Celebrity Spotted: John Cusack

I try to eschew the cult of celebrity. I’m never entirely successful, but I manage to not care at all about anyone named Hilton, Lopez or Anniston. John Cusack is a little different, though, as I’ve always admired his work and his apparent attitude. I grew up loving movies like The Sure Thing and Sixteen Candles.

Today, I spotted him sitting at Blenz at the corner of Helmcken and Mainland. He was in cycling garb (his bike was nearby), with a red doo rag covering his head. Despite his being on my if-I-were-gay freebie list, I managed to pass him by without staring or disturbing his cafe latte.

Presumably he’s in town filming The Martian Child. Which means Amanda Peet is likely in town too. She’s not on my straight freebie list, but she’d definitely make the top twenty.

Speaking of local celebrity sightings, my friend mentioned she chatted with Selma Blair the other day in David Lam Park. My friend has a blind daschund, and Selma had a one-eyed dog (aptly named Wink), so they exchanged stories of visually-challenged canines. Ms. Blair is in town shooting The Fog (which is appropriate, as that’s what she usually appears to be in onscreen).

That’d make a good blog–Vancouver celebrity tracking. I’m not going to start it, but it’d garner a decent audience.


  1. I think it’s a pretty Canadian thing to be proud about ignoring/not disturbing celebrities in our midst.

    Another perk of hollywood north.

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