Worst Skating Fall Ever

This is old news, but I looked it up because the World Figure Skating Championships are on at the moment (when will our women stop sucking?). Last October, Russian pair Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin were competing at Skate America when Tatiana literally face-planted out of a lift. This isn’t for the faint of heart:

Nasty. Anybody who says figure skating is for wimps ought to watch that a couple of times. My wife was a competitive skater (note how she watches the sport) and she once broke her partner’s nose coming down on a throw.

Happily, she fully recovered and, last night, defended their title.


  1. I saw that fall. ABC replayed it during US nationals along with other examples from pairs that were quite frightening. How amazing that they were able to come back and win worlds.

    In the US, Worlds are on ESPN so we Leungs sadly won’t be able to watch them. I wish I could see Jeffrey Buttle though. Ted and I have liked him for a while and were happy to see his medal. Emmanuel Sandhu’s style is unique and he has his moments of excellent skating. Canadian men fared well! It remains to be seen tonight how the women will do…

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