Yahoo Buys Flickr

We’re going to need a new subject of discussion at future Vancouver tech events, because this one’s finally run its course. Congratulations to the Flickr folks, as they were acquired by Yahoo (via UrbanVancouver). Let us collectively pray that they manage to keep the service great. It sounds promising:

The things that were important to us were: being open, building
innovative stuff and kicking ass. Were these people OUR people?
Yes. See the stuff Yahoo’s announced recently (including, of
course,this)? They’re evolving in really interesting ways —
and from our look inside, we know know that there’s a lot more

Loyalty from Flickr users runs pretty deep, but they’ll drop it like monkey feces if they don’t dig how the tool is evolving.

Hopefully this will also permit the Flickr folks to get some sleep. I don’t know Stewart well (and I hope he won’t mind my saying so), but every time I’ve seen him in the past six months he’s looked like he’s coming down off a four-day, Hunter S. Thompson-esque bacchanal. Unfortunately, I suspect the actual reason is that he’s been trying to manage Flickr’s explosive growth.


  1. I don’t mind and all – and yes, you nailed it. I really can’t wait to relax a little. Not that I won’t still have to work my ass off, but at least it is not all my worry anymore.

  2. teeheehee. you said “monkey feces.” i have to say i laughed out loud when i read that. almost too evocative.

  3. Yeah, I had a laugh, too… like regular feces is not so bad, but monkey feces is an altogether more abhorrent fecal matter, and it WILL be dropped accordingly!

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