David Suzuki Wrote Me a Note

David SuzukiDavid Suzuki is one of my heroes. He’s Canada’s foremost environmentalist, and one of the most recognizable faces of the environmental movement on the planet. He’s the author of 32 books (most recently Tree: A Life Story, which I’ve bought, but haven’t read yet) and has fought tirelessly to change attitudes toward how we treat our planet.

At Christmas, we made a donation to the David Suzuki Foundation. It wasn’t an enormous sum of money–about what you’d pay for a weekend away. We support a couple charities in different areas, and I’ve always been impressed by what Mr. Suzuki and the Foundation stand for.

In addition to a tax receipt, I got a short, personal note from the man himself. That’s really class, as far as I’m concerned, and a great way to encourage repeat donors.

I wouldn’t normally be scanning and posting personal correspondence, but it’s not particularly personal, and I imagine Mr. Suzuki would take any addition visibility he could get.


  1. cool! — I’m a fan of Suzuki also. On a different subject can you do us a favour and and post your Oscar predictions Darren.

  2. Have you read Metamorphosis? It’s his autobiography up to age 50. I found it gave some great insights about Suzuki’s character — and did a good job of explaining his housefly research. He also admits to many mistakes, suggesting we can all evolve.

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