games, constant questioning, etc.

If Mr. Parsons really believes that that’s the extent of interrogation techniques at Guantanamo, he’s a fool. He also fails to address the legality of holding the current ‘detainees’.

He also demonstrates a scary, frothing nationalism:

I believe that there is nothing more sacred than United States soil and that it deserves to be protected at all costs. If there is another country or a group who would do us harm, then we must be both smart and tough enough to first destroy them.

Finally, and most curiously, he offers to post a snuff film from September 11, showing people jumping from the damaged buildings. What does he hope to achieve?

Regardless, I’m certainly going to give GoDaddy a wide birth the next time I need some hosting or domain services. Thanks to Rob for this story.

UPDATE: Because the subject of name registrars has arisen in the comments, I thought I’d suggest Some smart colleagues of mine recommend it. I just registered a domain there, and it was as pain-free as the process can be.

UPDATE #2: Mr. Parsons has published a, what, a partial retraction, I guess. Unfortunately, he’s also unwisely modified his original post without highlighting the changes.

UPDATE: #3: Unfortunately, both the original post and the retraction have been deleted. I’m glad the folks at GoDaddy are embracing the authentic, transparent spirit of the blogosphere.


  1. If Mr. Parsons really believes that that’s the extent of interrogation techniques at Guantanamo, he’s a fool.

    Jeez. I have no idea what goes on at Guantanamo but I would like to point out that the use of sleep deprivation, temperature controlled techniques, interrogation, blared white noise and other stress inducing methods are highly effective ways of getting prisoners to do/say/believe whatever you want — except for getting the clear truth. But in many cases, it’s more than enough and physical abuse isn’t necessarily required.

    I would assume that of all the countries in the world, the United States is the most likely to use the kind of “interrogation” that doesn’t leave physical marks. In other words, Mr. Parsons may not be too far off the mark about the “extent of interrogation techniques” being used.

    Regardless of the kind of torture going on at Guantanamo, it’s far more likely that whatever form is being employed it isn’t getting better answers than spy networks do, so they’re better off simply legally detaining prisoners and keeping them in good health until the law can dole out some justice — if such a thing is possible.

  2. Thank you Darren. I’m shopping around for a new domain host for 3 or more domains I work on, and GoDaddy was among the candidates. No longer.

  3. This reminds me of something the Daily Show had on last week, where a guy in the government (I think someone from the House) kept insisting that the detainees at Gitmo got two different fruits for meals, even going so far to hold a basket of food up to the reporters. Don’t know if GoDaddy watched it or not to realize how ridiculous this is becoming.

  4. Jeez, so much for free speech eh! As soon as someone expresses an opinion different than yours, they get boycott calls placed on them. I thought you bleeding hearts were supposed to be tolerent of all opinions and differences.

    Hyporcites! Shame on you!

  5. Anonymous: I’m all for free speech–where did I suggest that Mr. Parsons be censored?

    I’m also for free markets, which means I can make purchasing decisions based on whatever factors I choose. I also didn’t call for a boycott (though I’d support one)–I just expressed my intent not to give my money to GoDaddy.

  6. Anonymous – the one thing bleeding hearts like myself tend NOT to tolerate is the intolerance of others.

    Anyone who thinks that U.S. soil is the most sacred on Earth is clearly a neo-conservative loon, one of the many who is making America a sad shadow of it’s former ‘freedom-loving’ self.

    Avoiding such loons, or seeking alternate partners with which to do business is hardly the mark of hypocrites.

  7. Darren, I am all for making personal decisions regarding spending,however Mr. Parsons’ opinions on foreign policy have nothing to do with his ability to run his business, and Mr. Barefoot, what you have done is you have persecuted him for his beliefs by encouraging others via your highly-popular blog to boycott his company because of sometihng he said, which again has nothing to do with his ability to run his business. Where you are a hyporcrite (and make no mistake, you are one) is I have no doubts that were Mr. Parsons a homosexual and someone was encouraging others to boycott him due to his sexuality, you and people like you would be outraged. And such a situation, I remind you is now a crime in this country.

    By the way Darren, I have a right to remain anonymous, if you don’t want anonymous commenters to your blog, there is a very simple check box in MoveableType’s settings to reject anonymous comments. However, I have a feeling that the only reason you are mentioning my anonymity is because I have the courage to disagree with your hate and persecution tactics, which is another beacon to your hypocracy.

  8. I think Mr. Parsons is being incredibly unpatriotic by suggesting that U.S. torture methods are anything less than the best in the world. And to think he calls himself a patriot!

  9. Anonymous: I’m calling you “anonymous” because I have no other name to call you, not because I’m for or against anonymous comments. Perhaps Darren did the same thing.

    Darren did not encourage a boycott. He expressed his opinions on the issue (free speech), and then said that personally he would not be doing business with that company. If he had written the same entry about a homosexual, using quotes from that person and finishing with “Because I disagree with homosexuality, I will not give money to his business”, it would have been perfectly legal. It’s just an opinion – he can spend his money where he wants.

  10. Hey Namelesswonder,

    I remember when Oprah was being sued by the beef mongers of America because she dared express a distaste for beef. Their argument was that because she was famous and that people did what she did that she was responsible for their suffering sales in beef production. There was one element of pure beef to that kind of logic — it’s called bullshit.

    I’ve disagreed with Darren dozens of times on his blog and on my own. It isn’t about courage, it’s about having an opinion and I’ve never felt the need to hide my name to do it. So stay anonymous all you want but you aren’t lending any credibility to your already preposterous argument. Not to mention, the mere fact that anyone here (including myself) has wasted time discussing this with you proves that ‘us people’ are all for free speech. Calling other people morons is just a bonus.

    So as to not hijack this topic I’ll gladly return with the following question: Should business owners refrain from making controversial statements like Parsons did or is this a good way of letting your customers know what you stand for?

    I operate my own freelance design business but on my blog I’ve made many posts about my disapproval of Quebec’s language laws and social policies. I’m certain that there are people who won’t do business with me because of what I’ve said but to a degree maybe that’s a good thing.


  11. Mr. Parsons’ ‘opinions’ on U.S. foreign policy amount to hate speech in my opinion. “protected at all costs” and “first to destroy them” in this case is in reference to persons whom have been charged with no crimes and are held on suspicions not even revealed to the prisoners, in a jail outside of any proper jurisdiction.

    If someone holds the belief that human rights violations are A-Ok just so long as it’s Americans doing the violations, well they’re inciting their own gov’t to act like terrorists themselves. Damn straight I’ll boycott the business of such a person.

    Think my beliefs are an extreme? To me that just shows how crazy ass backwards this whole situation has become.

  12. Anonymous: Calling an anonymous poster ‘Anonymous’ is standard for me. It’s not a judgement–it’s a means of differentiating you from all the other people in this thread. If, for example, I want to respond to Paolo, I begin with “Paolo:”. This is a short-coming of a single-threaded discussion, and using ‘Anonymous’ is my work-around.

    If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll see that it’s a standard practice. What do you suggest instead?

    First off, I’m not sure what country you’re in. “This country” for me is Canada, but I’m pretty sure Mr. Parsons is in the US.

    I think that a person’s opinions have everything to do with how they run a business. Corporate culture comes from the top down. Apple looks like Apple significantly because of the person that Steve Jobs is. The same goes for Microsoft, Google and millions of other companies.

    More to the point, I prefer to give my money to companies whose ethics I respect. Those ethics stem from their senior personnel. This post, for example, discusses why I buy my underwear from Stanfield’s. I don’t respect Mr. Parsons’s political views, and the free market permits me to spend my registrar dollars elsewhere. It’s simple as that. I encourage you to do the same with your money.

    Can you give some examples of my ‘hate and persecution tactics’? All I’ve done is express my personal opinion, and I’m well within my rights regarding Canada’s hate legislation. And, as Chris pointed out, I’m well within my rights to disagree with homosexuality as well.

  13. Paolo: I wish more people would talk about their politics on their website. It would increase a company’s transparency, and help me in choosing which companies to do business with.

    I’ve always believed that if somebody doesn’t want to hire me because they read something on the Web about me, then I probably don’t want to work for them. The anonymous poster in this thread is a good example. He could be a Fortune 500 CEO, but it doesn’t sound like we’d get along very well.

  14. I think it is hilarious how the Anon-poster mentions his anonymity and in the same breath states “I have the courage to disagree with your hate and persecution tactics”.

    Yes, what ‘courage’.


  15. Courage Jeff, comes in the fact that I am the only person who has said anything different. Everyone who has commented on Darren’s post has been saying the same, old & tired left-wing bullshit. Don’t you people have any thoughts of your own?

    As for examples of Darren’s persecution tactics, if Mr. Parsons’ were a homosexual, Darren wouldn’t have said a thing against him.

  16. Anonymous: I thought talking about where I buy my underwear was pretty original.

    Also, you never indicated how I should address you, as you’re apparently offended by the use of ‘Anonymous’.

    Earlier, you said I was using “hate and persecution tactics”, which you’ve since reduced to just “persecution tactics”. Which is it?

    Additionally, you haven’t provided an example, because “if Mr. Parsons’ were a homosexual, Darren wouldn’t have said a thing against him” hasn’t actually occured, has it? That’s not an example, that’s conjecture. Please restrict your examples to things I’ve actually written. I look forward to these.

  17. I have a feeling that most ‘right-wing’ people turn into lefties pretty damned fast when they’re the ones being tortured.

    ‘Oh please don’t do this! What did I do to you?’
    ‘This isn’t right!’
    ‘I have a wife and kids, I just want to live in peace!’

    Instead of:

    ‘You’d better torture me good, you bastard, because if I get out of here my country is gonna bomb your country into dust!’

    So, Namelesswonder, I’ll share this little secret with you. When someone accuses me of being left-wing I simply imagine myself back in the early days of European settlement in North America and wonder what my leftist views would have had me thinking about slavery, the theft of land, and the degradation of the human spirit. Then I imagine what right-wing mentality did to contribute to it.

    I think the whole point of being ‘left-wing’ is being original and contrary in a world that still subscribes to war, murder, theft, and torture as a means to peace.

    So if berating others for their views, making glaring assumptions about cultures, and generally acting like an ass without ever taking accountability for your words is what you think makes an original thinking, right-wing, human being, well — congratulations! You’ve been nominated for the Waste of Time, Ignorant as a Post award and the best part is that no one else is even in the running. You’ve got it in the bag!

  18. You left-wing scum will never be satisfied until 100,000+ Americans are dead as a result of terrorist attacks, which, by the way, ARE coming, as you well know. Or, being brain-dead as your are, you WOULDN’T know are coming. There have ALWAYS been fellow-travelers, and useful idiots such as yourselves, i.e., sympathizers even within the US re: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc. It will never end. Conservatives are the only thing on earth keeping the world from going into utter darkness under yet another totalitarian dictatorship: Islamofascism. We had to fight the Germans in WWI despite you morons. We had to fight the Germans, Japanese AND Italians in WWII despite you complete tapioca-brained asswipes, we had to dismantle Communism while you cheered the opposition, and NOW we once again have to saddle up and take on the IslamoCommies with you cheering them on from the sidelines. Hey, take a clue, idiots: “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged”.

  19. Darren –

    Thanks for posting regarding GoDaddy. I was already upset with them over their sterotyping of women in their marketing practices, then I found your site, and a lot of others. I had over 30 domains with GoDaddy and was hosting about a dozen sites. Your information helped me get the courage to boycott Godaddy. Not only have I decided to pull all my sites and move to another company, I have just purchased the domain I plan to pool links to as many site with information about Godaddy as possible. Do you want a link to you site from



  20. GoDaddy is the nazi of domain hosting. They have lost all touch with quality, credibility and customer relations. Having a website that used to have perfectly fine page generation times to having over 30 seconds to timing-out because it is sharing with nearly 3000 other websites on one server is exactly why this host is horrible. When making a ticket to try and get a resolution to the problem; I am only given an option to “upgrade” to a dedicated server – something which just seems ridiculous and orchestrated for maximum profit. To hell with GoDaddy. F**king internet nazis.

  21. The more I read on this blog about Go Daddy, the more I want to stay in business with them. I have 32 domains with Go Daddy and all are very successful and lucrative. Go Daddy has treated my businesses very well. I have conservative values. I pay my fair share of taxes. I raised good children. I have a great wife and family history in USA. I am thankful to the One Who Knows for what opportunities in this country have allowed me to do, say, believe, worship, and act. Not easily acquired and not easily kept. Thanks to my dad who fought evil in WWII and died as an injured veteran because he believed his children deserved a country where they could live without repression. I will stand with my fathers beliefs to defend my rights, freedoms, and responsibilities for the best country the world has ever known, and if staying with Go Daddy helps me realize my dreams because they have conservative ethics, then I say to those who want to fight against Go Daddy, be an adult and go get domains somewhere else, if they can’t serve your needs. Stop tearing them down because you don’t believe in their rights, which are just as protected by law and The Constitution as you believe your rights are. If they’ve broken contracts or laws, report them and let the American judicial system work its course. Those who use blogs as a forum to “judge” Go Daddy or me or others can probably expect the same in return, and liberals never seem to like it when conservatives demand the same rights as them. And so you turn to hate speech and gas-lighting companies and people, and you turn to reputation black-balling. You accuse, without a stable mind, that the Go Daddy owner, Mr Parsons, is not deserving of anyone’s business because he has spoken out about his conservative ideals about detainees and other suspected war criminals in Gitmo who are fighting a holy war against YOU and me, but do you not know that most mainstream religions even have conservative gods, either to preserve life by loving your enemies well, or to destroy their enemies by super-natural acts or by war. And make no doubt about it, the extremest terrorist and others who hate free thinking by people hate YOU. You can’t befriend them. You can’t TALK them into liking you. I won’t even try. You must join them to be saved. Or, you must fight them. And if you serve no god, then what dictum do you practice? Love or hate? What god do you serve?

    1. -LOL what mindless fact-void dribble. “a country that allows you to worship as you desire” How ironic that you are too stupid to realize this is because LIBERALS required the separation of church and state, while CONSERVATIVES are determined to destroy it, which is the VERY THING that will eventually take your coveted ‘right to worship’ away from you, because your religion may be in charge now, but it wont always, and you are too stupid to realize the best friend of your religion is secular law. Secondly, your personal religion as displayed in your post illustrates your juvenile, selfish, and un-noble religious beliefs. You are a turd who worships a turd as you describe your god. “what god do you worship” you stupid fucking people, you actually believe god is some juvenile mindless entity that will validate all your worthless socially destructive practices and beliefs. I really wish you religious people would grow the fuck up, get your head out of your ass and look at the world without the collusion of your fucking church, the world would be so much more pleasant, equitable, and peaceful.

  22. right wing asshole bob parsons. It is my hope he will realize what a toxic prick he really is.

  23. Wow… I’ve seen a lot of junk posts on here. Looks like you’re in desperate need to install the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin to stop the autobots from posting garbage on here. Go into your wp-admin now and install this plug-in immediately to stop all non-humans from posting any further messages on here.

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