How to Survive a Zombie Attack

On Kuro5hin, there’s an amusing tongue-in-cheek essay describing the optimal way to survive a zombie attack. It mostly involves holing up in a mall:

If you took a WalMart like I told you, you don’t need to worry too much about lighting. The skylights do a fair job of illumination during the day, and battery powered flashlights will be OK at night time. But if you’re brave, you can venture outside to get fuel from filling station. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a tanker truck to drive back to home base. Personally, I’d rather live in the dark. It might be a good idea to keep a CB radio in your car for just this type of event, and try to get a trucker to bring the tanker to your fort when Z-Day arrives.

Near the end of the essay, the author addresses the difficult problem of how long a zombie ‘lives’. This depends on the movie. In 28 Days Later, for example, the zombification is some kind of blood disease. Humans are driven mad, but they still require sustenance. As such, it’s a relatively short-term zombie infestation. In Dawn of the Dead and other zombie films, the creatures are actually reanimated corpses, suggesting that there’s no time line on their shambling existence.

In either case, I think the recommended course of action is to forge a sustainable lifestyle on a previously uninhabited island (or to clear an island of zombies). I’ve never seen a zombie swim or operate a power boat. Regardless of their lifespan, you can live out your remaining years free of fear.


  1. I was commenting to my roommate the other day, that if I woke up one morning and the rest of the world had suddenly vanished, I could survive pretty well. I mean, it’d be awfully cold sometimes but I’m sure I can find some sweaters, and I’m sure I’d get real sick of canned food, but I’m pretty sure that just in the Super Valu up the street alone, there’s enough non-perishable food to get me through the next few decades. If not, there’s always a few safeways within a few blocks from here as well. The upside being, I’d never have to learn to hunt. Or cook properly, for that matter.

    I’d really miss microwaves, though. But camping-style cooking is do-able.

    I would, on the other hand, be very sad when I ran out of gas and couldn’t putter around on my bike anymore. I wonder, if the rest of the world went away, how long electricity would last to pump gas? Hmm. Maybe I’d get some jerry cans.

    1. instead of fighting over different plans put all of your ideas together to make one big plan so you are ready and will have more chance of surviving.

  2. Noooooooooooooo. The whole island ideal ALWAYS ends up being the trap at the end of zombie movies!

    Zombies seem to love remote islands, almost as much as they love malls.

  3. This was my favourite bit:

    “Helmets are a good idea too, but anything other than motorcycle helmets would look dorky, and I’d rather be a zombie than a dork with a pail on my head.”

  4. Zombies that don’t need air can walk across the ocean floor of a narrow channel to find you. Remoteness is the key to island survival.

    As for the earlier commenter who would be happy eating twinkies and pasta for 20 years — come on, man, even if you’re not going to reinvent agriculture, at least grow some carrots and potatoes.


  5. Remote islands are a good idea, but it has to be COMPETELY uninhabited. Because like in resident evil, animals can be infected to!

    If zombies can die from hunger, there’s no doubt they’ll start attacking each other and completely forget about you, making a zombie infestation last about 2 weeks.

    The ideal weapon for zombie survival is definately a shotgun. Why? Because they hardly require aim and are good for begginers. As you start getting more adept with arms, I recommend a fast reloading pistol of some sort. One little shot to the brain is all it takes. Close range weapons are only good as a last resort, you want to stay as far away as possible and keep the push on them so something that can reload fast and does’nt reload bullets will guarentee you zombie ownage

    1. the virus can only function in the human body! it will kill any host apart from a human! & they dont starve, either. they are reanimated corpses so they do not need food, they just want it. so sitting tight for a couple months will not help!

    2. yes man resident evil is the best movie/game to go by during a zombie outbrake but just dont get to cocky and try to act like leon or chris and u will end
      up fine

  6. The virus, Solanum, can only infect humans, and not animals. Also, zombies can’t swim or walk on the ocean floor. A remote island is the IDEAL place to stay during an apocalypse, as long as you clear out the island if theres a lone zombie or two. Also, guns are noisy and attract more, and if you run out of ammo or have to reload while you’re surrounded, make sure you have a good blunt weapon or an extremely sharp trench knife or other sort of melee weapon. But distance is good, so try to have a sort of long range spear of some sort. Zombies can live without some of their brain or head trauma, so if you want to kill them with a gun, try to use a heavy caliber pistol or something that will enter with a small hole and leave a bigger one out the back, or blow its head clean off. And anyways, if an apocalypse is going on, ammo can be hard to find. Even if you’re not a gold thumb, you can try to grow some all purpose vegtables or other sorts of food. Hell, if you bring some livestock (I doub’t you will unless you’re a farmer) you can breed more and it would be less hard for you if you’re not a vegan. You should also have some chicks just in case its a complete apocalypse and you have to re-breed mankind. If you are one, find a man that can watch your back. Bikes, tight clothing, short hair, running shoes, a blunt weapon, and some snacks is enough to get you to the next town to join the Minuteman Militia. Then you could arrange a barricade at the local jail and you would be set. (A jail has steep, tough walls, barred windows, an armory, a yard where you can cultivate plants, and only one or two entrances, the ideal place to defend from zombies. Remember this post and you could live a lifetime zombie-killing instead of human-eating.

    1. dude you totally read and plagarised this one book i saw in barnes and noble. like… zombie survival guide or something. oh wow, you came up with a name for the zombie virus? i don’t think so. asshole.

  7. the best way to kill a zombie is with a flamethrower. the body can’t be reanimated when there is nothing left

    1. bullshit. flames are only good for disposal. flames will also turn on you! flamethrowers are very hard to find, the fuel being harder to find than the flame thrower itself. & fire dosent kill them right away. what could be worse than throwing a molotov at a zombie to find that zombie still coming at you, burning down your fortifications.

      1. a water gun with gas in it super glue a lighter to the end and u got a flamethrower also a lighter and hairspray/body spray etc. can will make a good one 2

    2. Dude if u use a flamethrower it won’t kill it straight away so you just made a really pissed off giant ball of fire that will chase you until it dies and if you do it to multipul zombies you will be what I call a goner OWND!!!!

  8. I always thought hiding on an island was a good idea. First of all, it should be small enough so that you can do a quick survey of the land to see if there happens to be any zombies infesting the area. Secondly, if zombies were able to walk across the ocean floor, hopefully the tide and sea life take apart their rotting corpses before they reached the island. Thirdly, depending on how long it takes for complete global zombification AND considering that the zombies are naturally decomposing; after a few years you should be able leave your island and return home safely.

  9. If you live in the midwest, and cannot make an island, an extremely secluded area is the best bet. Just hunker down in an old school gym. (they are always brick w/no windows). I do not like the jail idea as listed above, because you are going into a more poulated zone, ie more zombies

  10. If you live in the midwest, and cannot make an island, an extremely secluded area is the best bet. Just hunker down in an old school gym. (they are always brick w/no windows). I do not like the jail idea as listed above, because you are going into a more poulated zone, ie more zombies

    1. That, and do you really wanna risk running into a prison inmate who can and will take your anal virginity? I mean, come on. It’s the zombie apocolypse. Spare yourself. The last thing you want to write in your journal for the day is “Day 257 of Zombie apocolypse: Had to kill mom today, she got bit. dad too. *tear stain* oh, and bubba assraped me. wtf.”

      1. You know the only reason your mom is a zombie is because you raped her on top of the prison walls then pushed her off so she woulndnt tell ur dad who you did the same to then you forced bubba at gun point to do ur ass then you did it to him u sicko

  11. the jail idea is one of the safest places as it has multiple fall back points. Make sure that the prison is a pre 1950’s build with the huge stone walls, and not the steel mesh prisons of todays standard. dont you think a school will be quite a well populated area too? most schools are in big cities or in the middle of suburbs and thus the chances of a large population nearby is great. my preferred weapons will be a sharpened trench knife as melee and a carbine such as the m1 carbine or the m1a1 (paratrooper) carbine which would be better for indoor fighting, and still accurate at medium distances. the jail idea provides a complete living environment will all that a small group would need in complete isolation, and there is a good chance that you could live out an infestation for a good number of years.

  12. well,i never imagined there were more people planning against a zombie attack i thought i was all alone my husband of course thinks im crazy.on the comment made above about if you are a girl you need to find a man to save have got to be kidding ill be kicking some zombie ass and saving the men along the far as im concerned common sense plays a big role in survival and ive got alot of it.its of course good to have an arsenol.i think definately a sniper gun is imperative so that when you finally do get set up somewhere you can start killing off anything that comes past your barricade.i like the desolate location thing thats why id head for the mountains that are near less people less zombies i mean why would the zombs come where theres nothin to eat.some advice to people with hope if your friend is bitten guess what it is highly unlikely youll get an antidote dont try and keep them locked up somwhere eventually they will come after on day of the dead where the mad doc tries to make them smart they may be smart but the need to feed will be there.

  13. ok … so island …. deff a bad idea, zombies CAN walk under water or will float there proven on Dawn of tha dead (new one ) and on Day of the dead (tha new one)…. Jail is deff a bad idea its perfect wit tha windows and stuff but unless its out west in tha middle of nowhere cuzin tha city zombies will be there by tha 10000’s and in a jail there is no seeds for food…wut are you gunna do then?? get someone to volunteer to jump out a window and
    get to 7/11 for some hotdogs?? NOOOOO!
    in a jail you are actually tha one imprisoned

    i know taht people say get to a secluded area alone….. F that … out in tha mountains with nothing but yourself to keep entertained is boring…. i myself see that as no way to live and as just chillin till tha whole world is a Zombie-fest and then they start walking out to the mountains n e ways “there are worse things than death people… and one of those things is sitting here WAITING to die” cop guy from DOTD…. exactly … cept in tha mountains….

    and for killin off your friends when they are bit , i know you got to but dont freak out and kill em within tha fist 4 seconds… first of all if they got bit then you are prolly in tha middle of a Zombie attack and its getting pretty bad, so hand him a gun with minimal ammo and say keep shooting till your dead… ( little ammo so he will run out before he dies and wont be able to shoot you liek BUB on tha old day of the dead) ( also its ok to kill em in tha first 4 seconds if we are dealing with tha RAGE virus like on 28 days later, where you only have between 5-8 seconds before they are ready to eat you…)

    i consider myself as more tha rambo style .. get me a bus( cars windows and stuff can be broken by hitting a zombie then your in trouble… and bikes… DUH no walls!!!) buses run over anything … and are harder to get into plus more storage..

    yall can find me at walmart… seeds, ammo , bows and arrows for alternate means, and fo sho tha windows WILL be cemented over, and then as long as tha electricity is there you got games then board games … they also got oil ,, which you can pour on tha zombies outside and burn em .. ” cant reanimate as long as theres nothing left..” plus tha sides are brick or concrete so tha building WONT catch on fire . and cement to wall stuff

    1. retard! your using movies for your point. you probably didnt know, but, movies aint real! i’ll say that again…MOVIES AINT REAL!!! zombies arnt caused by some mutant flu, they are reanimated corpses. they do not pump blood, &therefore dont have the strength &/or energy to do such physical hazards like running, jumping, climbing,etc. your right they are light weight enough to float & can go under water, but not oceans or seas! besides if they do, you can pickem off with a rifle.(remember, head dead!)

    2. oh, and, if you’re bored, plant a little pot seed. then you shall never be bored. um… but make sure you have a lot of food. you’ll need it.

  14. sorry i meant to say “zombies CAN walk under water or will float there proven on Dawn of tha dead (new one ) and on LAND of the dead (tha new one)…. Jail “

  15. I recently met a women who was also obsessed with zombies and , having gone through all the American zombie movies, was now into watching international Zombie movies… What I learned was while “American ” zombies gravitate toward Malls, zombies of different regions of the world and different cultural backgrounds do not automatically congregate at The Gap…

    I feel that Americans are not doing enough to prepare for international Zombies issues. What if Cuban Zombies swim to key west and and expect us to make cigars? What if Irish zombies want me to river dance? Zulu Zombies, Italian Zombies? And even within our own country, what if a daycare is infected just before nap time….tired, cranky baby zombies????

    A friend sent me a photo of a Zombie fighting with a shark…Finally we can see what would happen if Sea World, the lost city of Atlantis, or the French are infected! Damn you Jacques Cousteau!

  16. For those who love pondering things zombie, may I recommend “World War Z”. Well written, gripping, detailed and consistent – the genesis and aftermath of zombie holocaust and how humanity fights its way back. Zombies on the ocean floor (some radioactive!), special nato antizombie bullets. Lots of fun. Don’t read at night.

  17. Well i dont see any of these ideas working in a World War Z type outbreak. This is mainly because this type of outbreak might take months maybe even years to reach critical mass. This means that most of the wallmarts or other supercenters will be looted as thousands of refugees with all ur same ideas run for saftey. Most will go to the mountains and other isolated places making them less isolated and bringing zombies! I have no ideas tho?

    1. thats why you dont go to a walmart! the concrete will mess up the soil, making it next to impossible to grow anything there even with fertilliser & even if you do dig a hole!(if you pla on farming for longterm, a very good idea, you also need fertiliser. & the looting will have damaged the walls(witch are not concrete nor metal.) & there will be next to no canned goods there as it will have been looted or destroyed.

  18. If Zombies are re-animated corpses, wouldn’t you need to hole up for a while and wait for the Zombies to start decomposing in the nice warm outside air?

    As for a nice place to wait out the infestation, a fully stocked cruise ship with out the passengers would be perfect.

    1. it still will take up to like 5 years! as if you can stock that much food! especially for your “100 people strong” groups. then again, providing you have a renewable generator (solar, wind, dynamo,etc.) for cooking, & your off shore enough, you can fish. people can, & do live entirely off the riches of the ocean.(do not drink the water without curing &/or purifying it, though.)

  19. well all the ideas above are good but you can be in a jail the walt mart or the mountains but if you dont have the right gear (guns , ammo, etc) u are done for good. and dont forget to make some friends its better than being along

  20. you all know those ideas suck if zombification ever occures well all be dead when we sleep they get us before we know anything…and if you survive the night you’ll die from disease because if the people who were once people(future zombies)died from diseases they’ll be airborne and bam the best chance of survival is not surviving…use your high calibur pistols and shoot your yourself in the head…and on an island there are diseaseis from animals and not to mention the fact that a zombies is smart enough to stumble around and stow away in your boat so if zombification happens your screwed because i know the ultiment secrets to living in a zombie apocalyps

    1. your just some dick. it isnt airborne! it relies on reanimated cells, witch cannot survive outside the human body.

  21. oh and mr rambo…your idea sucks too…what happens when you run out of ammo and supplies big guy

  22. The best place to go is some where cold cause the zombies will just freeze up, but if your no near a natural freezer then theres always the option of building a 10 ft wall around your house right now just to b prepaired. and fitting sum 50 .cal machine gun at the top with enough ammo to fight of a small army.

  23. guys get real, if there was an actual zombie attack and people were other peoples flesh in massive amounts, the government would fuck all. man do you honestly think the government is going to let a bunch of fucking monsters roam the streets and shit in their country. fuck no the military is gonna be down there with f-16’s, trained military personnel, tanks, helicopters, smart bombs, you name is man. and theres no way millions of people are actually going to get infected because the only explanation for re-animation is some kind of biological experimentation and the only people who can afford to research these things is the government, and if there was any sort of hint that the virus would potentially break out it would be shut down and the streets would be patrolled everything would be under martial law. and solanum isn’t a virus its a fucking plant douches, search solanum on wikipedia or Google. and so ends me owning you with facts. have a nice day – jonothan

    1. fuck you. smart bombs lock on to electrical sources. i do not believe zombies are electrical. i am not saying zombies are caused via supernatural means, but the virus has been found in rats & chimps. besides, the army will go for the torso.(witch is a waste of ammo.) & napalm & frags will be useless as fire does not kill right away so the zombie will stumble into a soldier & he will burn to death before reanimating. & theres a 4% chance that a tiny piece of shrapnel will pierce a human skull.
      p.s. solanum aint the virus.

      1. p.p.s. with napalm, its more likley to kill the infantry. they bomb the zombies, who are now on fire, who go into the infantry, who are shooting their chests & throwing frags. what could be worst? b.t.w. they dont starve to death. reanimation causes all nerve & body functions to cease, so the only way they die apart from head damage is rotting away over a few years.

      2. Are you stupid or just plain ignorant?
        Anyone who is between 10 and 70 knows what a zombie is and what one looks like. Only the young, old, sick, obese and the unlucky will be ‘contaminated’ via a zombie bite. That still adds up to a lot of zombies, but when you get the army involved, Marines, Air Force, shit even the cops, they’ll know EXACTLY what to do…. shut the fuckers in the head.

        Any military trained personnel can hit a target in the head. Don’t forget those huge tanks, helicopters, jet fighters, APC’s that could eradicate a huge swarm of zombies without breaking a sweat. Smart bombs? Who is stupid enough to use a smart bomb on a group of zombies? Chuck a grenade down from a chopper and watch them gib.

        Infection via bites or scrabs would never spread fast enough for it to become uncontainable or uncontrollable. Depending on whether or not zombies CAN run or not changes things greatly, but not to such an extent it can’t be handled. Civi’s will suffer more but all military will always have the advantage.

        People seem to assume that 99% of the Earths population will turn to zombies overnight. As awesome as that would be, it wouldn’t happen, ever, unless it was a radical airborne virus with no cure, which is even more unlikely.

        If zombies where to happen, I’d personally make my way to my local police barracks which is essentially a huge fortress (former Army barracks), 5mins walking distance away, where I’d stay for 3 or 4 weeks until the news tells us it’s safe to come out, all the armies in the world got rid of the soft squishy zombies, which where all old fat people with no teeth.

        Obviously though not everyone lives near a fortress like I do, but it only takes half a brain to outsmart a dead one.

  24. How about going to Angel Falls It’s the world’s highest free-falling, freshwater waterfall at 979 m (3,212 ft), with an uninterrupted drop of 807 m (2,648 ft). It is located in the Canaima National Park, in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela and no one realy lives there! so it’d be safe to go all the way up there since there’s fruit fish freshwater and Zombies can’t climb!

  25. I’ve been giving this some thought. If i were to survive the night (or whenever they decide to attack) without getting eatin alive, i would hop in my truck and find the nearest gunstore go in grab all high powered rifles and shotguns alot of ammo and shoot my way out. i would already have my closest friends with me as extra guns and we would head for the swamp. Im from Louisiana and i dont care how good a zombie can walk underwater (i believe they can’t btw, too hard to navigate)they aint walking through that droopy ass swamp mud. we would live in a fishing camp right on the water and live off the bayou ie; shrimp,crabs,crawfish,fish,etc.. we could live there forever without worry that a zombie will “walk” to us haha i rule.

    1. retard! zombies use their senses equally! they don’t need vision! humans rely more than than 50% on vision. zombies, rely equally. if the water was muddy, how the hell could fish live in it?! & zombies are light enough to float. & once they get get on your boat your sol. & even if they cant get on your boat, they can certainly tip it over. (than your really sol!) & wooden buildings offer next to no protection. your walking in a hut to get your fishing gear, to find like 50 zombies banging on the door. & as if a truck can go through a swamp.(even suvs are bad. most are economy designs with normal sedan wheels. & just because a car is big, dosent men its more protective. trucks & suvs are very weak. chances are after knocking a few cards over, the bumper will fall of! & you dont want to be driving a car with out a bumper.

  26. hahahah good ideas people except for you sean k you are just a pansy who would die any way sure the government would be the ones that started it but hey you can have every safty protocal followed and it still wont be enough one drip of blood some where and you just feel a tad sick then you ogo home take a nap wake up worse and go to the clinic or hospital or stay home and you die then come back and bite some one once that happends you infect them and you go to your neighbors house they will most likely call the cops because people are banging on their door in the night or day or what ever cops are supposed to shoot only if danger is present they will be like oh shit freeze and all that stuff then you know they will shoot in the lag or something to incapitat the suspect and it wont work so the keep shooting and bam zombie keeps coming and bites the cop and the cop gets out of there and gos to get checked annd dies there and infects people yeah thats how i think it will start.

  27. fuckin noobs, if the shit did hit the fan (which it wouldn’t due to my previous explanation) you dont fucking go to the gun store, thats where everyone will be going no doubt, prepare yourself ahead of time. stock up on concealable weapons (walter p22) bring lots of ammunition, have a safe house always prepared far away from general civilization, make sure you have a vehicle (preferably a truck) with lots of water, food, ammunition, and a radio and tv to keep yourself up to date.

    If you plan on staying in you house always…
    1. make sure when you get wind of an attack, fill up all your baths, sinks, glasses, ect. with water. always have canned food and supplies to last for a very long time, these will be necessities if you intend on surviving a full siege.
    2. always cover all your windows with blankets, boards, whatever you can find, stock up on generators because power will most likely shut down after a short while.
    3. keep all sounds to a minimum, you don’t to draw any unnecessary attention to your fortress.
    4. fortify shit, don’t be a fucking noob and just lock your doors, board them up and check if they’ve moved any at all every day with a ruler or whatever you noobs use.
    5. jonothan will always roam this conversation, if anyone needs help just say the word “don’t be a noob ask jonothan – your question” and it will be answered in due time. and so ends me owning you with facts
    love, jonothan.

  28. So johny boy here is the so called expert on zombie invasions. all you did was list shit that ppl do when they prepare for a hurricane. besides the being silent,SAME EXACT SHIT! everyone should now go to hurricane and get tips on how to srvive a zombie attack, thx. and besides you had no other thing on my plan but the gunstore which i now own a number of weapons.And do you really think the gov. could stop thousands of zombies running everywhere killing and multiplying by the min? no. the first responders would be the ones who later on kill the main forces and help with the addition of new zombies. Man i love ruling so damn much.

    1. dick head. they dont run! their hearts dont function, & since they dont pump blood, they will not have the strength &/or energy to run, jump, climb, etc. & you dont rule, you cant even survive short term! dick.

  29. zombies well its time to go rambo jajajaja but be smart dont be the idiot that gets himself killed

    1. your the dummy! read my response to chuck! they dont sleep! so while your taking a snooze, they are banging on your fort! & they’re strength is exceptional! & suvs suck! theyre big, but not stong! & most suvs these days are economical ones with normal wheels. so they will break down! & the windows are even weaker! so chances are after knocking over a couple zombies, then then the bumper will falloff!(you do not want to drive a car wihout a bumper!), than all your windows are smashed up by around 50 zombies surrounding you.

      1. Way to go contradicting yourself about a zombies strength. A zombie is compiled of dead, rotting flesh. You could lob a pineapple at it and half it’s face will rip off lol.
        It would take a large amount of zombies to say, topple an average sized car… Imagine you are in a large pickup or something that has large amounts of torque, you could plow through zombies enough to get you through the other side. Unless the horde is thousands upon thousands, then that would just be idiotic to try.

  30. the first place id go is get a boat a nice one and head on over to alcatraz theres plenty of fortifications and the currents around it are way to strong for the zombies to walk through oh and by the way zombies can’t swim at all they don’t have to proper moter skills to swim right the army would try to fight them but think about it there are alot of troops but they can’t take on the rest of the zombified country check page 92-104 in World War Z it will elaborate

  31. also closed quarters is very dangerous cause if your running from zombies your eventually gonna either get out or get caught in a corner so a large open space like in the mid-west like someone was saying would probobly be the best place to stay if it’s just slow-zombies and sean-k ill be glad when your a zombie so i can blow your head off with a nice high calibur pistol

    this is Zack63 out

  32. lol good ideas i agree with zack on the sean k thing but i would prepare by getting a house boat and just live on there with some water purification stuff and a few nice fishing poles and a shotgun when i happen to fish up a floater

    ill be in the key’s

  33. oh don’t ever sick your dog on the zombies cause if a huge jap bear won’t do it then your golden retreiver won’t either

  34. Just send in the marines they’re more brutal than zombies plus they carry big guns hahaha. small squad based attacks is what will clean out the streets and eventually kill them off.

  35. but what happens when the squads run out of ammo like i said before the whole armed forces would have alot of trouble killing 250 million+ zombies it’s just not gonna work

  36. yea thats true but they would make a damn good defense force. If you can’t beat them you have to adapt to live “with” them. Picture about 25 to 30 armed marines with some civilians. Guarding a fortified wal-mart or groccery store or something. If they don’t shoot unless they absolutly have to then they will have ammo saved, relying on the protective wall they built for proctection nstead of a wall of bullets. If they’re not many zombies attracted the that area you could send out patrols for med supplies and food or other survivors. constantly resupplying every so often and keeping just enough food so to not ration any and you’re set.eventually you can clear out more builings and bigger areas to maybe have a fortified town or village with fallback points and kill zones. It’s an interesting concept.

    1. & dont forget looters. in a high level outbreak, bandits with firearms will not hesitate to attack marines.(like inserants.) they will probably be a bigger problem when everyone is organised & fortified. & walmarts have no strategical advantages unlike an off-shore building.(like an oil rig.) its probably gonna go from shaun of the dead to doomsday & mad max.(but not all that punk shit.) & the raiders will probably get there first, so the walmart will be sucked clean of food, seeds, tools, weapons, & all the usefull stuf. same applies with costcos, malls, grocery stores, supermarkets, & every store downtown.

      1. Probably the smartest thing you’ve said. Armed raiders and looters would prove a very big problem for everyone, but someone carrying a load of food, water etc or even a fucking TV (I wouldn’t be surprised in this day and age) they are gonna get slowed down and either be; A) Eaten by zombies or B) Shot by soldiers/other looters.

        Stores and other conveniences will be stripped clean by people, while others will be rushing to get to safe havens (army bases etc). An army base would have a large barricade and perimeter to prevent those pesky zombies getting by while civi’s would be waved through. Hopefully the soldiers can tell the difference between a zombie and a living person unlike the fools at Baxtors in Dawn of the Dead.

        Everyone would be checked for bites etc, you got a bite? You can go back to where you came from.

  37. but remember that zombies will go toward any loud noise and they can hear for about 5-6 miles so it would be really hard to clear out an area that keeps filling up with zombies

  38. yea i know but u take little by little and reinforce it all as you go along. yea more zombies will come but will how many depends on where ur at i mean if find a ducked off little town in the countryside youll get alot less zombies than say downtown new orleans.

    1. While a good plan, food and water would run out quickly unless rationed very well. You would have to hope you have a good boat to travel to and from the island to get supplies etc, which then you’d need companions with guns and reasonable amount of ammo.

      And before anyone says ‘BUT TEHY CAN WAKL UUNDER WATERS!’… so what if they can? They’d get thrashed about by the wind and waves and even if they did float to the island they’d be splattered across the jagged rocks.

  39. If there ws a zombie attack most of the people that are sl aive will be taking food and wepons from the malls, aking it harder to find wepons and food. The Best way is to find a old military bunker that you can store things like food, transportation, wepons,ammo, and people tohelp defend the bunker if need be. the chaces of zombies geting in to the bunker with the door closed are slim to none.

  40. yea thats a good idea but i dont know of any “old” military bunkers anywhere near my hometown. besides im in the marines and most of these bases dont have underground reinforced facilities like one would think. maybe the armory but who the hell wants to live in an armory? not I my friend.

  41. Dude, I would assume that most of you live in the states, you guys watch to many movies. The military isn’t going to “run out of ammo” Do you know how much money the American government spends on ammunition, weapons, training people, advanced warfare, every year. you actually think they’re going to “run out of ammo” Man.Think about this. there are more bullets then there are people in this world, if they send in 600 trained marines into an area that has that has say 3000 zombies? then you give every marine 100 bullets (which is more then enough, I am A part of Special Operations) and one bullet to the head can take out of zombie so you say, they will have more then enough bullets to cleanse an entire area and then some.

    1. well, they will keep on making the mistake of using frags, & tgrying to take them out from the head. & napalm takes like forever to burn the brain, so while the zombies aire infecting m,arines, they are also setting the defences & reinforcements on fire.( this is what happened in 28 weeks later.)

    2. Jonathan here knows what the score is.
      Max, he didn’t say anything about using frags or napalm, that would be a waste. Get a few tanks and choppers and the marines with pinpoint accuracy could wipe out large swarm in no time safely.

      Oh and 28 days/weeks later didn’t have zombies in it, they were infected with the RAGE virus. Technically, those who became infected didn’t die, they just lost all human instincts and rationality, they became mindless savages and attacked anything that moved. They die out from hunger in a matter of weeks and can’t swim or walk under water.

      Oh and those marines in 28 Weeks Later fucked up big time and they let someone who was infected back into the safe zone, then they fucked up again by flying to France so the infection could spread over Europe.

  42. The people that work in the military aren’t pussies you know, they’re trained to deal with situations like this, If you tell them to shoot someone in the head, you’re getting shot right between the fucking eyes, its not any harder to shoot a zombie in the head then it is a normal person, they’re slower moving, more fuckin stupid, people who can be killed from a distance because they don’t know how to use weapons.
    Now for some tips.

    If you plan on leaving home…
    1. carry a mellee weapon like a samurai sword, they’re very sharp and can cut through almost anything, making it extremely easy to decapitate a zombies head, doesn’t run out of ammo.
    2.concealable weapons like pistols are great because they’re small and not very heavy and same goes for their ammo, also they’re quick to reload. revolvers i don’t recommend as much because they may be small, but they don’t hold as many rounds and they take to long to reload, however there’s no jamming with revolvers, your choice people.
    3. Sonic grenades are great if you have a good arm, if you’re trying to cause a distraction, EG: you’re trying to reach the mall to restock on supplies but there’s a group of zombies surrounding it, you’re out of ammunition and all you have is your sonic grenade, throw the sonic grenade a ways away from where the zombies are, this should buy you all the time you need, the grenade will let out extremely loud sounds, as you may already know zombies have excellent hearing so as soon as you throw the grenade they’ll be on their way to the spot, this can and will buy you enough time to get you supplies you need and high tail it out of there before your little friends realize whats happened.
    4. you may think you’re going to go rambo on the zombies, if you do, you’re a fucking retard. even if you have a bunch of guns, you’re not the american military and YOU will run out of ammo eventually depending on the situation, stay with people you trust, people you know aren’t infected and keep your distance from infecteds unless you’re absolutely desperate.
    5. last but not least Zack63 I don’t have anything against you personally but when you say you’ll be facing 250 million+ zombies you’re just ignorant, the population of the entire united states is 300 Million, and the population of canada is 30 million, so you’re telling me that more then half of america is going to flock to one spot and you’re going to have to fight them all? that’s just stupid, that being said if a situation like that were to occur, that area were be Bombed, that land would cease to exist. it would be bombed, nuked, Haz-Mat would be sent in to deal with anything else and that area would be cut off for atleast 20 years due to all the radiation that would’ve been caused from all the melt downs from factories and plants the nuclear bomb would’ve caused. Chuck, The pointers i gave about boarding up your house for a siege, the ones that you said were the same for hurricane defence, the truth is, thats all you need really, hurricane defence is more then enough to to protect yourself from a couple people banging on your door.
    Love, Jonothan.

  43. Hey Chuck, are zombies H-Bomb proof? you don’t rule, you’re just a moron who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, stop watching movies and get real man. if we’re 10, zombies are 5, do you get what I’m saying? they’re worse then us, there’s no reason for us to even be afraid of them, if i was at a bar and some normal guy tried to bite me, i’d kick the fuck out of him, now analyze this. if you take that guy whos ass i just kicked, make him stupid and sloppy and weak and slow. what do you have? you have a fuckin thing that doesn’t deserve the light of day, oooh what’s so scary about that?
    Love, Jonothan.

    1. its people like you who try to go badass on them & just end up being torn to peices, or kidnapped by bandits.

  44. fine I over blew the idea i’m just saying let’s say there’s a squad that is cut off from supplies and they are running low on ammo if their shooting at the zombies (if their not there just retarded) however much the sound of a gunshot travels add another 6-7 miles and any zombies in that givien area will be going towards that gun so if your somewhere in a high populated area there’s gonna be a lot of Z’s coming your way the 250 mill was just a worst case senerio

  45. Well, In any situations marines still carry lots of ammunition and head shots can instantly disable anything meaning that if silencers are added to the guns that are being used during combat the sound isn’t going to travel( as far ) and the marines are more apt to survive. Also, Marines are trained to identify these situations, let me give you a hypothetical example, say a group of 10 marines is approaching a building and they’re low on ammunition and a group of say 40 zombies is approaching their area but havnt noticed them yet, the marines are most likely not going to fire on them.

  46. Hey jonny boy. one You don’t know shit about the military…period. so stop ridin the marine’s cocks like you are one, you can’t hack it pussy. and stop actin like everyone in the military is some super sniper. I’m in the Marines and I know mother fuckers who couldn’t hit their ass with both hands more less qual with a rifle. two who says they’re all slow why can’t some be fast?

    “carry a mellee weapon like a samurai sword, they’re very sharp and can cut through almost anything”

    Who in the hell has a samuri these days? stop bringin up the fuckin swords. if anyone did have one do you actually think they would be all kill bill with it? nope. plus i’m stationed in Okinawa and not even the japanese have swords just layin around.

    “Sonic grenades are great if you have a good arm, if you’re trying to cause a distraction”

    What in the blue fuck is a sonic grenade? are you making this shit up? of all the experience i have with weapons me nor any marine i know has never heared of it. You would be laughed at to point of suicide if you brought that crap up to a marine.

    “that’s just stupid, that being said if a situation like that were to occur, that area were be Bombed, that land would cease to exist. it would be bombed, nuked, Haz-Mat would be sent in to deal with anything else …” the land would cease to exist? really johnny boy? so we would go around making lakes wherever a major outbreak would occur right. and i didn’t know haz mat were responsible for zombie virus outbreaks lmao… now your’re just talkin out of your ass.

  47. What, Up-Chuck Chuck? I think i already told you I’ve been part of special operations for 4 years and you’re telling us you’re a marine but you’ve never heard of a sonic grenade? you have no fucking excuse what so ever you’re so pathetically ignorant it makes me shed a tear that people like you are actually supposed to defend this country. obviously you don’t know shit about weapons, you only know how to fire them.

    “so we would go around making lakes wherever a major outbreak would occur right.”
    You’re a stupid fucking kid who plays video games about zombies and doesn’t know the reality of things, did you seriously just say you didn’t know haz mat was responsible for an outbreak?
    who is then? the marines? No because they’re so busy playing fucking Rambo in other countries. If you’re actually stationed in Okinawa then how the fuck do you actually have time to go on the computor and type in “how to survive a zombie attack” This is just what i’m talking about. i hear stories and see videos, the marines are just like a bunch of little fuckin kids at a candy store they don’t even take their jobs seriously when they go over seas. Haz Mat stands for “hazardous Material(s)” so you’re telling me if an out break occurs and people are infected they shouldn’t take care of it? you’re a fucking joke chuck you should never have tried to argue with me, which i dont see why you did in the first place..

    Next off, the Samurai sword thing. obviously i didn’t actually mean get a fucking samurai sword i mean some sort of weapon that can cut, samurai sword was an example, anything can work, like a machete for example. Now for the sonic grenade thing, man how can you have never heard of a sonic grenade. it’s a projectile thats shaped like a grenade and it set off the same way but instead of exploding it just makes a bunch of loud noises making a distraction.
    I didn’t literally mean the land would “cease to exist” i meant basically anything above ground at that point would be destroyed, you jump to fucking conclusions kid, not always a good thing to make snap judgments Mr.marine, and if someone did have a samurai sword,you dont have to go fuckin kill bill to whoop shit with it, its pretty simple really chuck, you swing the sword and it cuts shit. Haz Mat is responsible for any hazardous material so shut the fuck up you silly piece of shit twat you dont know what the fuck you’re talkign about so just leave it. get a real job prick.
    Love Jonothan.

    1. its a flash bang! it only works in confined spaces! percussion grenades dont work either, zombies dont feel pain! & it isnt just special forces!(it isnt sf either.) there are different special forces. green berets, navy seals, sas, etc. your not in the special forces, youre in the special needs forces! n00b!

    2. God Jonothan you fuck haz mat don’t control an outbreak its the fuckin marines and sonic grenades are called flash bang. And I really hope you turn into a zombie so I can fuckin blow your fuckin head off with a freakin .50 cal machine gun.

      P.S (Love Jonothan) You gay fuck now go fuck ur boyfriend

      P.P.S Your a fuck

  48. hiya john john. I’m pretty sure that giant book you just put up there had alot of meaningful comebacks and whatnot. Too much for me to read in fact so whatever you put i dont give a shit… i’m not gonna “argue” with some zombie specialist in some forum about FUCKIN ZOMBIES anymore. Btw i do to rule. Extremely hard. CHUCKSTER

    My zombie killin getup would be my trusty ol M-4,scoped out. 2 desert eagles strapped to my thigh and under arm, two tomahawks and a ge thermal nuclear warhead……just in case i get surrounded.

  49. Aww what’s wrong chuck? Don’t wanna play anymore just because someone explained to you how you don’t rule you just fuckin suck, don’t quit your day job dude, you don’t have a fuckin warhead. who do you think you are, fuckin James Bond?

  50. And the names not johnny boy or john john you fuckin 2 year old it’s “Jonothan” remember the name.

    1. you know, you guys are giving each other the weakest stuff in the book. honestlly, what happened to yo mama, suck balls, actually putting thought into it instead of: guy#1:your i dick, i rule!

      guy#2: youre a fuckin asswipe, you dont rule!

      u probably dont know about it coz your both so busy playing counter strike & writing in your diary: “today, i called chuck an asswipe. lovve jonothen.”


      p.s. just suggesting.

  51. I still rule thats just understood there jon jon…and it’s jon jon if i say its jon jon okay mr “special forces” and for bein in the special forces you sure do ride the Marines cocks like you are one. You couldn’t hack it puss so stop just stop. AND unless what your talkin about is a toy, i have never heard of a fuckin sonic grenade. probly you fake lil SF guys use them when ur pretending to be Marines. and im pretty sure with all ur common sense and wisdom u surely couldn’t have taken the nuke thing literally same thing ass ur gay lil samuri sword idea….what a fuck stick…go to hell bon jovi…or join the air force

    P.S. I RULE!!!!

  52. AHAHA you’re such a stupid little fuck stain up-chuck, like jesus did your mom drop you on your head when you were born?
    The marines have no cocks to ride lets get that straight, there’s the stupid toy sonic grenades that just make stupid sounds and then there’s military grade ones which are like a fuckin amplified security alarm, jesus christ up-chuck i thought you knew about weapons? Did you actually take my phrase “Love Jonothan” and put your name’re fuckin lame kid go back to the swamp and live off fish for the rest of your life you fuckin tool. Bon Jovi? I’m not even going to ask, he probably gets you hard. And dude spell check is there for a reason, if you can’t even spell right how the fuck did you get recruited into the marines..Can’t hack it? what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? why would i want to hack shit about the marines they’re a bunch of fuckin 2 year olds who don’t know shit about war, they just get sent in to kill children and rape dogs. dont give me that “Fake SF” shit you fuckin queer bait. Special Forces could top the marines any day of the fuckin week blind folded so don’t start with me you stupid prick.
    Up-Chuck is a fag and doesn’t fuckin rule no matter what, Chuck don’t bother coming back to the forum, I hope everyone who reads this realizes that everything that comes out of Chucks mouth is total bullshit, hes a fuckin nut who does’nt know what he’s talking about, If you agree that Chuck is a fag and Jonothan owns him, please, do make yourself heard.
    Love Jonothan.

    1. its a flash bang! it only works in confined spaces! percussion grenades dont work either, zombies dont feel pain! & it isnt just special forces!(it isnt sf either.) there are different special forces. green berets, navy seals, sas, etc. your not in the special forces, youre in the special needs forces! n00b!

    2. “whats hack it & what does it mean?”

      reply: your a nerd who pretends he’s a zombie expert in the special forces, you should know.

      1. ok, max, your calling jonothan a nerd…? dude, way up top all you were talking about was all these so called “facts” about zombies… how the fuck can there be any facts if zombies in fact, have still not prove to be real….? ’nuff said.
        max, dont be a hypocrite. jesus fucking christ.

  53. Like honesltly I cant belive this kid has the courage to talk anymore, I mean c’mon people, this is the kid who said he wanted to live in a fishing camp with all his friends forever, what the fuck is that, i mean c’mon.

  54. lmao nice come back “special” forces. and if u wouldnt talk out of ur ass so much u would know that a fishing camp is a way better idea then ur hurricane katrina proof house at least we wouldn’t have to shoot anything but ducks. like i said before jony its pointless to argue over the keyboard callin ppl names when its about fuckin zombies of all things. so why dont u cool ur lil SF jets and stop egging this shit on….. and u say im the kid

    1. your both retards. a fishing camp is shit, & chuck isnt in the marines & jonothan isnt in the “SF”! your both just babys. jonothan: get the fuck over it!youve owned him, & thats that. dont keep comin at him & being a jerk. chuck: jonothan owns you every day! a fishing camp is a sure way to get killed! & youre not in the marines!
      so you 2 are pathetic! get over it!

  55. Chuck dude, you’re so gay. stop posting on this forum man like you just argue shit with jonothan for no fucking reason you dont know shit, man SF could drop the fucking marines so don’t talk shit, also dude, It would make more sense to live in a hurricane proof house then a fucking fishing camp, dude are you gay or somthing? you want to lvie in a fishing camp with your friends for the rest of your life? man you’d go insane the first week, what would you do for fun, play name that fish? man, obviously Chuck is a fag and Jonothan owns him.

  56. Yeah dude you’re gay. stop posting on this forum man you make no sense. Chuck is a fag and Jonothan owns him.

  57. this is my lasy post for a while but all i’m going to say is this the 2 people who just posted sound like jonathan just so your not gonna be gay about it so don’t use different names to make it sound like one of you is more right then the other one

    also ive dicided i’d go move to a tornado proof house somewhere in the middle of kansas or some shit like that

    last time

  58. Hah, you think I posted those? That’s a laugh, you think I need them to proove that Chuck’s a fag, I’m sure you can agree that Chuck speaks to much shit Zack63.

  59. So how com the other ppl stoped posting i like watching you guys fite wit eachother it fun

  60. well all i know is that the fishing camp idea sucks cause what if zombies come out of the water and if your not expecting them your screwed so that idea blows jonathan actually wins that one

  61. Zombies can’t walk underwater. period. like i said before even if they could theres no way anything zombie or not can walk through that soft mud. the shit is like suction cups its just impossible to walk zombie or not. and besides the camp is miles offshore anyway like a needle in a haystack.

    1. 1. if its all mud, fish cant live in it. there goes your long term food source.

      2.they can walk. they use all their senses equally & do not need vision to interact effectively. camp has no protection whatsoever.

      1. also, if zombies dont pump blood through there body… how exactly would any of their senses work…? i thought that in order for that to happen you needed blood to pump. seriously max, shut the fuck up

  62. you really have no clue do you? the only thing that keeps us floating is the gas in our bodies once the body begins to decompoze the gases are released so would’nt it make sense that if the only thing keeping us up was gone would’nt we sink? and zombies won’t care if the muds like “suction cups” they want to kill you and they’ll do everything possible to eat you get or zombie facts stright upchuck i kinda like the sound of that UPCHUCK

  63. ok in the event of sparing another gay internet battle with two idiots ill make my point and and thats it no shit talking. If ur stuck in mud underwater it doesnt matter how bad u want to kill me ur not getting out BECAUSE YOU ARE STUCK! PERIOD! say if they did get their feet outta the first 4ft of droopy mud they take another step and WHOOPS there ya go stuck again. not only that but take the current into effect the predatory animals and the fact that its miles offshore surrounded by marsh and muck. and if they did find the old chuckster they wouldnt be able to climb out of the water anyway. its just beyond their mental and physical capacity. end of story i rule

    1. if the mud is swampy, then how can fish navigate, let alone live in it, wise guy!? looks like you dont have a long term food source if you hole up in a fishing camp.

  64. Dude, lmfao, okay dude i’ve been trying to make my point the entire time out of using facts, you don’t know shit, infact you know less then shit, stop trying to make yourself look smart youre doing a bad job at it, did you not read zacks explanation? obviously you just dont understand..

  65. Ok dude I read his lil rant about gas n shit but that still doesnt answer what i said. If you’re stuck you’re stuck. gases don’t mean shit i don’t know how else to put it. If you physically can’t move from the position you’re in what diff does it make if there are no gases in the body?

  66. Special forces huh? Good on you, you must be the best of the best. I’m just gonna say that I trust the government to keep me safe. Both Law enforcement and the military are there to protect us.

    1. no theyre not! after z day, all the mistakes they made, ( they will make alot, see my reply to jonothan.) they will be perished. besides, first, they will all be deployed. & the gov dosenty know shit about the virus. it isnt some mutant flu, that will just kill its host. the virus has evolved naturally & has been found in rats, apes, humans, etc. the goverment hasnt put a single fucking cent into research for it, its all over the world. it will only be a matter of days before most of nato, commonwealth, etc. are overrun. & there have been over 50 recorded attacks & outbreaks.

      1. are you on a fucking drug trip max…? dude, where the fuck are you getting these “facts” from.?

  67. How about going to Angel Falls It’s the world’s highest free-falling, freshwater waterfall at 979 m (3,212 ft), with an uninterrupted drop of 807 m (2,648 ft). It is located in the Canaima National Park, in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, Venezuela and no one realy lives there! so it’d be safe to go all the way up there since there’s fruit fish freshwater and Zombies can’t climb!

    wait so is this a good idea or bad?

  68. well it depends. is there any type of shelter there or is it just a waterfall? and there might not be many people now but when the shit really hits the fan ppl will be killing each other for a place that safe. also if its accesible by land via vehicle or just walking then the zombies will surely find a way up there. best bet would be to destroy all possible ways of getting there once your’re in and safe.

  69. okay okay….alot of you have great ideas…but i think guns are a bad idea because one reloading will take a while and the noise coming from it will attract more zombies….so get kerosene or something and light the hell out of them or get swords or other weapons like that…for the place you stay i believe you should barricade your self in a wal*mart or a lowes….lots of lumber and stuff….or a mall but block all entrances and saw off the stairs to the first floor, think about it they cant get you if there’s no way up to you…and if there are elevators you can disconnect the wire and block it off….i believe that’s a good plan…but for those of you going to an island think before you act…most islands have people on them which equals they could possibly walk under water….oh and if there like the super zombies like in a few zombie movies where the zombies start to remember how to use guns or pump gas we are so screwed an you should kill your self.

    1. your an idiot. looters will have taken all the food, guns, equipment, etc. & whats left will either be spoilt food or usless stuf like vaccume cleaners. & you cant farm in opne. the concrete will mess up the soil &
      even with fertiliser you wont grow anything. (good luck growing anything without fertiliser.)

  70. What about the resident evil movies? To survive you must stay on the move. Gas would become a problem, but you could just hijack more cars. Though zombies cannot fly, the disease may go airborn. Things are known to evolve, hence human evolution and here we are today. I think the most effective weapon would be molotov cocktails because fire consumes. Fire feeds on oxygen and in open areas outside, we got lotsa oxygen. Grab some liquor, rags or tear off pieces of your shirt, light, throw away at groups. Aim for flammable materials or create a train reaction by blowing up cars and stuff.

    1. yeah, but destructive fire like napalm & alchahol is uncontrollable & it takes a fair time to kill. by then the zombies will have smashed your car up or burnt down your defence & you will probably burn to death before reanimating.

      1. hmmm… max…. how would zombies smash your car up if there is no blood pumping through their bodies to get there muscles moving? god you are a fucking annoying rat.

  71. i think someone who is in the special forces wouldnt call it special operations. they would say SF like everyone else in special forces. a sonic grenade is a flash bang, not a sonic grenade. people that actually have used them know they only work within confined spaces if you want a loud noise. a percussion grenade would work a whole lot better concidering its used for open spaces during riot conditions. my personal opinion would be to get to a sams club supplier warehouse, because while everyone in their panic and frenzy are running to the wal mart or sams club, youll be where everything in that walmart came from, a stock pile of everything in a wal mart. and since its a ware house, you have loading bay doors( 4-8 heavy sliding doors), service and maintenance, and employee dorrs to worry about. no windows. very big roofs for cultivation of crops. and there are many types of zombies that have been portrayed in many movies and books, from the very slow to the very fast, so to say that zombies can or cant swim is a matter of opinion. to get on an island may be a good idea, because water will already start to bloat a human body when left in for long periods, so motor function will be greatly decreased if they reach your island( assuming you chose an island far enough away from any major landmass) as for my personal opinion on weapons, a couple of 9mm’s or a couple of .45’s with alot of clips for both would be sufficient, but i wouldnt be going it alone. if you have multiple people with multiple guns each, that is a very effective weapon, and in the case where you run out of bullets, people have been very resourcful in all zombie movies when it comes down to it.
    i dont know why anyone would call upon marines to do theyre bidding because those marines are looking out for their own back, just like everyone else. and the population for the entire united states is 374 million people. thats a potential 374 million undead. but the good news is that the human body would not survive at all without rehydration. without rehydration, your cells become nacrotic, die, dry out and you become stiff as a board when rhigomortis sets in. if someone who has turned into a zombie doesnt get to feed, then no water is getting to them, then they dry up, and within 1.5-4 weeks( person depending) theyre done. im not gonna sit here and call anyone names like fucking idiot or gay or noob or whatever it is youre calling eachother, but if you actually sat down and watched a couple of movies, got your correct information, and knew a little bit about the human body and the human spirit, then i think everyone would come to the realization that a zombie outbreak wouldnt be forever lasting, but it would take a while for them to die away due to everyone not being bitten or scratched or dying all at once.

    1. they dont starve. reanimation destroys all body unctions except for a very poor muscle & nerve system. they dont need food or water. they dont even need air! so sitting tight for a few months will just cause your supplies to run out.

  72. “but if you actually sat down and watched a couple of movies, got your correct information, and knew a little bit about the human body and the human spirit, then i think everyone would come to the realization that a zombie outbreak wouldnt be forever lasting”

    Sit down and watch a movie?
    All your theories are incorrect.
    If a zombie attack were to occur in any North American country, it would be glassed, like “Jonothan” said, the only way a reanimation virus could possibly exist would be through millions of dollars worth of testing, experiments, etc, believe it or not but the government is fucking good at what they do, there’s no way this shit would go down, the smartest people in the world work for the government.
    If you people honestly think that the things you’re posting on Darren barefoot aren’t things that have already crossed through the governments mind, also, scott, the ideas of you saying “a zombie attack wouldn’t be forever lasting” confuses me, do you not think that zombies would evolve? you say that would break down over time from lack of water, well, a massive percent of the world is made out of water, and things have been known to evolve, such as cancer, a single celled organism, so if you actually think that a single celled organism can evolve to adapt to different environments, temperatures, climates, conditions, etc, but a multi million celled, former human being can’t evolve to drink water, you need to really thing before you decide to speak.
    Also, i’ve done a little looking into things, and this character “Jonothan” is a fraud, his name is Charles McNamara
    and he lives in Seattle in an apartment building, he’s 45 years old and he has no children, he served in the armed forces for 3 years after being turned down from the Special Operations course in Washington.

    1. it originally occured from chimps, evolving out of ebola & its pattern & symptoms completely changed. they are located world wide. so if they were to cause low level attacks all at once, we may be looking at the apockalypse.

    1. i knew it! thank you internet! & chuck is probably some redneck whos overweight & stuff! but i knew you werent sf! coz its not a sonic grenade its a flashbang!(thats probably why you failed the exam,lol.) let me guess, ur a virgin too! ahh, this is great, so cut the shit, charles!!!

  73. Look, I’ve been studying Solanum for… what… Six months? A year maybe. And I can tell you a few things about it thing, animals can get it but they simply die after about the same time as humans. They DO NOT re-animate. They do not “intentionally” attack a living creature. Solonum infectees will not run. They will not climb.

    Look, there almost surely will never be a breakout of Solanum or a similar disease.

  74. If only life were like Shaun of the Dead and we could somehow tame the zombies. “HEY YOU, fetch me a beer!” “uuuunnnggghhhhh” How convenient eh? Or like, “Get my car fixed!” we would be so lazy, and you could replace em easily too. Or maybe we could bring back the concept of gladiator matches. 1 man against dozens of zombies! I mean, with zombies, we don’t always have to think about conflicting with each other. Have some fun with the thought =D

  75. Ok this may be a stupid plan but its my plan I live on an island and I’m paranoid about zombies my freinds and family think I’m stupid but this is how it goes I wake up and everyones a fudgein zombie so I get my family together and see if any of them are bitten if so I kill them with one of the blunt or sharp weapons I have gatherd I get a suit of armor because zombies cant bite through metal I gather food from our house get to our car and get the fudge out of there I go to our ferry terminal and get on the ferry I kill any zombies on the ferry and drive the ferry into the middle of the ocean I live on the ferry for ever until I die of old age the end also jonathen can you help me improve my plan please?

  76. I think it’s really funny how you two can sit there and argue for days and days on end about Zombies. Sure they are cool, and Secretly I do wish they would come about so I can shoot some shit up. The fact of the matter is, because America is so exposed to the idea of Zombies that even if they did come about we would be so well prepared (not even counting on the military) that WE could stop it immediatly.

    In the movies, they never even heard of what a zombie is, IRL: we know everything about them.

    And as far as lighting zombies on fire…no one else sees this as a bad idea? Zombies dont feel pain, so all you have after you light ’em up, is a angry FLAMING zombie that you cant even use a melee weapon against anymore.

  77. Actually being a member of the JTF2 I know that the military is more then capable of handling an outbreak, consider the following –

    Military – Trained in armed and Unarmed combat in any condition.

    Civilians – Not trained in anything generalistically (Not trying to rule out people who go take Martial Arts training locally, but this is a very small percentage of the world.)


    Regardless of whatever training you have, these infected are just out to hunt you, they’re not in survival mode, they’re in hunt mode, YOU are in survival mode, a basic human instinct that kicks in when the human life in threatened, when “zombies” become infected they lose all sense of natural human instincts, except feeding, of course, YOU have the upper hand, you have survival mode which kicks in when shit gets back, and you will do what it takes to protect you and your family, which means if some half dead freak is coming to kill you, you’re going to put your foot down and say “fuck no” and one punch the fucker square in the face.

  78. Lol, well one punching a zombie in the face may not work well because thats where his teeth are. If those teeth were to somehow scratch you or if the blood or anything from his face were to get into you somehow, your screwed. And as for an outbreak? well, lets just say that punching multiple suckers in the face is quite hard when they are all within range of biting you. Truth is we all wanna be a hero, but an outbreak should be left to the professionals, like the military. Sure we all have survival instincts, but you know, there are those that do not have a single clue of what to do when they see a mob of undead shambling/running towards them. they freeze in panic or enter panic mode and lose all control and unfortunately end up infected or dead.

  79. i kinda wish the zombie apoc would happen so i could go get a mini-gun from johnathon and mount it to a pickup and drive around wit my friends on a rampage

  80. just get like a fucking greyhound bus,
    Spend all your money at Home Depot on thick sheets of medal and crap get genoraters stock it up on weapons and food, plenty of gas and get bulletproof sound proof windows. and then tie some badass midgets on thefront and give them guns and chainsaws.

  81. I think its funny that Jonathan is telling everyone to ‘get real’ and then proceeding to tell us how best to fight off ZOMBIES. Silly.

  82. dude yall niggaz are fucking redundant all you need in a case with zombies, is a bitch, a kfc, a watermelon farm, and sugar and koolaid… none of them niggaz would fuck with me

  83. well “TF” You should get the fuck real, but this is FOR arguments sake man.

  84. Rofl, redundantly hot, why are you stereotyping black people? Even if you are black why would you be stereotyping yourself? 0_0 but whatever, i would agree with 785-854, military training is sufficient enough for the men to handle the outbreaks and the movies just exxagerate the outbreaks so that the military trained or the special forces seem to be overtaken. I mean, terrorists with guns and bombs can be a lot scarier then dealing with a shambling zombie, or a running zombie, or whatever. A zombie, even if running, will take some time to make it to you and by then you can shoot a few down before they overtake you, unless of course you have a core force that forms a wall and just sprays them down, like a can of bug spray on flies or something. Given careful planning and proper preparation, a zombie apocolypse can be stopped.

  85. A zombie outbreak is just not possible. As mentioned before the government and the military would be in there before it could possibly infect more people. If it got down to it the military WILL nuke the city or town IF IT WAS ABSOLUTELY necessary. The government monitors all activity when it comes to bioengineering so it would be physically impossible to develop something like the T Virus without the government banning it and arresting everyone involved. HOWEVER if a zombie outbreak where to occur there are place you will want to go and a few tips you will want to follow.

    Tip1: Keep moving don’t stop zombies for some reason always find living humans whether threw smell noise or any other sort of means.

    Tip3: Always carry a weapon that’s just common sense. Make sure you have as much ammo as you can carry if it’s a gun.

    Tip4: Carry a backup weapon like a pistol but more recommended and item like a sword or any other sharp item that does not need gas or ammo.

    Tip5: Exploit any skills you have. For insistence I can fly planes. If you race for a living then get a fast vehicle. Distance is always a key and the faster you get away from them the better.

    Tip6: Don’t be the hero, they usually end up dieing anyways and it’s a good way to get killed yourself.

    Tip7: Don’t go back; Forgot something OH well! It’s a good way to get killed if you do.

    Tip8: There is no such thing as money take what you need and keep moving. You will want to raid places like stores, GOVERNMENT INSTALLATIONS, Army Navy stores ect ect.

    Tip9: Don’t stay on the mainland to long you can’t run forever remember that.

    Tip10: Islands are good places to be if no one live on them so get to one if you can.

    Tip11: Pick up survivors. Remember we want to keep civilization alive so you will want to get people to take with you. Get as many people as possible.

    Tip12: Teach others how to use weapons. This is very important you will want everyone with you to have weapons and know how to use them. You in turn can use them and lay down more fire.

    Tip13: carry a sniper riffle. Besides relieving stress popping zombie heads is fun and this will keep you out of their reach.

    Tip14: Military people are vital! If you can get any of them get them. They can handle themselves and are trained to shoot a gun and kill.

    Tip15: Carry big guns! Stuff that explodes and uses a large caliber is extremely effective against zombies. The only problem with this though is ammo and it usually weighs a lot.

    Places you will want to stay

    Although the area of the outbreak will be quarantined and blocked off and eventually destroyed there are still places that are vital to go.

    Military bases are the best places to go. Weapons are usually kept there along with ammo food, water and a means to escape. Again if you can fly see if you can take a C-130 or something if it is there and fly away. Most bases will be sealed off and if you get to them military personnel will most likely be there and alive meaning saftey.

    Jails in case you have never seen one they got fences with razor wire which slices people up easy. They are always secure and there is usually only one way out and in. Most of them have walls and last time I checked zombies can’t climb.

    Malls Although I don’t recommend it if you need to they are generally good places to go IF you can secure them completely.

    Small towns they usually have less people meaning less zombies and a better chance at killing them all.

    This is my personal synopsis and even though a Zombie outbreak would be physically impossible as stated in previous post’s this would be the guide you want to follow because it WILL keep you alive.

  86. Also the military is developing exoskeleton suits like you see on iron man and halo without the ability to fly. They give you a lot faster running speed and a higher jump, extended sight range ect ect. So if these we mass deployed zombies could not bite you so you wont get infected and you could kill them all with no worries! Let me put it to you this way imagine a ton of master chiefs and a ton of zombies meeting up. (Yea you pretty much get the picture)

  87. Also to those who are idiots and don’t believe me take this into consideration the DOD has always had the largest funding from the government. Get real folks it’s only a move. Hollywood likes to exaggerate so people like you will enjoy the movie.

  88. niggah im black so fuck you homie, nigga thats what im saying man i aint tryin to setoerotype shit motha fucka thats what i love man, plus id have my 9 mm glock 18 with me at all times so in tha situation im happy and im armed so fuck dem bitches

  89. (im going off residant evil and dawn of the dead so bear with me)
    people have good reasons for why the infection wouldnt spread, and that zombies can swim but lets say the infection is huge zombies can’t swim and are semi slow, first you’ll need some blunt weapons as your first weapons so yew dont draw any zombies, guns as your secondairy weapon,and food then look for a large truck but perferabily bus once you can get that load your gear up and head to close friends or relatives cuz your not super most of us are average joes im jist a weapons collecter and hunter (yes kind of random but true) so youll need some skilled people like a doctor, a polliece officer/veteran cuz they can be very useful, someone who can use a boat, someone who can use a plain, and finally a few people who are good mechanics and/or good with technoligy then you can collect friends, family, and a few cute girls in my case(jist so yew dont get bored)and then make a decision on where to go, i personaly would get more suppies before going, also i would avoid prisons, malls, try to keep away from the wal-mart, and schools, i would take a boat and waterplane so if the plain dosent get to any land yew can land and wait for the boat but if you do find land look around it so yew can tell its an island and look for any sighns of human life if there aren’t any mabie use a few controlled bursts of weapons fire to draw out any zombies and if there are absolutely no sighns after one day send a search party of able bodied volunteers that have a chance of comeing back if there are zombies and if there are none after 2 more days go ashore and try to make it liveable on your new island and save your food cuz if there are no food sources on the island yew can leave and keep looking

  90. id walk down the streets with a shotgun and a backpack full of shells shooting all my friends who in that situation would be zombies god would it be a fun time

  91. i would actually weld up my truck (1979 chevy) and make it so it is like a trveling fortress, you can power a electric pump for gas from your running car. i would need a gunner or 3, also i would have a home base to come back to between supply runs

  92. to kill a zom-bay you need to bend them over and %$&# them, come on guys look at all these comments on this stupid subject, please use your time here for things more rational.

  93. First Of All Im In The Navy, And My Naval Base Is On An Island And The Only Way On It Is By A Bridge, We Got enough fire power to level a city and mounted 50cals with enough ammo (we have an Ammo Facility) would stop any Zombies from crossing the Bridge, And To Make things even more safe is that if things get out of control we’d just get on the ships and sail out to sea, Fresh Water is made from Salt Water so water supply is plenty and the sea supplies food also, if we need more we’d just arm up, do a couple of 55″ cannon shoots to distract or destroy the zombies, then raid shops for food ect.

    So if there ever was a Zombie attack im pretty confident in my safety, and for anyone else that isnt in the military we’d just shoot for trespassing, None for all and all for me. booya

    1. You know what? If, and this is a HUGE IF, there is a zombie apocolypse, i hope your gun jams and a nice big black zombie bends you over and rapes you.

  94. lol I think i got it set we have a huge wallmart what also has a sams club and a gander moutin right on ither side and not only that be there are like 1000s of durg stores that have cand foods ill be good till the end of my days. well if the zombies dont decompose then were all gona die its just a matter of how…. ive made my choice and theres no way in hell ied want to die in the mountins of corse there would be show boarding but thats alllll there would be. Iam dieing out with a bang. me and my friends are planing on makeing (or stealing) a few nucks soo last man out gets the lights!

  95. Is it really a possibility that zombies will attack?I’m not saying it’s impossible but how likely IS it?25%? Is that high enough to blow your money on guns you may never use?Any way if it did happen I’d find my friend (I’m a girl he’s a guy seems to be the grouping).His dad has guns in his basement I’d get those big water bottle things like twenty packs like 50 of those get his dad’s guns dump it in a truck with a ton of packets of dehydrated food go to the mountains maybe with a lake go fishing. If it gets bad or he dies bullet through the heads good

  96. Here’s what you do if you hear that there’s a zombie apocolypse on the news. You need to find the nearest hot girl near you and say to her, “Listen. We prolly gonna die anyway, so as a final act, can i hit that?” At first she’ll probably say no, but give her time to think about it. She’ll come around. and, if you have time afterwards, go smoke a bowl, and then, man, im telling you, fucking off yourself. it’s not worth it to stay alive.

  97. oh, and while we’re talking about seeds and shit, don’t forget the pot. be sure to plant pot.

  98. I’m going to Alcatraz. 1.5 miles off shore. With strong currents. That no living man could swim. While there I can use the sun and island to grow crops.
    I would make a rope tie it to the levers of the cells. So that I could close myself in at night. And work myself up to the roof. I’d have a sniper rifle, shot gun and sword.
    In case of invasion I would have set bombs on key locations. An I would have a boat stashed away on the other side of the island. So that I could make an escape if I had to.

  99. Dude, seriously an island is a completedeath trap. an apartment building would be a safe haven, get up the staircases and destroy it. Im 11 years old and i even know how to fly helicopters and operate every class of weapons ranging from aks to M32 grenade launchers.
    Oh and by the way, USE YOUR HEAD, CUT OF THEIRS. lol

  100. Rigamortis sets in in all deceased organisms due to the deletion of ATP, (enegery carrying compound).
    This means that zombies won’t be able to move due to their tightened muscle fibres and lack of biochemical energy.
    So y’all are pussies.

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