Worst Baby Names Ever

A while back, I wrote a cautionary post about naming your children. My friend Gwendolyn recently sent me a link to Baby’s Named a Bad, Bad Thing, subtitled ‘A Primer on Parent Cruelty’.

It’s simple. Some parents are just plain crazy. But few are as crazy as many soon-to-be parents, who, wrapped up in the fear and anticipation, the social status and expectations, go just plain mad. Mad as march hares with swollen ankles and morning sickness. The following is a catalog of naming questions and suggestions posted on several different baby naming bulletin boards going back as far as early 2001. All entries are left unedited except for length.

I had a quick look around the site. Most of the names break at least one of my rules. For example, “I heard the name Zavary today for a boy. I love it!” God help little Zavary.


  1. Science fictions geeks should also not name children. Over Christmas, I heard a woman yell, “Strider, get back here!” At least she didn’t name the poor child Aragorn.

    1. I know someone who recently named their kid Stryker. And they almost gave the kid the middle name of “crystalball” but ended up going with Lotus instead. This is a baby boy, by the way.

    2. my aunt had her baby and named him Malcolm James, the women in the next room called her son Dwinkle Archemiedes Sebastian Demetrius Last name: T’zakarelis) No joke, i about peed myself laughing

      1. I knew a girl that went to my highschool named Tequila. I also knew a Middle-Eastern girl from my highschool named Shithead…………pronounced SHA-THEED.

    3. Science fiction geeks should be allowed to name their child! What are you gonna name your child? Elizabeth? Marie? Claire? Wow! Way to be original! At least they have some originality. And I agree. Malcolm is a horrible name.

      1. Nothing wrong with Malcolm. A whole lot nicer than a girl I went to highschool with who named her son Benmont.

      2. malcolm is not a bad name it’s just not the best name and yeah i like josh for a name it is normal. people who name there kids stupid names like that should be brought up on charges. we have to carry the damn name. so think about someone other than your damn selves. my freinds name was elly and he was a dude changed it when he was 18 but until then he had to deal with alot of crap. so think before you name your kid aniken or some crap like that. geeks

      3. My name is Elizabeth Claire, I really like my name, it’s classy and traditional. Unlike a lot of people I’ve met with names like Heaven-Lee, Jaxxon or Pheonix

      4. elizabeth is sucha a ugly name that’s an old people name ……… it just reminds me of ugly queens

    4. My son’s name is Stryder, and he is not named after the Lord of the Rings character. I think his name is very unique, and it fits him perfectly. I think you all should think about what you’re writing before you write it. I do agree that some parents go too far, but I just hope no one slams your child’s name in the future. Oh, but you probably have children with names like Bob, John, Sue, etc. Where’s the originality?

      1. I agree. Just because someone used a name for a fictional character doesn’t mean everyone given that name was named after that character. Unfortunately some really great names have been lost to fictional characters. You all really need to know what you’re talking about before you start slinging insults. Stryder and Stryker are both awesome names. Let’s hope little Bobby and Susie don’t get lost in the crowd. Well, if they’re as closed minded as you all seem then they never stood a chance anyway.

      2. Stryder and Stryker are horrile names. Parents are going so far out of their way to be original, that they end up giving their children stupid names. Doesn’t mean that people here are going to name their children run of the mill, common names, but at least they aren’t inventing names in the attempt to be original with the result of coming up with names that sound stupid and obnoxious.

      3. to all the geeks ad nerds stop naming kids and do them a favor if you think abpout naming them after an anime like vash or inuyasha or some crap, take one step give the kid up for adoption he or she deserves a parent that is not retarded. if my parents named me some crap like that i would have assaulted them until they gave me up then changed my name and disowned them for life.

      4. Your kid’s name is stupid, and so are you. You don’t have to name him something boring or traditional, but being named Stryder will probably give him autism. Have fun with your drooling retard child. Maybe he’ll make a good ottoman.

      5. You dont develope autism you retard, it’s genetic! Albert einstein, beethoven, John Nash and Bill gates ALL have/had autism!

        My parents named me Vee and I didnt turn into drooling furniture.

      6. wow way to be a jerk god what the hell is wrong with you. name your child what you want to name him/her cause after all its your child!!!

        ohh a by the way stryder is a cool name and is probably way better than yours ”STINK”

      7. excuse me but i have asperger’s sydrome, part of the austism spectrum disorder. i know many people with full-on autism. they are not retarded and they are wonderful people unlike you.

      8. have you people ever considered that your chidren will one day have to apply for a job? whos going to hire someone with a retarded name

      9. I have loved the name Strider since I was in the 4th grade. I’m not trying to be unique or different I just very much like the name plain and simple. Nothing wrong with it. “Oh your child is going to hate you, he’s going to kill himself” What happens if my child happens to love his unique name and thanks me for it. What about people who come from other countries with names that sound so weird to americans yet they’re making tons of money here…I guess the name wasnt as big a deal as you thought.

      10. Hahaha, that’s hilarious. Obviously STINK realises you don’t catch Autism. He can spell and type so he’s clearly a bit better put together than some of you idiots. And for the record, I have asperger’s as well and I’m in no way offended. Stop defending retards!

      11. So Stink, I am autistic, and I am a pro MMA fighter. I bet I could make you drool for the rest of your life!! Also, for all you people that think that people can have stupid names, ya’ll are idiots. This is just one reason that make people unique and different. Other people’s lives have nothing to do with any of ya’lls. Leave people alone, and worry about your own self. By the way, my name is Lynus(yeah just like the character from Charlie Brown). I bet no one will say anything to my face about it either, ya’ll will just talk about it on a blog site….HAHAHA!

      12. hey man……stop bein an asshole…..dont fuckin insult people cause of your opinion…..thats what starts wars….i personally think stryder is cool as fuck…..but stryker sounds dumb….thats my opinion man im not gonna start fuckin wars about it man

      13. a few people go to far but keep one thing in mind people. fathers and mothers have kids i have parents and they are only parents when they teach and instruct hence quardian or parent. do not assume you can do whatever you want to them no consequences i would be pissed if my name was after a damn sci fi charecter or from them 1500’s you raise the kids to think it is normal. if they like it great if they hate it change it your kids have to carry it so do for them not yourselves. selfish people really

      14. dont u think that was a bit harsh there only names people. i named mine isabella, yes i loved twilight but i didnt love the character bella i loved the name…. and no if i had a boy it would not have been edward! :S it would have been alexander..:)
        for the record i call my baby izzy for short i think its cute!

      15. The problem in the world today is not with the way people name their children. It is with people like you who are ignorant and shallow. You make me sick to my stomach when you use words like “retard” and you insult developmentally challenged people. What are you scared of? Are you really that much better than they are?

        A person’s name is not what defines them in life. It’s only a name champ. If they are raised properly then their name will never matter! Find something useful to vent about but think about what’s coming out of your mouth.

      16. My children have nicknames given to them by their father….they are not made fun of by their friends and they know that their nicknames were given in fun and love:
        Kerstin Alicia (sugie)
        Kelsey Anne(booper)
        Kristian Addison (champ)

      17. what you name your child will afect them but a name will not cause learning problems. my name is emily and i am almost 30 years old meaning my name was not a commin name until i was in high school. i had only ever met one other girl with my name and her mother chose it because on one under 90 had it. then it became the most populare name in the country for like 10 years. what i am saying it that a weard name today can become a normal name down the line.

      18. u didnt have to pull one on autistic children. my brother happens to be autistic and he doesn’t drool and he ISN’T RETARTED

      19. stink i can punch your teeth out and make u cry AND drool at the same time. autism is nothing to joke about
        P.S this is tied with my other comment right here^

      20. @Timmy
        we are going to defend the retarted…Sorry retarted is a rude name… mmm mabey autistic or developementally challenged. you can defend youself from harrasment… but if you hade full autism like my brother CANT defend them selves because full autistic children usually cant speak, so we have to do our best to defend the autistic, and they are normal people and have feellings like us. That part wasnt pointed to u timmy, just the first sentence ( he has extream autism, he is 11 and he cant speak, and he doesnt get out of bed to go to the bathroom)… SUCK ON THAT STINK… YOU CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE. NOW HOW DO U FEEL< YOUVE BEEN PUT ON THE HATED LIST, bitch

      21. @Smoke Me
        Probably more like Cock Smoke since you like rolling around with sweaty men…..while your at it why don’t you change your name from Lynus to Anus.

      22. wow.. dude.. your really an asshole you know that? like seriously what fucking business is of yours. do you have to raise the kid? no. do you have to teach the kid? no. do you have to be friends with the kid? no. so why the hell do you care huh? ITS NOT YOUR CONCERN.

      23. dude, you’re like harsh. but fucking funny as hell. i agree that stryder is a dumb ass name to name a child, but you can just write about it somewhere else were this crazy fucked up women wont see it 🙂 but seriously who the hell woould name their kid something that stupid. ? he wont have autism. he will just be made fun of all his damn life & eventually get sick of it, turn emo, cut himself, & die because his mom named him Stryder! Congrats mommi, you just killed your son!

      24. People like you owill kill her son. Seriously, if I named my kid Banana she would think its normal until people make fun of her. If parents taught there kids how to respect other kids there would be no bullying. I have had friends with the weirdest names but not once did I make fun of it.

        Btw, I know two boys name Strider/Stryder. One is 17 and a high school football player and the other is 10. They were never made fun of. It’s only people like you who kill people.

      25. yes, you should be ashamed of yourself for saying your own opinions!!! tut tut

      26. Love the name and I really wanted it to be my son’s name but opted for Dylan instead but I told my husband our next child will be Strider. Great name!

      27. Oh Oh So I can name my child Neo and i can call it original? How I will love saying “Wake up Neo, Time to go to school, Neo”

      28. My son’s name is also Stryder, Stryder Thomas. We did not know of the Lord of the Rings guy when naming him and people did think it was wierd but it totally fits him, absolutly and completely. I couldn’t imagine him being named something else. Different names will stand out and they will be remembered. The thing to remember is to maybe be creative without damning your kids with an awful name. People will always have their opinions anyways so do what you want people and say what you want. Way to be grown ups with picking on children’s names.

      29. HI hIYeah…i think stryder is a cool name…just don’t be like frank zappa and name your kid moon unit or diva muffin lol…honestly! Some people name their kids way more unique than stryder.

      30. My name is deisha (pronounced dee-sha) im white new zealander and have had a lot of shit because of my name. I am currently pregnant and seriously thinking about stryder for the name if its a boy. I also am not choosing it because of bloody lord of the rings. i think its actually a good name. I think people who think people only call their child that beause of LOTR clearly lack imagination and need to get out more.

      31. There is no such thing as “very” unique, or “more” unique. Unique means one of a kind; you cannot have degrees of one of a kind. Stryder? I’ve heard worse. But lets try this – when you start to think about the name you’re going to give your child, try fitting it onto the end of this sentence : “Would the court please rise for the honourable….”
        O.K, your kid might not grow up to be a Supreme Court judge, but at least allow them the possibility.

      1. My mum nd dad called me moon so i get called moondust !
        I have to agree this is not funny, but my name is i dnt care if you make fun…

      2. Hi,my names crunch nice to meet all of you self centered bunch except moondust!
        I fart alot thts i get called crunch duuudeeees it rek in here


      3. Candy that’s like saying “My mom named me toothbrush so i named my kids listerine and floss

      4. no one should make fun of this, Candy is alittle different but ive heared the name Kain like a million times

    5. nothing is as bad as REALITY and her nickname is Boo (as in Boo-Boo) shes 5 one day very soon shes going to be very unhappy with her mama and daddy

      1. Well, nothings quit as bad as the name of a spanihsh kid i once knew who’s name was crystalball!

      2. His name was probably Cristobal a common Spanish version of Christopher meaning “bearing Christ inside”

    6. my name is strider and my birth parents got it from ancient celtic for noblilty and honor…no one ever dared make fun of my name and i am not emo i am do track in college and am proud of my full name. strider cirdan oban because they all have meaning and it is unique. so for those of you who dont understand something maybe you should look into it more before judging or assuming something…if you dont believe me on my name you can find me in face book under strider burns….got put in foster care and had to change my last name lol still like my old one

      1. You know whats a awesome name to name your kid to just be a douche…. Gabe Utsecs (Figure it out and pronounce it)

      2. i say stick to the basics Joshua Robert Cassey is my name. but you like your name go for it but make sure your kids like the name they get they are the ones who carry it

      3. hi my name is kreszenztia (zenzi) ps its a real name. It was my great-grandmother’s name and I love it. I plan on naming my kids amazing names 2 because even if they get teased, they will be stonger and develop self-esteem. I dont want a part of me to just blend in. ps i am 16

    7. i dont mind different or mispeled names. in fact, i find them interesting and unique. what bothers me are the horrible normal names.
      The three names i hate the MOST are malcolm, demitrious, and erica. dunno why.
      also i hate really normal names that are SO common such as Madison, Emily, Nicole, Christopher, Andrea… etc

    8. Honestly it really doesnt matter what a persons name is as long as they are a good person. Parents can name a child anything they want, and i am not saying that all names are good ones cuz i definatly dont agree with that but I knew a guy named Dorito when I was very young, he was ashamed of his name, I personally didnt care what his name was and i thought he was fun, charming, and handsome.

    9. What exactly is wrong with the name Aragorn!?!?

      That’s my name you stupid stuck up judgemental bitch. And my parents aren’t “Science Fiction Geeks” as you so tactfully had written.

      I’m talking to you Alexis.

  2. Overheard on the BC Ferry: “Nikita, Elton…let’s go.” I’m convinced the parent was an Elton John fan.

      1. I like Andrea too, but my mum named me Andria, its frustrating as soon as people read it they start calling me Angria… over emphasising the ‘d’ into a ‘g’ all because of an ‘i’!

      2. really? that is beyond stupid! calling u Angria. i mean really i read ur name and was like ‘okay Andria.’
        whered those ppl come up with Angria? thats just daft i reckon

    1. i remeber in 2nd grade a boy named DEVON beat me up in school DEVON im srry but i dont like the name DEVON

    2. I know these twins who’s last name was “Horse” the girl was “Ima” and the boys name was “ura”; for real!!!

  3. The three funniest kids names I recently overheard at the mall were Hartley (boy), Forrest (boy), and Stockton (girl).

    I think “Strider” takes the prize though!

    1. i don’t think strider took the prize, what i think is very stupid is that micheal jackson named his kid blanket? maybe he was a fan of blankets? WTF ? ahha.

      1. He didn’t name his kid blanket … that’s just a nickname . His kid’s name is Prince Michael II

  4. My wife went to school with a guy named Strider – but that was years ago, and it was Strider from the Lord of the Rings books, not the recent movies, so I suppose that’s at least a little bit better.

    I had a friend in high school with the middle name “Dorcas.” She obviously tried to keep that name under wraps during those teen years.

    I think Gwenyth Paltrow naming her kid “Apple” and Courtney Cox naming her daughter Coco are fairly criminal as well.

    1. well with what you said about the whole celeberty baby names i agree they are weird but i actually like apple and coco but when they grow older you know it wont be hard because they are famous well at least there parents are kids will be dying to be there friends

    2. Dorcas actually comes from the Bible, but that doesn’t make it a good name, it sounds so horrible, is that where we got Dork from, doesn’t make any sense to me

      1. Wow i would kill my parents if they named me Beronica isnt it spelled Veronica. XD

    3. I think Dorcas is Greek? Maybe that person had Greek ancestry and the name was meaningful. Celebs are known for the odd names. After hearing Audio Science and Pilot Inspektor for names, I think Strider is acceptable.

    4. Dorcas is Greek for gazelle, so that’s a lovely name – but it sounds like an insult here in the US.

    5. a little hint for names
      these are girls names people

      these are dudes names yet have met both men and women with these names stop the cruelty quickly

    1. Pushkar is the name of a village in Rajasthan, India. I’ve never heard of a guy named thus, must sound funny to people who’ve never heard about Pushkar, the village.

      1. The name Pushkar can be of Slavic descent. Our “Puskar” means “gun-maker”.

        If I have son one day, I want to name him Lestat. I know, it sounds weird. But it´s a very pretty name. (And yes, I know what character bore it). But I will name him like that only if the surname was foreign, so it would go with the name. But normal Czech names could not fit the name, they sound so “hobbit-like” – like Podhursky (Underhill), and stuff like that.

        The latin name Lucius sounds very pretty, too. My sister is Lucie, and I like how it sounds, so that´s why. The boy name “David” is not bad, either.

        If I happened to have a baby girl one day, it would be easier to name her – it would be Tereza (Theresa), Emma, Zuzana (Susan) or something like that. Those are very pretty names. Martha and Lucie are not bad, either.

      1. HAHAHA! TRUTH! How about names outside the conventional naming box?.. like:

        Canyon Thickness
        Calico Sorbet
        Gorgeous Doogie
        Delicious Remission
        Blueberry Intentions

        Not quite Nero or Adolf, but they are quite heinous!

      2. My name is different Mehreen(Marine). Its good to be different. But I agree, Nero is A stupid name and Adolf is just hilarious!!

      3. Nero is a great name. So he killed and burned some Christians, big deal how else was he supposed to light his garden. It was ancient Rome. I would like to feed you to the lions. P.S. have you found Jesus, because I have… he’s cut up in my freezer.

  5. I kid you not, but I know of a child called………wait for it……Cosmo Ranger!! How cruel can parents be!

    I don’t think names like this should be allowed.

    1. I waited on a couple the other day that had a new born with them, they named him Gravity Jack!! They looked like some hardcore hippies!

  6. Some friends of the family called their baby girl Pina Colada and their 3 year old boy Jack Daniel. Yes, we do suspect they have a bit of a drinking problem…

    1. jack daniel is an awesome name! pina colada however…
      my friend wants to name all of her chilldren from the twilight books. which wouldn’t be so bad, except she’s giving them the entire names. rosalie hale johnson or edward mason johnson will be her first born.

      1. The twilight names are very strong, awesome names, but not if your naming ALL your kids them… its just a little too obsessive…

      2. i know a lady in my street and she is obsessed with twilight (she has a tattoo of the word twilight and that apple from the book cover.) she named her girl “Carlisle-Bella-Edwardia-Jacoba-Cullen Rosston” with the nickname “Carla” OMG how the heck does it fit on the credit card in 20 years time 😮
        and anyway, Carlisle is a boy’s name.

    2. i am SOOOO obsessed with Jack Daniels! i think i would name my kid that.. i think i might get a tattoo of that also 🙂 haha he is and always will be my true love.

  7. my name is kenitra it is a pretty name but you never see it posted up anywhere i think the people in the world needs to change that.

    1. My name is Shayne (shane) & im a girl.. my sisters name is felicity . and my other sisters is janessa… weird names much . My brothers names are ; Traylor & Kougar.

      1. Does your brother Traylor get teased a lot? I am sure your parents thought it was unique but the HAD to think of it’s homonym trailer. And are you white? That would make the name even worse because you easily become Traylor Trash. I am a teacher so I see some of the worst names go through and I just can’t think of how parents don’t take teen years into consideration (and even young adulthood) when naming their child. 😦

      2. omgaaaah! i love the name kougar, that’s fucking ridiculous but soooo awesome (:

    2. my full name is florrie burke!when i was little kids called me mc flurry buuurp.:[ now every one takes the micky outta the “burke”bit .like im an idiot!

      1. I’m just gonna quote Dark Angle for a sec “your name should be Alec”
        “As in smart-alec.”
        “What if I don’t like Alec?”
        “Well my next option was Dick”

        I reckon this was made just for you Tim.

    1. my names Tayelor Heaven Anderson. My mom made it ‘unique’ and put an e in tayelor. heaven is a common first name, but middle name?! and anderson is a very common last name, but why is that anderson is usually the last name of murderers? I hate my name. Why couldnt they have named me danielle?

  8. I went to school with a girl named Golnaz – everytime I saw her I thought of testicles and that’s just not right.

    Not as bad as the Seamen family that named their son Eaton. No joke – Eaton Seamen.

    1. hahahahaha! the parents obviously didn’t think twice on that name… or they are just into the gays A LOT!

  9. i think tullulah honey-pop is the worse name ever. and so is banjo, pixie dixie, and crow.

    if you named all your children crow, you’d have a ‘murder’ of crows and if you were a babysitter, how fast would you hang up if someone asked you to babysit their murder of crowes?

    1. LOL! this makes me like my name a little bit more. i hear of all these names… wat retard names their kid crow?! lets just hope that they dont get majorly disordered before their 14th birthday! Or if they fall out of a tree and get magorly disabled, they will never go to school again!

      LOL! Crow! such a stupid name! that sounds like the name of a charactar on batman!

      1. hahaha you’re on fucking crack. CROW!?! (as a first name) that is in no way possible a good name. i would die laughing if someone told me their name was crow.. then i’d probably make fun of them for the rest of eternity.

  10. I grew up with a girl named “Gretchen”she called herself”vicki”and the bad thing is that she is an amazingly pretty and sexy girl with a name like that

    1. hahaha, oh my. i call my hubby shithead all the time. i should let him know that its an actual name. LOL.

    1. i’m gonna name my kids Janis Guinevre for a girl, and Marlee William for a boy. i also want another boy named Dylan Hendrik. as you can see i am a bit of a hippy. if you think these names are rubbish my friend likes Jade Emereld and Azaelia Rose. isn’t there a flower called Azaelia?

  11. how about the name morag its like crossed between moran and hag lol and wot about poor olga and helga and i feel sorry for gaylord and gurtrude. how sad!!!

    1. WOW! i relise how bad it could have been for me! the only way to save a name like that is by being part of the FBI. ‘dont you make fun of ma name! or you’ll be guilty for murder charges!’ LOL! gaylord, lets hope that he goes to church. or else hes screwed!

      1. haha, im recently preg myself. i have been looking for a name to name my baby girl or boy. && i defantly don’t want to name them any of these. you guys got any ideas ? hit me up on saraloveesbmx@yahoo.com 🙂

    1. I went to college with a girl named Sally Sally! Seriously, the parents couldn’t think past their own last name? Um, if it’s good enough for the last name, it must be good enough to reuse for the first name, too? WTF?

      1. hahaha! i know someone named Fish Fish, but he’s native so it doesn’t count..

  12. Met a woman the other day (96 years) named “New Orleans Gold”. She wasn’t from New Orleans and had no Gold. Met a coupld who named their baby boy “Lestat”, and to see another click the link above.

  13. My friend is going out with a guy tonight that she knew in highschool. his name…Guthrey Gillings. We got on the internet to look for a possible worse name than his, but no luck. No worse name was to be discovered. Guthrey Gillings. WORST NAME EVER!

  14. my 2 favorites i heard were of 2 twins: Lemonjello and Orangejello (pronounced Le monge’ ello and Or onge’ ello). i don’t know what to say…it’s just scary.

    1. that’s hilarious. What idiot named them? Poor kids, they’ll probobly change them later though

    1. Just because of a TV show??? Come on!

      Who are you? Charlie Brown??? LOL

      Bruno is a very PRETTY name I found it very
      strong, great for a handsome guy!

      1. my name is kaytlynne, another way to spell katelyn, and i named my daughter Eliahna (elly-ahna) after The Iliad ( changed to illyanna then we made it eliahna) is it conceited to give your daughter the same middle name as yourself?

    1. i know some one bye the name of Maddox tyler broc, and his bro named Cruze michael leon. Cruze and Maddox are cute names, my litte bros name is lance elliot anderson. Im tayelor heaven anderson, yes im a girl, wen ever i hear the name elliot i think of the deer on a movie, butu i cant remember which movie…

      1. The elliot that you are thinking of is not a deer he is a moose. it is from the childrens show elliot moose. if that is where you are getting the idea from then you will probably remember the song from the show:
        Elliot moose is on the loose
        Elliot moose is on the loose…and so on and so forth

      2. Elliot moose is on the loose, Elliot moose is on the loose, Elliot moose is on the loose, Elliot moose is on the loose. from a children’s television program

  15. I knew this guy who named his twin daughters both “Andrea” with the same spelling. One was pronounced “On-drey-ah” and the other was “An-dray-uh.”

    When I was in high school, there was a foreign exchange student with a ring in her nose (not typical for 1975) named Shakuntla Singla. I don’t remember anyone making fun of her, but I really didn’t know her and breathed hope every time I saw her in the hall that her life was spared the misery of people using her name in vain.

  16. My Grandpa is called Eldred Clark. And i went to primary school with a guy called Mattew Bate. Nothing to bad there as long your over 18. Other wise you get letters addressed to Master Bate. I always thought that was one of those joke names. At least it’s only tempuary

  17. My sister is pregnant and wants to name the baby girl Angel. Her boyfriend want the middle name to be Neveah…..heaven backwards of course!!! Angel Neveah. Now this is the worst name ever!

    1. I have a cousin named Heaven Leigh Hope (they call her Hope) and a great neice named Chamberlynn Angel Marie (goes by Chamberlynn)

    2. It is bad. Yuck! Honestly, if you want a Christian name go with something traditional. Like Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Chloe, Peter, Hannah.

  18. Sorry, misspelled heaven backwards, apparently it isn’t that easy to do. Yet another reason to not use that name. It should have been Nevaeh.

  19. I know two guys with a hippy dad…the oldest is named DL – no periods, doesn’t stand for anything (that we know of) – and his little brother is called Justin Casey. The joke?? “Just in case he dies, we have another one,” or, “Justin Case-y the first one dies, we have another one.” His dad was actually the one who explained it to me.

  20. Ooh, I forgot one…My dad’s name is Jerry Derwin. I am the first born, and when I once asked my mom what other names they considered for me besides Bonnie Nell, she replied with a straight face, “Well, if you were a boy, we were going to name you Erby Derwin…and if you were a girl, we were going to name you Erbina Derwina.” It took me an hour to finally get her to admit she was kidding.

  21. I am a huge star wars nut and am considering(eventually) naming my first son after my favorite character from the books, Corran(thats “KOR-in” or Corey for short). But when i heard that some friends of mine named their son Anakin, i thought that was way too far, even for a die hard fan. Other dumb names i’ve heard are: Sladjana(sluh-JAH-nah), and Branch(boy), and if i was a girl, my mom tells me my name would have been “Anina”. Thank God for the Y chromosome i say.

    1. are u loony? why wud u want to do that madam? just because u dont suffer the humiliation of having a horrible name why do u want your child to suffer?

    2. How about Sincere? That’s not so bad. Know of a girl named Honor too. Again at least it’s not Tallulah Does The Hula From Hawaii. Parents in New Zealand named their child that and were forced to change it (thank god). I hope you’re joking about Syringe. Sounds creepy.

  22. Yeah my name is Syringe, go figure I happen to think it is a wonderfull name allthough people ask me for drugs all the time.. i talked to dr phil about this problem and he told me that sticks and stones will acually break my bones but names will always hurt me, im so lonely! hug me!

  23. I am thinking of giving my child the name Ever, but it will be her middle name. Scarlet Ever. What do you think?

  24. I am thinking of naming my child Ever, it will be her middle name so her name would be Scarlet Ever. What do you think?

  25. Listen here sherry i think wat yr doing to ur child is unthinkable, how could u call u daugther middle name ever? u might as well call her ever after, because it so silly!

  26. I used to baby sit for a biker family, they had 2 kids Harley (girl) and Davidson (boy). Talk about cruel.

    1. Well, the name Harley isn’t so bad. I like it better as a guy’s name though. But having a child named Harley and another named Davidson is just horrible.

  27. I went to school with two kids, they were brother and siter. The sisters name was Crea (first) Ting (middle)and the brothers name was Evory (first) Ting (middle). I thought it was cool…

    1. My English professor swore to his whole class that when he grew up he knew of a brother and sister whose last names’ were Pigg and their names were Ima and Hesa. He was serious.

  28. I think parents have every right to name their kids whatever they want. My twin boys are named Lexington Avery (Lex for short) & Foxworth Deacon (Fox for short)… I also love the names Jai, Lucas, Madden & Blaise.

    1. Unless your children will grow up in an English manor with no contact with the outside world, you are a cruel parent.

    2. I like Lucas and Blaise. Not so much the others but I don’t think they’re horrible. I’m glad people don’t think alike. I do agree that there is a fine line but you haven’t done anything wrong. Reese Witherspoons son is named Deacon. It’s not so bad.

      1. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I loved Lucas for a boy. But my husband said “nope – rhymes with mucus. The kid will be tortured”. So thank goodness we had a girl!

  29. The worst name ever…in the history of worst names…and I don’t think it will EVER be beat…is Toprameneessha. What would a jury do if this child murdered her parents and said…my name is Toprameneesha, guess how well they parented.

  30. I went to school with a chap called: Leigh Francis Windmill… he was my best mate and i havn’t seen him since… hopefully he’ll come across this from googling and get in touch again, he’ll know who I am.. find me on myspace dude – name above is a clue

  31. Parents have the right to name their children what they want.

    And children have the right not to have to live with a Sh1tty name.

  32. My mother wanted to name me Augusta, Allegra, Agatha or Alberta. Or Arthur if I was a boy. At least they decided to call me Alexandra.

    She wanted to call my sister Anne Shirley (like the character in Anne of Green Gables) I managed to talk her out of that.

  33. I have had two that should make a top worst list… One had first name just the letter “M” and middle was “E”. He always said when I was born, my dad said “he looks like me” so my dad named me M E. He went by the name “em-ee”

    Now, here is a clear candidate for all time best of the worst… About ten years ago, my company hosted a meeting of engineers in Silicon Valley and one man registered and arrived with the first name, literally, “Dickshitz” any one want to top this one??? Honest!

    1. When my daughter was in a preschool gymnastics class, there was a girl named (we thought) Absidee in the class with her. When the school made a poster with all of the kids’ names on it, we saw that her name was really spelled ABCDE, pronounced “Absidee”. Seriously, folks, you couldn’t think past the first five letters of the alphabet???!!!

  34. Just as I sent the above posting, my wife reminded me of an interesting last name both she and I knew of before meeting each other, “Sicendik” or spelled something close to that spelling (pronounced like it looks). Wouldn’t you go and legally change your last name or take your wife’s last name when married instead?

  35. I have a second-cousin whose last name is Rice. His parents decided to name him after a local politician whose name was Bland. So he grew up as Bland Rice.

    No, he doesn’t have a sister named Wild.

    Probably the worst name I ever heard of being inflicted on a baby was a girl’s name. It was three syllables. The first “shi” was pronounced “shee”. The second, “the” was pronounced “tay”. The third syllable was “ad” pronounced as in “advertising”.

    You can recombine the pieces in the privacy of your own home.

  36. Heard on David Letterman once a guy named Dick Assman From Canada. That is the worst.

  37. I once came across the name Fanny Wannacock.
    Braine is a bad last name. no first name sounds good with it. I went out with a guy called Richard Braine (dick braine).

  38. I once worked with a woman named Wynn Mainprize. Totally fucked parents if ya ask me.

  39. I know someone whose first name is Tracker. His parents must really like that Chevy car or something.

  40. I went to school with a girl named…
    Anita Cone sounds like (I NEED A CONE) poor girl got labelled as a stoner mayeb her pearents had a few too many cones when pickin this name..also my next one isnt a weird name just a classic example of the importance of matching your first name with your last name..I went to school with a boy whos name was CHRIS DEAN (whenever we had roll call it would sound like they were callin out Christeen) i thought that was a bit cruel!

  41. my friend has a brother in law with the last name hill, they named there daughter meadow… meadow hill. could be worse but c’mon folks.

    1. I know a woman named Diane Dichter (pronounced DICKter) who married John Dougherty. They had a daughter and named her Hickory Dichter Dougherty (Hickory Dickory Dock).

  42. Went to school with a girl who’s surname was Christmas and mothers name was Mary! No word of a lie. She ran a pub so her name was above the door as well. Her parents must have hated her!

  43. Absolutely true Andy. There is a pub in South Birmingham run by Mary Christmas. She has managed a few pubs around this area for a number of years and is quite well known, but as far as I know she married into the name. My baby daughter is due in March. What do you think of Armani for a name?

    1. Not being horrid or anything, but wtf is that name? Armani, it really is cruel. Sound like harmony and harmony is sick too. Don’t call her that, its horrid.

    2. I recently was served by a young girl in a shop whose name was Amani (pron Armani) – did you end up calling your daughter that?

  44. I knew a kid named Ronald Rinker in school. Shoot, with a name like that, how could he have been anything BUT the fat, unpopular kid?

  45. Two worst names I have heard are Archiebald Codwaller and Horace titsworth. I have friends that named their kids Rowdy (boy) and Rumor (girl).

  46. I’ve seen some bad ones- had a teacher who was Crystal Shanda Leir, married a guy to become Crystal Pallis… she couldn’t get away. Also met a Pepsi Love, Willie May Sprinkle,and Richard (Dick) Head. Also two geologist’s kids named Cole and Steele. My mom’s a physical therapist in an inner-city area, and she runs into at least one girl of illiterate parents who think that their kid was named for them by the hospital– they see the bracelet that says: Smith, Female– and they think, hey, Female (pronounced Femily), that’s pretty!

  47. Here’s two: Ima Hogg And Yura Hogg!!!! They were our neighbors. And There was……Candy Cotten!!!!!! She was my great grandmothers BF.

  48. I hate it when people name their kids stupidly. I have met A LOT of people who had names like Jon Jonson or Hazel Hazelton or Sam Samuels it’s SO FREEKING CRAPY!!!!

  49. There are girls in my school with the following names 1.Dai Yung 2.Yung Joo 3.Yung Ho when I brought this to my friend he told me there was a guy in his school named Suk Deep. lmao poor kid I think the 3 worst names ever are

  50. the worst name ever in the history of names must be…………………………….. wait for it………………almost……… Johnathon Goldstein. What were my parents thinking. Go Mets. Go Jets. Go Chemistry.

  51. Had a client once named Candy Pucci…One with the last name penas…My supervisor knew a family in college with the last name Rabbit…they had 3 kids..2 boys and a girl names? Jack, Peter, and Bunny.
    a co-worker of mine has a client with the first name “fart”.

  52. The worst names to me are Jorndan and a name that i think that is really cute is Isabelle or Emma.

    1. I think Kate is just the worst name ever, isn’t it? Ew, KATE. What the hell were her parents THINKING?

  53. When my mom was a school girl, she knew two sisters named, Youra and Ima. There last name was Pig. Isn’t that cruel of the parents?!

  54. im 16 and i am starting to date this guy and and he is real nice but i am concerned because his name is…


  55. My boy friends mom was a teacher who had a young girl named FEMALE, she pronoucned it FE-MAL-EE

  56. My name is Jordache, my parents told me they didn’t want me so they named me after the favourite jeans. I’m changing my name when i’m 18. I go by JJ now since my last name is jertolis

    I know someone across the pond whose name is Bon Kers. dont know why there parents wanted that bonked name.

    My least fav. name is Obus

  57. Ohj yea i forgot one I also met a couple whose surname is peed, pronouced “pid”. and they are naming there kid stewart.

  58. my best friend named her son pickle. she was 16 when she had him and was a big rugrats fan. (dill pickles remember??)

    we are best friends and one of are best friends named her son tray, another named her first-born plate (play) and my first born will be spork michael ….whatever our last name will be

  59. there is also this girl in my class named sugar-free and jericolon?its weird i wonder what parents were thinking

  60. i forgot i no a girl named chisom nand her sisters name is somtoya.im not lieng about any of these.

  61. I once met a girl whos name was Rock’N and her last name was Roll, no joke. She and everyone else completely adores her name

  62. I went to school with these two girls that were cousins and they were named Alicia Steinkey and Amber Picker. Horrible last names. Those snobs deserved it though. We called them Alicia Stinky and Amber nose picker.

  63. Umh Forrest isnt a wierd name, infact he was a famous civil war hero…
    My brother is named forrest and I have beaten so many little kids up over that name… he was born 2 years before the movie after and Uncle who died in a firefighter rescue misson..

    The ugliest name is Bertha

    1. There’s nothing wrong with forrest, its quite a nice name actually. I mean, my name is the worst I hate it! Gherta, what name is that?

  64. My neighbors named their daughter “Artimus” after the Greek goddess of the hunt. Unfortunately, their research stopped there. Later “Artimus” blended with “Diana” and became the multi-breasted goddess of orgies. I don’t have the heart to let them in on this info.

  65. I think Tara is stupid name! It sounds so ugly.

    I once knew a girl at school named Tara Newbiging, we used to call her Tara Booniging

    1. excuse me bitch, but im 12 nd my name is veyda. i think it is a very pretty name. so, yardly, shut yo mouth cuz if yardly iz YO name den datz ugly! ya, sum ppl kall me darth veyda but so wat cuz 1 gurl named sophia kalld me dat so i kalld her sophilla. dnt mess wit me cuz i can fight. if u wana make fun of it, come to whan crespi middle school. i’ll be there waiting!

      1. Veyda, your name is sick tbh bitch. I’m 12 too and id rather have yardly than veyda. It sounds like an aliens name. it really is horrid.

  66. No shit, I was in line at a movie theatre once and I heard a black woman scream, “Quit fighting with your brother Iyemeunique!” Pronounced “I’m unique”. I tell ya, not people don’t put in dick effort to figuring out a good name for their child. Or maybe they just have a sick sense of humor???

  67. I used to work at a school where there were five kids in the one family named after herbs and spices:

    Pepper, Ginger, Sage, Cinnamon and Rosemary.

    I’m still trying to figure out if I like the idea or not.

    At least it wasn’t Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

  68. There is a girl named Pumpernickel at my friend’s gym, no kidding.

    Reminds me of bread, wonder why??

  69. I once knew this girl, her parents names were Jim and Lesa (spelled Lesa) and they’d combined her names with an apostrophe to make “J’Lesa.” Yes. Two capital letters. She’s white, but “Jalisa” is a popular black name, and people always say “Ja-liss-uh” instead of how you really pronounce it. “Juh-lee-suh”.

  70. I went to school with triplets named Chastity Siemann, Gyna Siemann, and Rosemary Siemann. Seriously. As if their last name wasn’t horrible enough.

  71. My name is Lannetta Renee.
    I married a man with the last name Gaiter. Not bad, until I used my intials L.R Gaiter (Later Gator)People thought that was funny. The kicker is I have a daughter named Alexa yeap use guessed it Allie Gaiter. She does not like being called Allie….. hmmmm I wonder why :-)!!!!

  72. I work as a nanny and one of the girls in my charges class is named Mcgyver(like on television). i’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled but i’m pretty sure any parent over the age of 20 should no better! also, there is a little girl in the same class named Kaki..like the color!

  73. Jack Harder, Anita Dyck, and Harry Dyck are common names in my hometown. I also know a guy named Jaun Dyck (pronounced won dick)

  74. OK SO MY NAME IS REBECCA-EADEN-LARUARINE SKYE-ARABRAH HALL NO JOKE….my name is Rebecca-eaden-laurane and my middle name is Ahabrah-skye and my last name is hall i swear idk what my parents were thinking but i kno arabrah-skye is winter skye and my first name no clue…the funny thing is my mom name is Rainhley (rainy) and my dads name is Jakcshon (jackson) no clue why the named me such a weird long name but all my friends call me RELASH (RELISH) CUZ MY INITALS SPELL RELASH so yea for 13 years of my life ive been called relish great..

    1. Huh, weird how first you said Skye-Arabrah and then Arabrah-Skye…
      And spelled the other part 2 different ways…
      Laruarine and Laurane.


  75. my dad’s good friend is called Red Dick with out a lie and he wont even tell us his middle name maybe it’s small! hahahah

  76. im prgnant with my 3 rd child who is a girl and i have two other kids names molly and mary-kate im thinkin gon nameing this one melrose what do u think

  77. I went to jr. high with a girl named Saccharin (spelled like the sweetener, but pronounced sa-KAR-in). I had a teacher in high school who had seven sisters all named Mary, but with different middle names (they were Catholic). Knew of a lady named Donnaleen Elaine Flack – say that 5 times fast! Also, I new a family with three girls named Mandy, Sandy and Pandy. That is just so sad.

  78. In high school i new of a guy named Tag. He also happened to be one of the only openly gay guys in school. You can imagine what they called him…

  79. I worked for a year in an ATT Wireless Call Center and received a call from a gentleman by the name of Hairy Bush who had a question about his account. I never laughed so hard in my life! His parents must have been smoking something good!

  80. “# JP Says:
    October 30th, 2006 at 4:09 pm

    my 2 favorites i heard were of 2 twins: Lemonjello and Orangejello (pronounced Le monge’ ello and Or onge’ ello). i don’t know what to say…it’s just scary.”

    lol, I know about those kids! They live in the same city as me and were in an a college prep program I worked for….

  81. Try “Miss Unique Miracle Johnson.” The mother gave the baby this name when she went through a difficult birth. Evidently the doctor announced the baby’s survival as a miracle and the rest is history.

  82. omg i love these names they are all so funny but i feel bad for the kids with those names and my favorite name is Hairy Bush i thought it was so funny me and my cusin laughed for like and hour and we almost started crying it was sooooooooo funny!!!!!……lol

  83. ok …. now what is the deal here i cant find my name spelled right anywhere!!!! Except for a sports uniform brand…. lol it really isnt cool!!!!!

  84. i no this girl from my school and her anicials are so funny and they match her perfectly….lol…..they spell SAS(shamber a. sinks) i dont make funn of her because we are like best friends…lol….but i always think something mean in my head!!!!

  85. theres this girl at my school and her name is salinia…..WOW…wat were her parents thinking were they like drunk…i feel so bad 4 her….lol!!!

  86. I have this kid in my school named Israel Gay. Is. Real. Gay. Middle school is so brutal WITHOUT a name like that. Poor kid.

  87. Did you know that David Bowie named his daughter …. Zoe ….Bowie. Come on now Zoe Bowie! Rhyming first and last names? I feel sorry for her.

  88. Ok I’m dating a mana named Richard Panek. (Dick Panek) And if we get married my name will be Kayla Mae Panek.

  89. Then there is the woman who named her twins ‘twina’ and ‘twinba’ (TwinA, TwinB)

  90. My cousin recently had a baby, and the nurse was telling us a story of a girl that had her baby a few days earlier…she named that poor child Delmonte ABCDE (pronounced like Obesity)

  91. Yeah my great grandma almost named me……..Buela Maude……….Then my parents said no to that one thank God.

  92. How’s this one for size: Stan D. Ardman? As in “Standard Man” What are peoples thinking?

  93. My sister works in psychology. Brace yourself. She had a client who named her daughter Clitoria (because it sounded so pretty). No joke.

  94. My parents didnt want give me a standard name… but they liked jessica. soo they spelled it weird. Jessyka. i mean i like but… but only some days.

    I used to go to school with two twins named Natasha and Natisha… yes twins named tisha and tasha. it was sad.

    even better is there is a girl at my school named sammy seaman. poor thing.

    ohh and i hate the name Copenicus. its disgusting.

  95. The worst name I have EVER heard of is CRYSTAL STARR!!!! As in last name Starr and first name Crystal!!Come on people…how bad is that. Oh and here’s another one MAYO HEAD!!! As in last name Head and first name Mayo!!! YIKES!!!

  96. k im evan. and no im not a boy.
    unique eh.
    celebrities name theyre kids horrible names
    there is one women who was in this movie i forget her name kathrine mcphee:s i dont know
    she just had a daughter and she named her ” Ever “

  97. My best friends middle name is Dryer. Yeah, supposedly its been in her family forever.

  98. okay here are alot of names that i know..

    Shiv. yes. Just Shiv.

    I.C. Weiner.

    Shuv I. Upwards
    his middle name? It.

    Bubba Wrape. (last name pronounced wrap)

    Deavours. (sounds like your saying beavers except with a D in the beginning… i feel so sorry for that kid.)

    and last one. This kid’s last name is Lyfe, right? And i dont know WHAT the parents were thinking, but they named there little girl Cirk Uluv. So that girl’s name is

    Cirk Uluv Lyfe. i guess they really like that Lion King movie..

    1. shiv is a hindu god so u better do some research before u start spellling out names saying they are weird

  99. Once I heard The Worest One YET its so horible i would die if i got the name its
    whore REALLY
    it was like iunno 2 months ago i was like walking down the park and this teacher was taking role call like something something and then she said is Ima Whore Here? i was like

  100. There were a bunch of unfortunately named kids who I grew up with:

    Uneda Painter
    Dorcas Cott
    Mike Hunt
    Kari Hunt
    The Papendicks

    I also knew a girl whose parents almost named her Laurel Ann Hardy, but she got away with Michelle.

    1. You must be from Eugene, OR. I know Docas Cott. I ended up on this website because she (her name actually) crossed my mind. Good thing she wasn’t ugly.

  101. Jokes aside, I know quite a few horrible baby names such as, Innocent, Excellent, Innocentia, Staff, Army, Beauty and so forth…I feel so sorry for them

  102. This is all so histarical to read! What are these people thinking when naming their children?!

  103. I was on the internet and i went to a website, and there was a baby named Harry Pitts! No lie, i mean c’mon no parent is perfect but it is just cruel to name your baby Harry Pitts.

  104. i have a great great grandpa name Harry bunn and an aunt named Hilda gard Gurtrude and a great great aunt named Alabama delight.

    a girl i went to a camp with a while ago was named Margo and her friend’s name was Jolawndaleehr

  105. Went to high school with twin brothers named Orangejello and Lemonjello. Pronoucned Or-angelo and Le-MON-gelo

  106. I for reals know someone named Fabulous. and i also know these twins that go by the names of Puddin’ and Muffin. There is also a little boy in know named Timothy Tickle. oh man. thats a bad one. oh and i know these people with the last name craps. i think those pretttty much top the rest…..

    1. My friend is a dental hygienist, and one of the doctors she works for on occasion has the unfortunate last name of Krotchtangle. 😮

  107. There is a woman in my home town named “Mary Christmas”

    But I think her and her mother are mentally retarded. (honestly)

  108. I am going to name my children plowtu and franloput. They are cool. I like chese and and butter and and cookies. I like to shave elephants!


  109. I live in Texas. Here’s some names I’ve come across in my years in school:

    Slab Bulkhead, Fridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Butch Deadlift, Bold Bigflank, Splint Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt VanderHuge, Thick McRunfast, Blast Hardcheese, Buff Drinklots, Trunk Slamchest, Fist Rockbone, Stump Beefknob, Smash Lampjaw, Punch Rockgroin (my personal favorite), Buck Plankchest, Stump Chunkman (2nd Fav), Dirk Hardpeck, Rip Steakface, Slate Slabrock, Crud Bonemeal, Rip Slagcheek, Punch Sideiron, Gristle McThornbody, Slake Fistcrunch, Buff Hardback, Bob Johnson (oh wait…), Blast Thickneck, Crunch Buttsteak, Slab Squatthrust, Lump Beefbroth, Touch Ruskrod, Reef Blastbody, Big McLargehuge, Smoke Manmuscle, Eat Punchbeef, Hack Blowfist, Roll Fizzlebeef.


  111. One of my relatives is thinking of naming their son Gunner no offense but it actually sounds like your talking about a gun…. Am I right?
    and the name Okachobi what kind of name is that.
    Ohh and Lilith I kind of liked it at first until I found out what it meant it is the name of a female demon.

  112. no joke…i dont kno the girl..but my mom saw it once in here office…girls first name- Asian Girl there were sum other bad ones but i forget them

  113. A long time ago, my teacher told me about three of her cousins.
    Trashcan (pronounced Trish-awn)
    Abcd (pronounced Abicity)and
    Shithead (pronounced Shith-eed)…

    oh yeah..
    other teacher’s cousin named her son Asbury…his siblings names are Alex and Amanda….

  114. A distant relative named his cute children Tiny, Little, Micro and finally Atom! A couple named Bong and Beng call their kids by their pet names: Macmac, Micmic, Motmot and Maumau!

  115. Those are some funny names. My friend is from Turkey, her name is Demet. “Damn it”! Lol.

  116. at the day care i work for there are mothers who named there children Sabian, Pharaoh,Adora (because she’s just so Adorable!!!) & Madox I feel for these children I really do!

  117. ok my name is Jessica Renee Barnes…it doesnt look 2 bad rite? but u would not BELIEVE how many times ive been called “Barney”!!

  118. i like my cousins name…its just not common..Renza…like short for lorenza…but its just renza. i think its pretty

  119. my aunt teaches a kindergarden in ghetto up state new york, here are some of my favorite names shes told me are in her class: equayseeonaey (equation a), identical twin boys named gerard and gerard, identical twin girls named janice and not janice, shithead (shit-heed), and daend (duh end, the mom had had 9 kids and told me aunt “child after 9 kids that was duh end). omg poor kids!!!! oh and my names mairaed (mer-ade), thats a fun one too!!!!!

  120. There is this girl that my sister went to school with……her name is the worst thing ever……i mean what were her parents thinking…..WINDIO…. do you just hate the sound of that….WINDIO its time for lunch!!!

  121. In high school a girl’s last name was Shishido, and her first name was Erin. Lol. Just her last name alone, people used to say “shi shi doo-doo.” Then, her first name included with her last name its like “Urine shi-shi- doo-doo” lol.

    How about the classic joke name ” MIKE HUNT” just as “my kunt” lol

    But when I have my own children i want to name my daughter “Starla” but my friend said that it sounds stupid… does it?

  122. my mom was going to name me Ima.. my lastname is cook. she was going to name my sister Youra.

    Ima Cook.
    Youra Cook.

    1. I posted this earlier but since your last name is cook I’ll say it again. I’ve heard the last name Pigg with two children named Ima and Hesa. Ima Pigg and Hesa Pigg now THATS horrible.

  123. WTF is wrong with those ppl giving their kids crappy names??? Are they high or what??? Why would they think giving those names are cute?? Or maybe they thought it would be funny to just give a crappy name to their own kid just because they didn’t want him/her. Damn why didn’t you ppl just put ur kid up 4 adoption?!

  124. Oh and one more thing. you ppl kno better than to laff @ ppl’s misfortune.
    Ur sending a whole bunch of dumb-ass names and yet ur saying its cruel. Having a crappy name is cruel. But having others laffing at u Bcuz of ur name is even crueler.

  125. My parents name me Ima and it happens my last name is hooker. My mom worked at hooters cause she thought her last name(hooker)thought it would be funny. shes is a cruel hooker to name me IMA HOOker cause im not. I had a friend in 8th grade called Mary A. Belcher i felt bad for her once she burbed, the teacher even said she lived up to her name as a joke. it wasnt funny though!!!

  126. I have used my middle name for years because I hate my first name so much. I still have to use it on all legal documentation because I’ve never had it legally changed. My first name is Davena (Duh-vee-na). It sucked because I always got to here what an “unusual” name it is. Parents should really think before they name their kids. Think about how that name will affect them (especially going through school). If you want to name your kid something unusual, save it for the middle name.

    My kids are named Eric Nicholas Carroll (his second middle name and my maiden name although it’s never used), Ryan Avery and Sara Elisabeth. I made sure they all had simple, normal names (although maybe a little too 70’s for this day and age).

    As far as the cruelest names I’ve ever heard go, I went to school with a kid named Benjamin Dover (Ben Dover), there was a woman in a town I used to live in whose name was Ima Pigue (I’m a Piggy), and I used to work for an elderly woman named Verbal Belch (although it was kind of her own fault for marrying a guy with the last name Belch). I was also in basic training with a girl named LaVodka. You can guess the kinds of crap she put up with from the drill sergeants with that name.

  127. I went to middle school Whose first name is Imma and his, yes HIS, last name was Hooker.When Subs would call attendance they, and everyone else would laugh when the sub called Imma Hooker.

  128. It’s fun to put these name together but to put a child through an life of being made of by other children is very hateful. Our names can actually be what make or break us. Having a name that stands out the way these names do can be what causes some children to fall into depression and even suicide. Think of the low self esteem that these people have had to experience in their life time just because thier parents had a horrible sense of humor.

  129. i do believe Dirk is the worst name ever.
    most douche baggy/tool-est name, too.

    Dirk – “Oh, hey Chaz, how are you?”
    Chaz – “Pretty good, Dirk. Looking for Mervyn.”

  130. I know a kid named Willow (after the Buffy character) Ripley (yeah, after the Aliens chick, which wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t made the movie where she was half alien monster) If that was my kid I’d have nightmares about teething!

  131. I heard from my father that a relative of mine was supposed to be named Ida Claire…. it sounds like “I declare!”

    I’ve always hated the name Ida… Just don’t even put a Ho name after it either! Lol

  132. to the postee above me, I think Ginger is a really cute name actually. I don’t personally think that it’s too much of a pet name. I think of the spice and Ginger Rogers when I hear the name Ginger. I once knew a little girl named Ginger, too. I think it’s a really nice name with somewhat of a personality attached to it.

  133. I don’t mind “unique” or “uncommon” names, just as long it does not ridicule the named person. Jessica, Ryan, Michelle, Megan, Ashley, April, Erica, Katie, Kimberly, Jennifer, Amy, Aaron, Michael and Matthew are VERY common names to me, I don’t feel as special with my name either since we call each other by our last names like “yo Matt V come here”. I envy the ones who have an awesome name like Jocelyn, Alaina, Morgan, Heidi, Stefan, Rachill, Whitney, Caleigh… etc… There are websites out there with rankings of the most popular names for babies by year. I would say it would be better to look for a name that isn’t number one in popularity so he/she can have a special name that no other 4 or 38 kids have in the school.

    I recall having found out one day in middle school that some flowers and balloons were delivered to me “Ashley Miller” for Valentine’s Day from my parents. I was so excited about it until a secretary lady came in and took them away from my desk all because it wasn’t meant for me out of confusion, it was meant for another Ashley Miller in the school. Imagine how disappointed I was that day.

  134. I went to school with a girl named “Cinder Eller”. Never met her parents, but she was a pretty good student so I assumed ahe was smater than they were!

  135. My mother knew a girl with the last name Feilds and the first name Strawberry… Can someone say BEATLES FAN?

    1. I love that!!! haha the beatles are my favorite band…this nao is makin me think of a beatles related name to name my kids when im older…

  136. In response to someone’s comment.
    I’m not sure you could classify me as a die hard star wars fan. I watch the movie several times each year, and I enjoy reading the books, and playing the video games but you won’t catch me wearing a jedi outfit to a convention or part of a starwars fan club.

    My point is, i’m considering naming my son Anakin. Or maybe Aniken. I like the way it sounds, it’s a strong name and yeah maybe he’ll get poked at in school but it’ll toughen him up.

  137. How about Dirk Bathkey. It was easy to chant his name during sporting events. “dirk” ” dirk” “dirk”

  138. Went to elementary school with a girl named Marijuana Brown. The teachers always wanted to call her “Mary” but no dice!

    Also had a friend in high school whose mother worked in a maternity ward. She spent a very frustrating afternoon trying to convince a new mother not to name her daughter Placenta. No dice there either!

  139. The worst name (UK) I have ever seen written down is Destinee-Aleesha Chantelle-Paige (LASTNAME)
    p.S. ‘Strider’ is a bloke from the band Blazin Squad in the UK.
    Other horrid names I’ve heard
    -Caitlindestinee caitlin destiny 1word

  140. I have 3, when I lived in New Zealand as a teacher, I was told about two Samoan brothers called ………… Benson and Hedges!!!! At the school I taught, there was a student – last name Power, first name Sola. I heard a mother telling another mum that her boys are named Hudson, Jackson and Harrison.

    1. I knew a woman named Bronwin *actually spelled Bronwyn, but pronounced the same* and I think the name was beautiful, just as she was. She married a man named Heath, and as far as I know they are very happy together.

      On a side note, a name might not seem cruel until years later. For example, my parents could not have known that when they named me Monica they would be setting me up for countless Bill Clinton jokes. Even though some are obvious *like Placenta*, it might not be so obvious. Don’t judge someone based on a name, no matter how funny it sounds.

  141. I went to highschool with a girl named…. FANNY MAYE PREACH.[get it?]
    Her parents where Mormon, go figure.

  142. My best friend is named Bronwyn and she loves her name! She says she wouldn’t change her name to anything else. She says it is a real name and it is not insulting like some of the awful names that some of these people are willing to ruin their childs life over.

  143. I like the names Sage, Gage, Jade, Jace, Jacelyn, Kayden, Damen, Lyrik, Skye, Starr, etc. There are so many.

    They aren’t all wierd but I am DEFINETLY using Sage for my first daughter.

  144. Okay, I got a couple, including my last name.

    My last name is Mahbub (yeah, you can hear it already) people pronounce it, My boob or mah boob, CONSTANTLY. I personally find it HILARIOUS.

    My bros name is Ash, short for Ashik.
    Think of his name
    yep. he just goes by Ash now.

    My bro knew a girl named DIKSHITTA
    yes, true story, i knew her brother.

    More names ; Manmeet,

  145. some of these names are just rubbish….lol….ok what about REVID POLLINSINGER

  146. OMG! There are some pretty horrible names on here! Well, I have a few to add to them. I was on babynames.com where you can vote on people’s name lists and some weird lady had the most frightening terribly disgusting names ever! Here’s some of her names: Glacier Mount, Cock Steam, Air Flight, Cab Pass, Crop Field, Crop Field, Breeze Windy. And the sad thing is 8 people voted for Cock Steam!!!! I was thinking…”She’s GOT to be kidding.”

  147. Does anyone like my name, Emma-Kate? I do, but not that many other people do. I get called just Emma sometimes and I don’t like that because Emma is not my name. O well. How about my sister and borther’s names: Marcella, Edwin, and Melvin? Any comments? Please post a reply! Thanks.


  148. Hi, i have 4 children called, CoCo-Charddonnayy (char-don-ay) Aphroditee (my adopted 18 month chinese baby girl) Malikai (boy, mal-ee-kye) and cleo, i love the names: brianna, kye, alfie, rhiley, holly, miko (mee-ko), kayla, scarlet, nevaeh, aviarna,
    i also know the Epworth’s they have children named, parris-hopscotch, luna-bunny, and puppy oh and i forgot to add i abosoltly adore the name shiloh! the worst name is theodopalopadus (theo-dop-a-lop-a-dus)

  149. i grew up with theodopalopadus, oh and her whole name was theodopalopadus carnagarus thornton and my 2nd name is d’caprio

  150. Where I work, there is a guy named:
    First name: Rocky
    Last name: Mount

    Rocky Mount..that’s terrible!

    1. well I grew up whitta dude named Ayeshit Mahnpants…poor little guy…everyone called him I shit Mypants

  151. I was at the playground with my daughter, i was sitting next to a woman and she was packing up 2 leave, so she called her kids….KATPHYSS PHONEY & SHEETAE FRAHME!!!!!I ASKED HER WAT THE HECK DID U JUST SAY LADY!!! the names sound like Katphyss(CAT-PISS) & SH*T-AY)….JUST PLAIN HORRIBLE

  152. what about Usnavy ( US navy or Toprameneesha (Top ramen) or Shi-thead (shithead) i think those are bad names

  153. If I was a boy, my dad would have named me Rupert Augustus.. thank heaven im a girl!
    My brother named his baby boy Maverick Augustus Kenneth (Augustus and Kenneth are his middle names). Everyone calls the poor child “Gus”.

  154. I went to school with a boy called french.
    My sister knows i girl called Iowna Lain ( I own a lane)

  155. When I was growing up..I didn’t hear weird name. When I was a teenager, I knew this 1 girl name Sunshine. Her parents were hippes back then….My fave names are.


    Arwen Eowyn
    Enya Niobe
    Padme Jean
    Marcella Ororo
    Loretta Magdalena
    Querida Ula


    Donald Mark
    Jordan Jonathan
    Joseph Daniel
    Legolas James
    Aragorn Wolverine
    Anakin Obi-Wan

    Yes, I luv Unique names. Coz, All I hear is Sam this or Sam that. These are very unique names. It’s parents choice…..What they want 2 name their baby. It’s my choice, of what 2 name my children in the future. Don’t say, oh their gonna get tease in school. I have a normal name. I still got tease from kids in my school.

  156. The worst name ever will be……..wait 4 it…….Myspace Tom. Can any1 top that?

  157. what do you think of the name sedra? [sounds like the sea and then add dra] it has a french orgin. so be nice!

    1. Sedra is a variation on my cousin’s middle name. Her parents named her Randi Cydra (swapping the I and Y in the two names). I always thought her name was beautiful.

      My parents named me RyAnn Anthon, and I wondered if they wanted a boy. Then my dad told me that if I were a boy I would’ve been Kahleb Aeron (a variation of his favorite author Kahlil Gibron). I hated it until I turned 20. Until then I got upset when people who read fast called me Ryan, and I often gritted my teeth while stating “See this chest!! I’m not a boy, dammit!!”

  158. – blacky adams
    – cocky johnson
    – alleycat whyman
    – sukdeep
    – shorcat
    – jugdish
    – female’ (pronounced fermaalay)
    all people we know ha

  159. My real name is ‘Skylark Florence Bridget Halpin Trew McManus’

    I have a distant relative called Female – pronounced ‘Fem-Alley’ because her illiterate parents saw it on her birth certificate.

  160. *** addition to the above

    I also know a man called ‘Nathanial J. Lovering’ (Lovering being a family name)

    And theres a boy called Jeffery Bobbles BonBon who I met briefly in college.

  161. My mother’s name is Ivah. This of itself is okay, but she’s always had fun pairing her name with last names.

    The one that takes the cake is when she ‘fell in love’ with her gynocologist. His name was Dr. Dick. I told her a relationship was forbidden because my mother was never going to be called Ivah Dick.

  162. yea

    two worst boy name are

    Guy(what were the parents thinking about that…of course it is a guy stupid)

    and Jil

    like come on Jil for a guy name?

    worst ever.

    real life name
    Dick Hickey
    Campbell Soupe(prounced Soup)

    for worst girl name


  163. Besides Charman Toilette, an early favorite of the judges, there was Chastity Beltz, Wrigley Fields, Justin Credible, Tiny Bimbo, and a girl whose father was an auto mechanic but somehow didn’t realize he was effectively giving her the name of a tire: Michele Lynn. There were girls named Chaos and Tutu, and boys named Clever, Cowboy, Crash, Felony, Furious and Zero. There was Unnamed Jones (pronounced you-NAH-med). There was Brook Traut and his daughter, Rainbow. There were more names involving genitalia than the judges cared to count. (Memo to parents: Carefully consider your surname before naming a boy Harry or Richard.)

    The grand prize, a copy of “Bad Baby Names,” by Michael Sherrod and Matthew Rayback, goes to Kate, a Lab reader who nominated a fellow resident of the Cleveland area: Iona Knipl. The judges chose it because, in addition to being an embarrassing pun, it also set up an inevitable reply from people imagining they were being wittily original. I called up Miss Knipl and asked her how many times she had heard someone meet her and reply, “I own two.”

    1. My dad went to high school with two girls with matching names. One was Beryl Sherman and the other was Cheryl Berman. LOL

  164. My name is Melanie and growing up in the early 70’s, there was NEVER another Melanie around. I wanted a ‘normal’ name so bad. Susan, or Patricia, Debbie..anything except what I had. Now I LOVE my name for it’s uniqueness and originality. My initials are MLML, so friends called me Mell-Mell for years.
    What I detest nowadays are misinformed, uneducated, and yes ignorant people who give their children names that “sound cute”. Precious, Pretty, Princess, Imunique (I’m Unique), and anything ending with -tavious,-quez,-juan is an abomination. Nothing to do with the child, it’s the parents I blame. Reminds me of an old PC incorrect joke that says Japanese people throw a quarter in a steel barrel and whatever sounds it makes it what they name their child. “It sounds good” It sounds pretty” What the hell does it MEAN??
    I worked in pediatrics office and this very topic was discussed. Worst name? Mother died during childbirth and the father could NOT be talked out of naming his baby daughter…Vendetta. Sick.

  165. ………..My last name is Seaman. >=[

    My brother’s name is..Richard.

    I have an ex with the last name Bates, and whenever my Aunt sends out Christmas cards she labels them, “Ms. Mrs. Mr. or Master”….Master Bates.

  166. I just recently met these twins at the skate park who are freshmen in high school. Thier names are Forest and Timber.

    How did they make it through middle school?

    1. my friends aunty had identical twin girls and they couldnt decide wot to call them but had to register them so named them girl one and girl two!! thats awful

  167. I was just talking with my friends mom and she has this girl in her class named Xocizal. And it’s prononced like ‘social’
    I am sorry but what the hell were her parents on?

  168. I kno a man named david davis. I also kno a woman named…r u prepared?…ADA PERSON!!! now tel me if her parents aint messed up or wat.

  169. if you think thats bad wat about a son named rider now thats just dumb are they drunk you dont name someone rider……

  170. I know a family who have named their children (in order)
    Fresh (boy)
    Cool (boy) – coolie for ‘short’
    Fly (girl) – flygirl for ‘short’
    Crash (boy)

    Their explanation is that when their kids become famous eg. rappers, they don’t have to change their names because they already have cool names.

    They are expecting another baby… place your bets on what it’s going to be named… I’ll keep you posted – only a few months to go!

  171. wow i think the worst name in HISTory im not joking i seriously think this is the worst name ever you will prolbably think that it is so bad to i mean it ONCE AGAIN THE WORST WORST WROST NAME IN THE HISTORY OF CAVMEN AND DINOSOARS OK HERE IT GOES HER NAME WAS…


  172. I knew a girl in high school who had the worst last name ever. I don’t remember her first name, it was normal, but her last name was “Whitehead”! I felt so sorry for her!

  173. #261 geri
    I really want to know what the next baby’s name is. Their chose of names is very strange. When is “Pop” born?


  175. How about Mr. Richard Wacker…..I went to school with his children. He asked his employees to call him Dick Wacker. Or another one…a last name. Someone left a purse at my register. I was supposed to anounce the name over the loud speaker…it was spelled Buttfucher. I can’t remember what we did, but I know I refused to anounce it.

  176. I knew this boy called River, his sister was called Ocean and his older brother was called Sea. Not particularly bad names, but haha.

  177. omg! there is this girl in high school and her name is octavia who-ha!! how sad is that! and brother’s name is eliot who-ha.Everyone calls Eliot “Eliot who-ha that has no who-ha!! its sick but great!! lol

  178. I know a family that have:
    Spartagus Love – boy (yes, Spartagus with a g),
    Fisher Heart – girl,
    and Sheriff Good – boy (I think…they also were considering Fonzi Good).

  179. I know a kid named lava heaven. Whoa irony, lava: hell and heaven: um… clouds?
    And I found this name, i couldn’t remember, IT WaSN’t A NAME! iT WAS A SENTENCE, but i forgot the full name coz it was too long, but it began with: If thou art JEsus…..
    Last one! i also found a baby named Urhines (Your anus, urines, your highness) Kendall Special K

  180. oh! I found it, it was: if- Jesus- had- not- died- for- thee- thou- hadst- been- damned

    Any room for last name?

    And I found: Acne Fountain

  181. I went to elementary school with a boy named Omnibus. It didn’t help that he wore THICK, THICK glasses and hearing aids in both ears. Why did his mother name him Omnibus?

  182. My brother’s name is Chason Cox. He got a lot of greif in highschool obviously…really sad. I ask my mom all the time why she did that to him…

  183. one of the ugliest names i have ever heard for a baby girl is “Daneyshaliz” on top of the fact that it kind of sounds like dalmation to me, it has 11 letter!!!! good luck in kindergarten with that one!

  184. how about herbert, milfred, minerva, fillbert, eunice, mildred, humphrey, and farack(no joke….
    i’ve heard the nome farack before!!). I think fillbert and eunice take the lead tho…

  185. This guy in some ancient civilization was named ybbobsigr so we thought that our fried should name his kid that. How do u like Ybobbsigr Stamey

  186. If i was called Om Sebastian Christian Kingsly Mortimer-Hodge, and was half black. I wouldnt know what to do with myself.

  187. My mum makes me go to bed at 10pm, and if i dont she will molest me.

    other than that i like to rub om’s cock

  188. Yes it is true, i like homo erotics. And Sam is my bumchum. We love eachother AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

  189. Yes it is true, i like homo erotics. And Sam is my bumchum. We love eachother AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

  190. hey i heard of a couple in austrailla who had the balls to name thier DANGHTER satan YEAH THATS RITE weirdos

  191. also my friend was having a baby and she was gonnah name it hoofie or poofy but she got an abortion =)

  192. On the radio this morning a woman was interviewed who named her child “La-a” (pronounced La-dash-a.) She said, and I quote: “the dash not be silent.”

  193. I went to high school with a guy whose last name was “Wigglesworth.” During that 4 year period he was asked no fewer than 200,000 times if he “got his wiggle’s worth.”

  194. what about fuddrucker take away the 2 d’s and the r and slide the rest of the letters over. check out what i says. if ya still don’t know it spells fucker

  195. I heard the other day a mother say to her daughter, “Lesbia, you’re not getting an icecream now. The girl was about 8. Theat mom has set her daughter up for a life of endless teasing. Shame on her.

  196. I read a book who’s heroines were called Cinnamon, Ice, Rose (not so unusual anymore) and Honey. I know it was a book, so it doesn’t really count though. I think it was a VC Andrews one.

  197. My full name is Hara(pronounced hair-uh) Lee but i kinda mixed it together to make Harlee cuz Hara is a horrible name in my opinion. But i do know this one girl named Urkute(pronounced Your-cute)… so its not as bad as that at least i can change my name to harlee which I love but I mean Urkute! Her parents r weirdos 2…. so that explains her weird name.. and shes a freak and she loves her name:/

  198. I knew this little girl named Una, you-nuh, Smulsh. She has only 4 fingers on 1 hand and had autism. Poor poor poor little girl.

  199. The worst names are ones named after qualities, Hope, Charity, Destiny, Faith. Guy, Hugo, and Bruno all remind me of brutish jerks, you know the macho asshole type. Most ghetto names are very tacky, you know the sort, Lafonda, Lasheniqua, tacky shit with the stupid aspirations of sounding noble.

  200. People of the world…
    I am planning to call my baby girl….
    wait for it….

    Luna Veethellanie

    I would also the baby boy’s name…

    John Vanhellsing

    Your responses are very important!!!

    1. i own a horse named luna because her eyes are blue like the moon <–(luna) and she has spots like craters but,I dont know if its a good name for a baby =( try samantha, kaitlyn, sasha , i think those are cute

  201. I am pregnant with my 5th child.! omg. my other 4 children are all girls, and this time im having a boy, but i cant think of any nice boy names! my other girls names are:

    Roxy, Summer, Millie and Mika.

    I was thinking about Luca for a boy. What dya think?

  202. try drake, max, stephen… sorry im not good with names but my brother went to school with two kids, one named mr., and one named sister. Their last name is smith.

  203. imagine if u were called richard trickle(dick trickle for short) ben dover, phil Mcraken, anita wank or worst of all mike hunt(pronounced mi kunt)

  204. My brother’s girlfriend’s family’s last name is gill. Her father’s name is Colomus and the Mothet’s name is (Fishiella Gill) That is the worst name ever. No word of a lie. What kind of parents wolud be cruel enough to name their daughter Fish Gill.

    1. If the mom’s name is Fihiella Gill, she wasn’t born with the surname of Gill. When she married Colomus she took his last name. Perhaps she should go by Ella.

  205. well theres some freaky family who live close to me and one of there kids is called baby jim but his cousen is called jonathan ross (thats his first name only)
    now that must be the most messed up name ever

  206. I knew a girl who’s name was nokadoora asquikassposibel ( Knock-a-door) (as-quick-as-possible) U get it its soooo funny isnt it
    and a guy called Lootan Fluffleberry haha I personaly think that Philppa rockz!! p.s call her phili or ruby works quite a treat ;]

    1. yes I totullay agree I am frum Germany, I have haerd thoose names before they ar vry commun in my town no disrespect please!
      yours .. Adeltbert Hitzelburger

  207. I knew a girl named Autumn Pumpkin Farmer.

    Also, at work I was ring up a customer….. her name was too funny! I had to look at her card twice….. Norma P. Eenis 🙂

  208. worst names in the town i live in: norris mcmorris (he owns his own hardwood flooring business), sherry and ginger graham-the daughters of the richest business man in town, copper penny-a known felon, in a neighboring town there is richard booze-a local politician (aka dick booze, aka peter juice), synamon (pronounced cinnamon) and her daughter pepsione (pronounce pepsa one like thats any better) the list goes on

  209. I saw some girl on Myspace that named her girl “Seantay Alexia”. So trashy.

    I hate every name that ends in “ayden”. Brayden, Jayden, Hayden, Kayden. So unoriginal and ugly.

  210. my cousin named his daughter memoria, I personally hate it, it sounds really dumb! he also has a son named elrik.
    just my opinion but i’ve got a feeling they’re gonna hate their parents when they get older!

  211. ive heard
    Emery (girl)
    Jave (boy)
    vallen (boy)
    sever (girl)
    and i think pearl is kinda odd

    1. My name probably isn’t that bad but Rosalee Carol Kathleen Hardin, Rose Hardin for short.

      OH and I love the name Vallen… good name ^^ *thinks of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sorry yes… I know Im a dork… I get that a lot ^^

  212. My dads name is Richard (Dick)Hunter….ithinkit takes the cake!!!!

    And one of my friends names is Cayne (pronounced cane) and her mums name is Candy!

  213. My uncle’s name was Dick Cockburn. My buddy worked with Louise Pusey and his son Dick Pusey.
    A girl I went to high school with named her daughter Chardonnay because that was what she was drunk on when she conceived! Classy….so classy!

  214. my mum was gna kl me augustus if i was a boy – thnk god for my gender!!!!!!!! my bruv was born on saint augustus’ day – fortunately 4 him he is calld aiden

  215. did any1 here bout tht girl called talula does the hula from hawaii no jke!!! she made her friends call her k ther was a court case + her name was legally changed i feel so sorry 4 her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. just read my name lol
    We have a new pastor in our church and his last name is Gaylord, so we acll him Father Gaylord.

    There was a cardinal in Philippines that passed away some time ago, nd his last name was Sin, so they called him Cardinal Sin.

  217. I grew up with a couple kids, they were twins. One was named Damentaj and the other Suketaj. You pronounced it “DOM-TOSH” and “SOOK-TOSH”. Some people said “suck-tosh”. For a small town, the names were funny but I don’t remember anyone really caring too much or making fun of them. One day their dad tried to kidnap them though I think and bring them back to India.

  218. I was reading a book the other day on the worst names in history. All of the names in the book were real people who lived 75 years ago or more, so they are long gone by now. I came across a few horrible ones like Hugh Jass and Ima Hore, but the worst(in my oppinion) is Spider Harness. There was also this guy named Spiderman!

  219. My cousins teachers first name was “Z” and her middle name was “Go” (I seen here drivers license) and her brothers first name was “X” and middle name “Dot”.

  220. Do you think Ashley-Marie is a pretty name?Just wondering,because lot’s of people think Marie is my middle name.Well,I took my mom’s last name for a middle name.So..I have a complex name.

  221. My friend want to name her son Gabriel Armani…
    I want to kick her… Also My sister name her three sons Zamorr Raquan Z’arik Rashaad And Zaheim Ramaad… But her name is Chazlina Marsharette so i guess she just had to pass it on… And if that wasn’t enough my cousin named her Daughter Asia and her son Jayden Real… What am i ding in this family? My name is unusual too but not in a bad way

  222. Well I know a baby called Norma Leah Mann(Normally a man) worst thing is it’s a girl. No joke. Nobody told the guy who’s baby it was because they thought it was hilarious.Poor little thing. 🙂

  223. My friend wants to name her child Rudolphous Green .. and 3 other wierd names too .. but I can’t remember! I shall have to come back here to write them when I remember! 😀 Poor Rudolphous Green will be bullied in school, probably.
    My name’s Llinos. It’s Welsh and means Linnet in English. Linnet is an ugly name I think, its a type of bird. The Welsh version is better.
    I would call my kids:
    Girls: Elain, Cadi, Lois, Mared.
    Boys: Aled, Gwion, Dafydd, Llion.

  224. I know a girl called Hero Bagpussy. I talked over the phone with a girl called Shmelley Genitileya. I had to take her details cause I work for a bank, thats how I know how to spell it. My friend’s Mom is called Stel Karr. (like stalker..) Ooooh I feel so sorry for them! :L

  225. i knew a girl whose first name was Candy and last name Apple. And one of my brother’s friends (girl) is named “Cree”. Horrible. Sounds like a dog’s name.

  226. I went to school with a girl named Chastity.. bad but her brother names are Chain,Lynk and Phence there last name was pronounced Lock but forget how they actually spelt it.

  227. My brother named his son Blaze Armstrong (first, middle). I told him not to inflict his non-conformist attitude on his child. One day that child will be picked on or be miserable because of that name. As a parent, I cringe thinking that something I did would inflict that kind of torment on my child. I guess some people just don’t care about anyone but themsleves.

  228. I had a substitute teacher named Mrs. Bladder once.
    also, my friend new this person whose daughter was called Niles. that’s bad enough already, but it was pronounced “Ni-lehs”.

  229. Nothing beats some of my mums clients at the doctors office…..Rosey Knipl and Bazurka Gloishnig.

  230. I worked in the office of a manufacturing plant and a guy there was named Phat Quatch, and a resume came in with the name Johnson Wang.
    names on Maury- Repellus and the most horrific Genitoris(genitals and clitoris) how uneducated and cruel

  231. I used to work in a pharmacy, and I saw the worst name ever, and I am being completely serious…


    Case closed. Worst. Name. Ever.

  232. in my school theirs unidential twins called
    Boy: Hondru-Kathy
    Girl: Precious-Eloui (el-oo-ee)

    They are both fair skinned and dark haired. they are from an all english family.

  233. My name is the worst.
    My name is Scar.
    My last name is Litt.
    my parents obviously thought everyone would call me by my first and last name, making the name scarlit.But my teachers call me scar, because they dont get it and most of my friends call me scar, or for some reason, lion (i dont get it either)

  234. I asked my mum what she was going to call me if i was a boy and other girl names she thought of.

    These were the worst girl names:

    Bambi :S
    and Maea (maya)

    The worst out of the three boys names:

    (the other two where Chaine (shane) and mahcus (mahh-cuss (like cous-cous))

  235. My boyfriend wanted to give our son middle name Firebird after the car but I got him change it to Knight after Knight rider but his first is not michel (thank god!).

  236. I work for an agency where I come across all kinds of names. We deal with thousands and thousands of people every year. The worst names Ive come across so far are: DrPepper, Sprite and there was another soda name but I dont remember the 3rd all siblings. This is for real. Also, Precious Leopard an eighty something year old caucasian woman.

  237. i heard a story of this one family that was obsessed with hitler, they named their children hitler and aryan!!!! thats rediculous!

  238. My friend told me about a movie star in the 1920’s that named her baby boy Bloody Mack, but that might be a lie…
    I’ve heard these names as well,
    A teenage girl named Yoda (“Star Wars”)
    A baby boy named Fonzie (from “Happy Days”, I guess)
    A baby boy named Buttocks (that’s a killer!!!)

  239. Oh, and I almost forgot! There’s this guy in my class, and his Grandpa’s name is Harry Astley!
    So, I think we can all guess his nickname from his school days…
    Hairy Ass…jeez, who would be that stupid!!!

  240. I went to school with a kid named Dalton Dicks and he was really small so he was called Little Dick. In the same class there was a kid whose last name was Dickey and another whose name was Chiriko (Shir-ee-co). In my opinion, those last names suck. I’ve never met anyone with a really weird name like Zattadaohooz Moyha, though.

  241. Oh yeah, and whenever I hear the name Leslie, I think lesbian. No offense to Leslie, though

  242. I met this girl this morning who is 14 and gave birth and she didn’t want her kid, so she named it Ima Ass! Pretty stupid name for a baby girl right? Well, the baby was a boy…

  243. We went to school with a boy clinton cunts,but i cant laugh because my name is Bertha Mc arse.

  244. my name is conner thats pretty normal right? wrong! I’m a girl! it gets really confusing in skool cuz there are a lot of guy conners

  245. at Disney Land I saw this one guy who was part of the staff and his name tag said “Phuc” wOw

  246. Ma nme is ShReDdEr i lyke ma nme init coz i iz nmed after ma fams dead pet. somtmes i get called chedda at skool init coz de say ma foot smells ova dan dat is a wicked name. Nah most of ma mates call me Shreds wich is kl. Ma name is de bst sfe. I fink all ur names is baare shit, get me?

  247. my poor nephew is named maliki damien and he is a little white boy not going to go well in school i fear

  248. I worked with a kid named Passion and my nieces went to day care with a SinSation

  249. Even a common name can be torturous if used inappropriately. I once knew a man who went by his initials “M.J.” His real name: Mary Jane. No bull.

    He was the last of seven kids, all boys, and his mother was determined to name at least one child after her own mother. Sad.

  250. When i was a kid i went to camp one summer and i remember one of the counselors names was Tingle. I guess its not the worst name ever but its still not something someone should name their daughter ya know

  251. I got one for yall my uncle went to school with a girl named Cigarette and i almost died laughing

  252. my mate just had a baby boy and her boyfriend wants to name him errol, eric, harold, henry or victor. thats just cruel!! oh he also likes Kit which aint too bad lol

    1. Me and your mate have the same taste…my sons are named Victor and Henry. Henry wasn’t my first choice..I liked the name Kit but hubby didn’t.

      BTW Victor is an awesome name…traditional and nobody else has it. And it sounds really cute when little kids say it (he’s 2).

  253. my grandmother and her siblings
    zenaida (girl)
    zerraida (girl)
    zorihaida (girl)
    luzvimindo (boy)

    1. oh well u no whats really sad is in my school is that there was a kid named canadian idioms lol they made fun of him alot and then there was a girl named lettuse cuppertonn yeah weird huh?

  254. What is possibly almost as bad as terrible made up name or un-namely word is spelling a name like Michelle – Mishel

  255. so many liars on here!!! How can everyone know a Female and an Orangello and Lemonjello…oh wait, let me guess, everyone knows a freakin Le-a too…idiots

    I won’t even comment on some of the other ones

    I do believe some of these are real, but i think alot of people who posted are full of S H I T

    By the way, my name is Female Orangejello Le-a Buttmeat!!!

    1. I don’t know about female, but when I worked with an agency that had records of lot of inner city kids, there were dozens of girls in their database named “Meconium”. That’s the first bowel movement a baby ever passes after (sometimes even before) birth. But lots of uneducated women must hear that in the delivery room and think it’s pretty. :s I can’t imagine.

  256. My cousin worked on a maternity ward… worst one she came across was “Clamadia” pro “Clam-a-DEE-ah”

  257. my name is wiliam (with 1 L) my name is wiliam because its the welsh version of william but when you pronounce my name it sonds like Willy Yam but people just call me wil!

  258. To those who know of him its not so odd, But a musician by the name of Frank Zappa had a son named Dweezle, now a prominant musician in his own right, and a daughter, wait for it…… Moon-unit. I also know of a woman given the name Poly-Esther Cotton

  259. The best one is Gary Neville, whose dad is called…………wait for it………Neville Neville. Pure genius.

  260. Here are my favorite choices for newborn’s names:

    1. underwear
    2. trip;`grz!
    3. _____aa
    4. black

    My absolute favorite would be: zic2%massy

  261. My name is Eleanor MacKenzie. Not too weird right? Little old for me (I’m 21). But I never had anyone figure out the reason behind my name until I took the SAT my junior year of high school. The proctor looked at my name and asked if I was named after the Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby” because in that song is Father MacKenzie. He was right!

  262. theree aree somee peoplee whoo havee twins and called them::
    fish and chips,,
    or lambert and butler!!

    sick or what

  263. i know about a girl called egypt and a boy called ocean, i thought at first, are their parents hippies?

  264. I actually knew a couple who named their (red haired very pale freckled) baby Tupac Shakur McDaniels (I think- it was something Mc, I remember it being very Irish). Shame is, they misspelled Tupac. Topac is what the kid got. Seriously.

  265. my best friend told me that her mums best friend in primary school was stanka

    boris is just mean
    worst surname is probably downer. ouch.
    i knew a kid called achoo
    he got angry every time someone sneezed haha

    my mum wanted to call me ruby-christie
    instead my middle name is christabel =/
    or virginia, ginny for short

    if you have any of these names, owned. i feel extremely sorry for you.

  266. well my name is Kacey, pronounsed Kc. btw in female so the name kinda freaks me out. anyway you know the new twins named Trishna and Crishna i thnk those names are to worse i mean for nick names it would be trish and chrish!

  267. okayy. i was at the mall and this veryy bigg lady with dred locks had two little boys andd there names were Epic andd Cipe. andd two little girls names Haven and Nevah. she reversed each of thier names… i personally loveee the name Haven. && Epic sounds pretty cool maybe for a dog not my kiddd! hahah.

  268. Honestly, Dicksworth would be such a normal name back in the day. Everyone only thinks names are bad or stupid now since the world has made it seem like that.

    There are no stupid names. Nobody cares if you like them or not. The parents named their child what they wanted, and they could always get a cool nickname. Plus, I know the 13 year olds of this generation actually think some names are extremely cool, like Fadi. I heard them say it was such an awesome name. That’s what you call a smart and respectful generation.

  269. well my mther has known Cinnamon Buns

    I have known

    A boy named Nevaeh
    A girly named Cappy Cain
    and a girl named Jadelyn Skye
    a girl named Dickota Jayde

  270. Well i know someone that named their baby boy “crater fisted apesack” i kinda like it.. i might name my child that those crafty basterds..

  271. Well i know someone that named their baby boy “crater fisted apesack” i kinda like it.. i might name my child that those crafty basterds.. … .. .

  272. Alright, I have a TERRIBLE name. And I’m not talking about oh-my-name-is-Ester-or-Gertrude terrible. I mean, it’s bad.

    First of all, try being a girl named Dexter. That in itself sucks. Second of all, I have two awful middle names that I can’t even rely on IF I wanted a decent nickname. They’re not even real names in a baby book.

    My full name is…

    Dexter Starship Ladybird Stewart

    I got my name legally changed to Dex Stewart (not like “Dex” is better, but that was the best I could come up with as a tortured and teased 6-year-old) when I turned 18 and my parents were angry, but I told them that I don’t care, seeing as how they made my life miserable by naming me Dexter Starship Ladybird in the first place. They had some balls to name me that.

    1. I get why you wouldn’t want to be called Starship but Ladybird Johnson was a strong, amazing women and you should be proud to share her name. Dexter is a cool name for a girl. Strong and unusual. It’s to bad you couldn’t live up to it. Dex is a cool nickname though.

      1. I wish I could live up to it, too. I’m way too plain to be a Dexter. I just looked up Ladybird Johnson. I changed my mind completely about that name. I kinda like it now.

  273. The absolute WORST one I’ve ever heard of was from my mom. She was a kindergarten teacher many years ago and she HAD to inquire with the parents of a student on how that student got her name….. the mother said her daughter was named after her mother and her best friend who had passed on, which is a wonderful gesture!!! But the mother mixed the two names…… the deceased friend’s name was Valerie and the grandma’s was Regina (Reh-gee-nah)……. no freakin lie…… the poor little girl’s name was Vagina (pronounced Vah-gee-na)…… I don’t how someone could do that to their child….. or maybe how someone could be so dense when naming their child…. I mean it’s WONDERFUL what the mom was trying to do sentimentally….. but good lord! :/

  274. My dad knew a guy (white) who was named Veri Black and he and my mom purchased their first home from a man named Ever Pleasant Storm. You also have to watch out for how the initials come together too. My father’s were H.A.D. Mine are L.S.D. and my grandkids are Z.I.P. and V.I.P.

    1. I agree. we really need to watch out for the initials that come together. My initials are V.A.T. (which is also value added taxes) and now my friends call me that. It’s embarrassing and horrible! I also know a 2 guys in my school with the initials D.I.C.K. and W.T.F. Weird…

  275. I heard of a little girl named Ultra. Can you imagine what high school is going to like for her? Poor child. I named my son Riley Fergus Williamson. I wanted to name him Elvis but his dad wouldn’t let me. But now I love his name. It’s original without being too weird or easily made fun of.

  276. Originality is a poor excuse for giving a child a trailer trash, bogan name that they have to live with for the rest of their sad and sorry life.

  277. Fenix = Phoenix with an “F”
    Isn’t Phoenix unique enough?

    And how about three brothers…
    oldest – Parish
    middle – Younger
    youngest – Brother
    I think these were their middle names but this is what they were called. To my recollection the boys liked their names.

  278. My name is Maedyn (maiden) and I always hated it growing up bc people would pronounce it incorrectly or make funny faces when they were trying to read it, but now I love it. My sister’s name is Mandy and every other person she meets has her name. I have never met another person named Maedyn.

  279. Ok the worst name I think I have ever heard anyone call their child is Lude. Yes he real name was Qualude but they called him Lude for his nickname.

  280. so, my first name isnt bad, its chelsea.
    but.. my last name is rood (rude). yeah, ive got teased throughout my teen years.

  281. i work in family court and see all sorts of strange names. how about this…
    Khan Ramdeholl (can ram the hole?)
    La-a (ladasha)
    Vagina (said Vageena)
    several women named Lesba
    Divine Joy Perry (not bad but its a BOY)
    and five siblings named Courvosier, Hennessy, Alize, Cristal, Champagne

  282. I had an English teacher who’s wife was preggers with twins and while they were out at dinner one night with a group of people including my parents, they were talking about potential names for the twins. She had a friend (I swear to God I’m not making this up) who told her that she had named her newborn Orangejello (pronounced or on juh lo), and she thought that was just the coolest. She was talking about how she wanted to name the twins Orangejello and Lemonjello (luh mon juh lo). My teacher apparently was humane enough to step in and say “No way. That’s stupid.” She eventually went with Jaden and Aiden (fraternal twins-boy and girl). God, Orangejello and Lemonjello though. You’d seriously have to be on drugs to name your kid Orangejello like her friend did.

  283. I also heard about a guy who got busted for marijuana posession, and the prosecuting attorney in the case was Mary Jane Cannabis.

  284. I know some guys that are brothers and their names are Sundance and JesseJames, like the cowboys.

  285. I always wanted my name to be something that many other girls in my school were named…..Jennifer. Now that I am an adult I see how unique and beautiful my name is, I’m also 3rd generation for this name….by the way my name is Paz…meaning “Peace” in Spanish.

    Have a great day all!

  286. To JP/Brad – that Lemonjello Oranjello story is total BS. I head that one 10 years ago. Right up there with Female pronounced Fe-mah-lea.

    If people want to be unique they should name their kids old school names John, Bobby or Susie. There is 1 Bobby at my sons school and zero Johns or Susies. But there are 3 Jaydens, a couple Conners etc.

  287. As a nurse involved with pregnant/new mothers, I hear ALOT of names that are just off the wall like Demerol, Haldol, etc.
    WORSE one, and all of this is VERY TRUE UNFORTUNATELY was this woman who named her daughter a name pronouned SHA TEED, then spelled it SHI’ THEAD! We tried and tried to help her understand what she was doing, but to no avail, I spell shake my head and sigh when I think of BAD names!

  288. I had a couple “different” names picked out for my son when I was pregnant (ie: Sinjin, Keidis, etc). But I’m glad I went with the name that I did. And more importantly, now that my son is 17yrs old, he likes his name because it’s different. His name is Justus.

  289. My boyfriend works at a childrens hospital, and sees many, many terrible names on a daily basis. The worst, by far, is Demon Night Thrasher. Oh, and before my brother and his wife found out the sex of their child, they chose Elvis for a girl. Turns out they’re having a boy, and naming him Oliver.

  290. my moms name is Oleta she hated it til she was in her 40s finally accepted it and oddly doing her best to encourage me to name my name my baby that if its a girl

  291. I saw someone say up there that a celevrity named there kid “Apple” well at least Brad Pitt didn’t name his kid Apple, can you imagine growing up with the name Apple Pitt

  292. I thought the name Pungui was original and not bad. It comes from the spanish word for flea because the baby was born premature and small. That and the fact that she was annoyingly loved so much. The family spells it Punguy but I prefer I instead of Y at the end. I did a search on it and found out Pungui is an actual place.

  293. My sister name is Clytemnestra(sounds like: Clat-tim-nest-stra) my other sisters name is Mercedes and Hazel and my brothers name is Cecil and Trent.

  294. singer bob geldofs daughters names are:fifi trixibelle..pixie and peaches honeyblossom michelle charlotte angel vanessa (that third one is all one name)

    then frank zappa has moon unit and dweezle

  295. oh and here’s a couple more,Jermaine Jacksons son is Jer magesty and country singer Brad Paisley named his boys William Hucleberry and Jasper Warren…oh and I hate my name Lavonna

  296. I’m expecting twins – one boy, one girl.

    And I want to know what you think of the names:

    Jacob & Elle

    Their full names would be:

    Jacob Cole Roberts
    Elle Sarah Roberts

    They’re not particularly out-there sort of names, but I don’t want my children to have a rough life.

    Tell me what you think. I’m very excited 🙂

    1. Elle is a beautiful name and I was considering that for a middle name if I had a girl but I had a boy instead. I love Jacob, its classic.

  297. It’s been a while since the name Adolf was used to name a kid..lol Anyone know of a Adolf?

  298. I work for a holliday company and the worst names I’ve ever heard are Anooshka (girl), Deisel (boy) and a girl called Disney. When I worked in the Santa’s grotto a woman brought a 9 month old girl in called Pebbles with her 2 older brothers Ocean and Mac. I went to high school with a boy named Steven Ramsbottom everyone just called him rams arse!

  299. Oh and I forgot to add that one of the girls in our housekeeping office is having a baby girl and wants to call her River when her husband to be last name is bridges!

  300. Ok so I’m telling the truth here my so many great up there cousins was Jesse James the outlaw through marraige. His wife my actual cousin had a horible name. Zerelda. uggg poor girl. She was actually jesses first cousin she was named after his mom. My names not so bad but both my husband and i have horrible initials. Mines B.S. His is STD.

  301. My brother-in-laws nephew’s name is Stantistino Keplio and I have a friend with five daughters named Gertrude, Attrachta, Bertha, Eusebia and Richtrude! All very holy names! Gertrude is 13 years old and recently took Eutropia as her Confirmation name!!! 🙂

  302. My name is Una-Ella but that is so hard to say so I am called Unella! I hate my name when I was small I was friends with a girl called Heidi Matilda I used to wish I had it but now I know it is stupid! My niece has decided to call her children Leilani Lluvia,
    Hayden Sabio, Alannah Justicia and Lane Bonheur! I think they’re ok but I am so glad I talked her out of Smikel Douglas! I have 4 kids Carolynn Stefanie, Joshua Simon, Abigail Olivia and Henry Maxwell!

  303. Brad and Angelina’s daughter Shiloh Pitt has a very bad name if you are into spoonerisms (Pilo Sh_t, which would translate to Pile of S***.

  304. – Ima Whore
    – Harry Peach
    – Justin Butts
    – Anita Bra

    These are all real! No kidding Ima W**** is someone in this school. Harry Peach is a doctor. Justin Butts is famous. Anita Bra ive heard of but I don’t know who she is. Oh and here’s a bonus:

    – Hugh Janis (the brother of a famous actress in England)

  305. This is a re-write of: Andrew February 17, 2010 7:49 pm:

    This may not be real, but Hugh Jass.

    Case in Point: Never Name Your Child Hugh!!!

  306. Don’t worry. I’ve got a bunch:

    Harry Pitts (Hairy Pits)
    Hugh Janis (Huge An**)
    Ben Dover (Bend Over)
    Mike Hunt (My C***)
    Al Coholic (Alchoholic)
    Hugh Jass (You probably know this one)
    Shiloh Pitt (Switch Sh and P)
    Ima Whore (I’m a Wh***)
    Anita Bra (I Need a Bra)

    Oh, and here’s the shocking part. Every one of them except for Hugh Jass is REAL!

  307. Where I work I have to take IDs so I see a lot of strange names, “Baby Girl” may have taken the cake.

  308. All used with the name Hugh.

    – Hugh Janus
    – Hugh Jass
    – Hugh G. Rection

    Case in Point: Never Name Your Child Hugh!! If you still want to name you child Hugh after reading this, say your child’s name 10 times fast.

  309. – Hugh Jass (Huge *ss)
    – Hugh Janus (Huge an**)
    – P. Niss (P*nis)
    – Hugh G. Rection (Huge erection)
    – Mike Hunt (My c*nt)
    – Mike Hawk (My c*ck)
    – Alex Blaine (I’ll explain)
    – Ima Whore (I’m a whore)
    – Anita Bra (I need a bra)
    – Amanda Huginkiss (A man to hug and kiss)
    – Moore Kisaday (More kiss-a-day)
    – Harry Bauze (Hairy balls)

  310. In New Zealand (my home land) people tend to be quite brain dead when naming their children


    “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii” Yes that was this poor little girl’s first name, THE WHOLE THING

    “Number 16 Bus Shelter” Enough said

  311. I met a family who addopted 2 little girls, 1 from China they named Asia, the other from Ireland, and named her Ireland.

    Its mostly annoying when they misspell a name so that its “unique”. It just makes the parents look stoned when they named their kids.

    If I have kids I’m going for a normal name cause at that point it will be the most outstanding and different name in the whole freaking school system.

  312. I see a lot of strange names where I work, but the worst one I ever saw was Amanda Raper. I only hope she married into that name and didn’t grow up with it.

  313. I used to work in a call center. I received a call from a customer with the first name of “La-uh”

    Try to figure that one out…. I pronounced it the way it’s spelled…she was quick to correct me by saying “It’s (La dash uh)…The Dash isn’t silent”


  314. What about Diaria (pronounced Diarrhea). Really, she’s lucky she made it out of 1st grade.

  315. There is an American gymnast called George P. Nissen. Might sound innocent, but repeat the P and Nissen.

  316. I agree Stryder is pretty bad, but come on. You guys are probably naming your children Bob, Jack, Max, etc. Where’s the originality?

  317. My name is Dakota and im a girl i have always hated my name yet when i get older i want to name my DAUGHTER Grayson Onaliese and do y’all think Jaylan Brennan is a BAD NAME I ASK BECAUSE I have a huge crush on a boy named that

  318. I just had my second boy and I called him Munir- it means bright light and I liked it since I heard it after my first boy Azzam was born. My husband is arabic and wants to name our second Hassan which is really popular, instead of Munir because it rhymes with Azzam what do you all think??

    1. Give the baby his own name. I love Munir. It sounds really nice to my Canadian ear. I think having brothers with rhyming names lumps them together as a single entity. Some people will always get their names & faces mixed up. By sharing a variation on a name, their end up sharing space within society. Their own distinct personality becomes compromised by confusion ensued by similar names. I knew of a ne’er do well brother, who was able to steal & cash his brother’s govt of Canada issued unemployment check, simply because his initials were the same as his unfortunate brother’s.

  319. I know people named Malin,mulan(a boy), and Talma…..very odd. I would name my children normally. My friend wanted to name her son Rocko but now it is William( thank god)

  320. my aunts friend named her kids bentley (boy), mercedes (girl), and nissan (girl)! oh, and peeps called ruby, sapphire, jade, opal, emerald!
    the worst 1 is gaylan stukreid!

  321. I hate my name. Pronounced -Jay-Lyn-
    Great Names-


    1. Your name sounds nice, but is nicer spelled with 2 y’s, as you did when indicating pronunciation.

  322. I have a Japanese friend who knows a guy named Iwana Faku. It’s pronounced E-e-wana, but it still sounds funny.

    He showed me on this Japanese facebook/myspace site. I told him to tell his buddy never to learn English.

  323. I’ll always remember when my best friend told me that she was going to call her baby Hermoine (form Harry Potter that is) I laughed my ass off. Untill she told me that she was being serious.

    Thanks to me her daughter is now named Jasmine (after me ^^) and her second name is Hermoine. She already hates her second name and is very glad with the name Jasmine xD

  324. me and my boyfriend r huge beatles fans…i wanna name one of our kids (when were older) something beatles realted…i cant name a girl/guy ringo for then the humilation of being called “Ringo Binko” would be wayyyyyyyyyyy weird…maybe the name haha

  325. theres a girl who goes to my school names Tempest Paige Yorio (she goes by tempest paige)…i think her name is beautiful 😀

  326. ok, this girl at my husbands work is Bch Nga (Bitch Nigga)
    It’s awful i feel so sorry for her

    1. OMG, I would legally change my name as soon as i’d been born, I feel terablly sorry for her!!!

  327. I think the worst names are somthing like: Ocean, Dolphin, Starshine, Honey-bee, And expeccially names with hyphens in them, EUGH!!!

    1. All those “Common” names!! What happend to@ Megan, Katie, Charlotte, Ellie, Chloe???

  328. wow. u guys r like middle skool girls. the kids can always change their names. leave them alone. howd you like it if i ripped on ur name. so leave them alone u retards

  329. Once at the park, I heard a lady yelling ” Sweetie Pie Winson! Get back here!” At first I thought she was calling a dog, but a little girl about 6 or 7 comes running over. I just start laughing and whispered to myself ” That’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!” I guess she heard me cuz she gave me a dirty look and you could tell I was trying to hold back the laugh. I’m not kidding! I laughed so long my side hurt and I couldn’t breath!

  330. Shut up. I really don’t care if they make fun of my name cuz I like it. Bonnie, if u don’t approve of the subject, don’t put your non topic related comments and keep them to yourself!

  331. I once went to high school with a girl named Nevaseen Mylady. her mom named her that cause when the girl was born her dad was in jail and her mom was sad that he “nevaseen mylady”. no lie

  332. Stupid people stick to names like bob and bill, much nicer and no child abuse its all good…

  333. Frances Bean Cobain got her name in utero (50 points if you get the reference). The middle name Bean was chosen because Kurt thought she looked like a kidney bean when he saw her on the ultrasound.

    My own daughter’s name is Francesca (it is culturally justified – my husband is Italian) and we sometimes jokingly call her Frances Bean. Hey, what can I say – I came of age in the early ’90s and can’t quite exorcise my inner Nirvana fangirl.

  334. My friends aunt named her 4 girls after the feelings she had during child birth: Misery, Tragedy, Hopeless, and Suicide

    1. Names that are weird:
      Karnaytion age 9 Gender: Boy
      Allayhandro age 14 boy
      Mandi 4 girl
      Koriandar 4 boy
      Pyper 12 girl
      Willo 8 boy
      Reenay 17 girl
      and Roseti 2 boy

      They were a family

  335. i heard a name to beat them all my
    friend works for headstart and she
    had a mother come in her childs
    name was ” In the heat of pastion”
    and had a ssi card to prove it
    oh by the way it was a boy

    1. i love your name diana its so pretty i have a friend who spells her name dianna. ok so i need help. im having triplets 2 are girls 1 is boy. i need your real opinoin. im naming them caitlin maeve and conor, do u like or should i change there names

  336. The worst name I’ve ever heard is Jathon. Like Jason and Nathon combined. You sound like you have a lisp when you say it! Just cruel naming your kid that!

  337. Worst girl names: Animolpreet (pronounced animalpreet), Roj,
    worst boy names: Leslie, Daxton, Motega, Granger, Egmont,
    worst last names: efimoff (pronounce it out loud
    Poor kids.

  338. My name is Shantee (Shon-Tay) Estelle and I couldn’t stand the name Shantee. I was always called Shanti or Shantitee. I had larger breast. It was just horrible but when I told my mom I was going to change it she made me feel so bad. She said she put a lot of thought into it. I promised myself I wouldn’t give my children names that sucked but I’m convinced Strider is just nice. First boy choice I had but when my first and only child was born (a boy) his father wanted Dylan and so that’s what it is.

  339. Taught a kid named Epic and another named Notorious. Thought they were both a little extreme but whatever. Some kids never get named legally so their school papers literally say Baby Girl/Boy Jones (or whatever the last name is). Now THAT is sad.

    1. well i knew a girl named (literally) Tubi (Pronounced toobay, still weird) and another named Smaka. They were twins.

      Also my aunt recently named her baby boys Firesoul Jacke (pronounced Jake) , Wind Moonstone, and Camelot Parry

  340. i hate when people name thiere children catherine or kaitlyn… i know 10 caties.its so unoriginal

  341. my boyfriends name is Winter.. he’s the most popular guy in school .. i wish i had an original name like his.. maybe people would like me more.
    im in grade 6 . i hate me life. im cutting myself as i type this.. you people should stop judging cutters. most of my firends are unhappy and have normal names.. like beth (sorry beth), or jason…

    1. Winter Is A LUSHH Name
      If I Had A Kid I’d Call It

      Boy –


      Girl –



    2. … really. this page had nothing to do with cutters until you mentioned it, so how could we have judged you? and we don’t need a biography of you…

  342. worst names I’ve ever heard… aka BEST NAMES (if they’re not yours)

    Mike Hawk
    Mike Hunt
    Mike Litoris
    Justin Case
    Justin Tyme
    Dick Hertz
    Woitas Koczuka
    anything Gay or Gaylord

    hahahaha enjoy!

  343. My Names Rhiann
    And My Sisters Names Are

    Are Names Are Welsh with Irish Traces 🙂

    I Know A Boy Called Annikon (If Thats How U Spell It)
    After The Star Wars Character :/
    Haha He Gets Annie For Short.

    Also His Sisters Called Leah

    and I Know Someone called
    Mario whos brothers called Luigi
    (There Itallian)

  344. a name i hate is Diaria! (boy name) its a real name. i mean diaria! (Pronounced Dee-ar-ee-a) and my name is acctually brenna, i never hear it anywhere but i think its beautiful.

  345. no joke there was a girl in my class when i went to school her name was dicktopud pronounced dithtwopwad. :O:O

  346. I can’t believe some of the ignorance and hatefulness in the world ( see the comment at the top about the name Stryder giving a child autism). I actually named my son Stryder and I have get compliments on it every day. I even did my researcg before naming him that by writing to other guys named Stryder asking them how they feel abou their name and if it EVER gave them trouble at any point growing up. Every single person said they loved their unique name and said other kids/people complimented it as well and also never forgot it. the name suits my son perfectly. He is super social and advanced. On 2 occasions since he was born can I remember some grumpy old person giving me a funny look when they asked his name but that is it. To you ignorant people who are saying ugly things like that in relation to a child’s name, hopefully you do not and never will have children. The last thing we need in this world is more close-minded. ignorant, and hatefull people. P.s. I found the name in a baby name book. I did not get it from Lord of the Rings or the video game ‘Strider’. It is an English name meaning ‘A great warrior’.

    1. I love the name! And Im glad your son fits his name… I hate when people name thier kids names that dont fit at all!

    2. Thank you Erica. I also get compliments quite often with my son’s smae Stryder, but there are also people who look at me like “What?” and yes, it is the older people. Great warrior fits my son completely, and this name came about before I knew the meaning. I did give my son the middle name of Thomas, after my late brother, just in case he wanted to use that name instead but he loves his name and kids have never said anything mean to him. We have very strong little men! Shame on the adults that have nothing better to do or say than to rip on kid’s names. I don’t tell parents that they chose boring over-used names for their children–it’s called being a grown-up.

  347. I went to school with a brother and sister named Suede and Denim. Ouch. And I know a baby who’s middle name is Danger… as in ‘Danger is my middle name’… that’s just mean.
    Ps. This whole thing is hilarious. Everybody fighting over Strider and drooling furniture… lol!!!!!!!

    1. Enough with using the word “Retard” you make yourself sound ridiculous, it is very inappropriate

  348. see the problem is that people who give the kids weird names can’t recognize themselves they just think it’s clever. Anyway, My favorite name of all time was Tene ho…..pronounced teen ho….poor girl when she gets to her teen years.

  349. I like my name. It is super common but I’ve only met one other girl who spelt it the same. But I like the name Linden for a boy and Emma for a girl. The worst name I’ve ever heard…Yo’Love. Seriously. She went to my school and she was kinda mean…And she had a friend named La’Precious….I’m being serious. We also had a Summer Camp. And my boyfriend went to school with a boy named Sterling Slade Silver.

  350. Im going to name my kidds these!!
    1) Abernathee(Boy)
    2) Bertha (Girl)
    3) Bessie (Girl)
    4) Hefferly (Fat girl)
    5) Griffeepuff (Boy)

  351. Dude i just membered i went 2 grade school with a girl named Precious Parks! I mean it! Its her real name! I have the year book 2 prove it.

  352. My borther-in-law was going to name my sister and his son Zinjen. I told him that I would slap my daddy if he named me that. They second thought it and named him Colter.
    I had your back way back then Colter. (16 years ago)

  353. I know a couple who named their 2 kids Secret and Whisper. Dumbest ones I’ve heard yet. Stryker’s middle name Booty? That would be Stryker Booty aka Bitch Slap. Why not name your ottoman kid Hitler? He won’t know the difference. Never will. Or better yet, name him Bob. lmao!

  354. My granddaughters name is Lyric Cadence. I always said if I even had another girl, I would name her that. So my daughter asked if she could use it. And Lyric lives up to her name, thankfully!! She LOVES music. She is expecting a sister in a few months and daddy wants to name her Melissha!! UCKK!! My daughter was thinking Emberlynd or Brynly. Both, I think great and unique names. But Melissha!! daddy needs to go away!!

  355. I went to school with this guy whos middle name is Makenna. My name happens to be Carolina Joy and i love it.

  356. Denyse’s family needs to be banned from the letter “y”. Lyric is definitely not a good name.

    Not defending my own either. I spent one semester in HS in two classes as one of four Dan’s. There was also no cross-over between the “other Dan’s” meaning that I was one of 7 Dan’s in only two classes. I think parents just got lazy in the 80’s.

    My friend works as a help desk clerk at a university and has access to everyone’s name. Can Toker is our favourite. The one that is so bad that I can’t even laugh at though is Pix Butt. I really wish I made that one up. Female too.

  357. the worst celeb name by far is all jason lee. he named his son…. Pilot Inspektor(yes, inspector is with a k)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. You are also not saying anything to our faces, you are on this site, posting stuff, you probably found this site searching in google cuz you have nothing to do, same as me, but this day at work is kinda slow, anyways, get real nerd

  359. I worked with a wonderful young lady who’s parents had named her LaTrina. Anybody familiar with military terminology knows what a latrine is. We all called her “Treeny” and that worked.

  360. Names are as different as the people who bare. Some parents are downright cruel when naming their children. Different names does not necessarily mean bad things, but I have read some that were bad. I was given a tongue twister as a newborn…. DeOndra DeOna Deans. (dee-ahn-dra dee-oo-na). I swore I would not do that to my kids. However I did give my daughters two different names, maybe they are more common than I think, but I believe my spelling is different. Their names are Joeli and Jaemi. The J e and i are in the same position. I like it.

  361. Well… I loooove the name Stryder/Striker…
    Im pregnant wit my 3rd and we considered Jakotay if its a boy(Yes, from star trek) but if this one is a boy it will Evren Victor.
    My son is Daymien Xavier and my daughter is CieraBel Rose.
    I hated being one of 10 Lindsays and there was ANOTHER Lindsay K, so unless we both wrote our FULL names, middle name included, we would get docked points by alot of teachers(Small school)…
    But My horrible names to add to this list, when I had my son, the nurse told me a lady named her son, Korn and the last name? Canning.
    Also names that terrify mean are the ones wear it seriously looks like the mom threw like 30 letters into a bowl, poured it out and whatever was face up was the letters she used to name her child…

  362. Wow! I made alot f typing errors… Thats what I get for not proof reading.

    Well… I loooove the name Stryder/Striker…
    Im pregnant wit my 3rd and we considered Jakotay if its a boy(Yes, from star trek) but if this one is a boy it will Evren Victor.
    My son is Daymien Xavier and my daughter is CieraBel Rose.
    I hated being one of 10 Lindsays and there was ANOTHER Lindsay K, so unless we both wrote our FULL names, middle name included, we would get docked points by alot of teachers(Small school)…
    But a horrible name to add to this list, when I had my son, the nurse told me a lady named her son, Korn and the last name? Canning.
    Also names that terrify me are the ones where it seriously looks like the mom threw like 30 letters into a bowl, poured it out and whatever was face up was the letters she used to name her child…

  363. I work at a jewelry store and we have this new costumer named Dickshitz Kushman, he’s from australia.. I couldnt stop laughing when he said his name, good thing I was in the storage room and he couldnt hear me laughing… lol

  364. What do you think of
    My name tristan langford- jackson, btw im a bou.
    Firstname/ surname

  365. Name your kids whatever you want to. If they don’t like it they’ll change it later in life. I never much liked my name but its what they called me. My grandkids are Octavius (boy) and Magdalena (girl). We call the boy Tavi and the girl Magda. They are each named after two of their great-grandmothers. Another great source for names is Mythology. There are some awesome named in there.

  366. You should definitely give your kids names that you’ve put thought into. Giving them a ridiculous spelling just to be different, is just weird. And probably going to end up with their name being misspelled and mispronounced their entire lives. That’s annoying and frustrating. Don’t give your son and obviously female name. That’s going to get them made fun of.
    Yes, the name seems normal to you at first, but once you go to school and people make fun of you for it, that’s not fun at all.
    Things like that definitely hurt when you’re young and people don’t seem to care at all anymore.

    My mother wanted to name me “Angel” but she didn’t want people to tease me for it, so she named me Angelina. She could call me Angel, but I had several other shorter forms I could choose to go by, so I didn’t get stuck with “Angel” if I ended up being teased for it. My middle names are Dawn Nicole, so I didn’t get too lucky there, though.

    However, my sister has an odd name, as pretty as it is. Shawnya Krystayna Snow (she was born during a snowstorm).
    We usually call her Shawn.

    I have a brother named Danyon, too, but we call him Danny.

    I find odd names are fine if the kid has decent options to go with.

  367. 1.dont name the kid something crazy. they have to live with that until theyre 18.

    2.be original. there are actually clubs for people named fred to complain about theyre names.

    3.dont put words like “snow” and “sunshine in there.

    4.names influence kids. every rachel I have ever known has had braids and has been a total jerk*

    * im not saying all rachels are jerks.

  368. Jakotay is spelled “Chakotay”, and in star trek he died in the beginning of the episode endgame.
    Also, he runs a pretty dangerous job and has a tatoo on his face

  369. I hate the name fergeal. i new a kid with that name and people called him fergie, faggal, and fergerburger.

    PS: he did not like this name

  370. My name’s Justine, I like it. (:
    Some people call me by my first and middle name, Justine-Marie.
    I really love my name, but also originality!
    Names I love ; Jason, Joshua, Angelina, Blanche (only in french), Juliet, James, Moon, Asher..

    Well, maybe that’s just me. (:

  371. my name is May… i think it’s okay… people always ask me if its may for the month but it actually means pearl in greek and beautiful in chinese… so it’s kinda like beautiful pearl..

  372. I’m currently an inpatient in hospital, and my nurse’s name is Precious and my physio’s name is Twinkle!

  373. You know River Phoenix’s real name is River Bottom – his parents changed their surname from Bottom to Phoenix AFTER he was born. Seriously, River Bottom?

  374. I named my son Bjorn. Although he is the only one ever in any grade in any school he’s been in to have that name I still don’t think it’s strange. Maybe others do but IMO it’s a good, strong name.

    The only thing he doesn’t like about it is that he can’t get away with anything because everyone knows who “Bjorn” is since he’s the only one. However, the chicks dig it he says, and to a 15 year old boy, that’s pretty much all that’s important.

  375. No matter what name(s) you decide on or have, there will always be some people who hate it and some who love it and also those who dont care for it either way.
    Also names and naming trends usually fade in and out of popularity over time.
    I do agree though some people do go too far in my opinion but i’m not going to make fun of a kid and his or her name no matter how bad or crazy i think it is.

  376. my daughters name is Berlin (Isabel as her middle) I love love love her name! some people hate it..but I dont care! the only thing you have to think about is how people will pronounce it…people say her name so many weird ways! its just Berlin people! haha oh and Bertha has to be the worst possible name!!

    1. oh and my nephews name is Traffton..I did not like it at first..but he is now 8 and thats who he is!

  377. I have 5 grandkids…..Kelly (boy) Natasha, Brayden and Nolan # 5 is on his way and he will be Parker…..Nice names nothing too unusual…but I have a fried and her kids names are Rexlee and Zyrus…they are cute little boys but sorry I just don’t care for the names…..but then again I am not their grandma

  378. I feel sorry for these kids when they grow up and become professionals. A little kid named Cody is one thing, but a lawyer or doctor? I also can’t understand parents who name their kids after cigarette brands.

  379. I like my name I was named after Whitney Yousten, The doctors all told my mother I was going to be a boy So she was stuck between William and Billy. After I was brought home from the hospital my mother didn’t know what to call me. She heard Whitney Yousten Sing on the radio while she was doing laundry one day, She loved the name so that’s what she called me. I like it way better then William or Billy. What”s wrong with common name’s When I was pregent I going with Abigail Isabelle (nick name Abby) or James Joesph(nick name JJ). Everyone told me I couldn’t use James Joesph because it was a horriable name, I really don’t see why? Any my daugther we found out later, had the one of same names of the woman(Isabelle) who had saved my grandmother, when my grandmother was a newborn. I think that’s just a awesome coincence.

  380. My son’s name is Milan and i have a lot of positive reaction face to his name. At first i wanted Jacob but there are too much Jacob to be original…

    My friends called their babies
    boy: Ellyott, Collin, Nakyann
    Girl: Lyria, Celia, Ashley

      1. Really? I haven’t met anyone who liked her name…well except for her ( I’ll admit I liked the origionality ). When the teacher first called on her I was like you joking right? Is that a nickname? But it was her real name and I feel bad for her cuz they always made fun of it saying her first name sounded like someone calling a dog.

  381. I have a pretty normal name, but a really cool last name – Kohuch. (Koe – hutch)
    I want to name my baby boy Zane, which I love because it means beloved … the one thing I would never name a boy is Charles. I have a thing for different but not too different. Charles just seems to dull to me.
    I’d name my baby girl Patricia … I just think it’s a really pretty name. But I would never name a girl Brayden. UGH … so boyish …

  382. I think this whole dam site should be taken down we name are kids what we name them for our personal reasons weither it be after a grandparent or a special family memeber that has had a reflect on us or after a friend that has died or after watching a movie who fucking cares at least they get a name and not a number in an adoption facility

  383. A co-worker of mine has a son whom she name Lou Simon. Which is OK when said separately. Say it together it sounds like Loose Hymen.
    I also had a school friend, his name is Warren Dyck (Worn Dick). His dad’s name is Harry (Hairy Dick). A kid I played hockey against, his name is Mike Hunt. (This one you can figure out for yourself). This is no joke. Seriously, what were their parents thinking?

  384. To Vanessa,
    Please no disrespect to you, but what is so cool about Kohuch? And personally I think your inzane to name your boy Zane. What about Kane?
    As far as Charles goes, it is my third name. All my names are after Kings.
    I agree on Hayden but Patricia? “This is my kid Pat. Boy or girl? You decide.” If you can hang on to Patricia without it being shortened to Pat, then you’re doing OK.
    In the end, your child (referring to every one that is about to name their child), has to live their entire life with the choice you make. Do you want them to have to explain their name to everyone they meet? to the extent that they wish they had been named something else?
    Choose wisely.

  385. Hate it when hot chicks are named Ulga. I know its a popular russian name but it’s just wrong. The wierdest name I have seen is a chick named Mycaliforniagirl. I shit you not, that’s her name. She tends to be called Mycal for short.

  386. my name is amanda,but i go by mina ( a little cousin for some reason pronounced amanda as mina,not sure why,but it stuck,lol)
    i prefer mina over amanda,as every other girl in my grade was an amanda.although for some reason people dont know how to say mina.its like tina,but with an m! i dont understand why its difficult.lol.
    i like the names grayson for a boy,and stella for a girl.i used to like amelia,but im not a huge fan of the shortened version amy or lia.jsut personal opinion.

  387. just make sure your future boss can say your name, getting a job interview with a name that is hard to say or just plain odd will get you nowhere in this world

  388. My name is Tadd. 2 of my best friends called Jayan and Bhakti. One of my best friends is called Ieuan. (Pronounced Y ii on) Another of my best friend’s sir name Griffiths. And i used to know someone called Fazahm Hatrazani. Holy fuckin’ shit!

  389. I read in the newspaper that parents are calling their children by the names of where they were consived. Examples: Couch, Airplane, Car, Park, Living Room….etc. I think those parents need a reality check.

  390. If you want to hear of some unfortunate names, I have some for you. I tutored a friend’s son in French. In his class alone there were triplets by the names of “Hunter, Blade & Pierce”. There is also a local family in my area who’s children’s names are “Kennedy, Nickson & Justice” with no apparent American affiliation whatsoever, so they claim. Go figure.

    My cousin’s friend recently named her little boy “Pastel”. Unless your not worried about genderification and the obvious playground taunts then by all means, go for it. I’ll take “Stryker” and “Stryder” any day.

    I actually like the names “Stryder” & and “Stryker”. At least they were not named Matthew.

  391. I think unique names are great, and if you want to name your child that then go for it…my name is kind of bold and out there, and I would have never picked it for myself but my mom insisted..my name is Sophine pronounced (So-fine).

  392. My family has a thing for four letter names that start with Z. My dad’s name is Zack, my name is Zeke and my twin brother’s name is Zane. I have cousins named, Zeph, Zach, and Zeen. WHAT THE F***?!

  393. There’s a girl in my class called Jorja. I personally like the name but my parents hate it! My grandad wanted to call me Brianny when I was born. I’d rather be called that than Bethany. I don’t like my name. Mainly because I live in Yorkshire and people say my name as Befanny. Great, huh.

  394. Tiesa, how about that one. My parents don’t like it, and they’re the one’s that called me Hermione!
    And, no, I don’t have brothers called Harry and Ron 🙂

  395. My name is not strange and is now quite popular, but I went to high school with Valerie from 16 and Pregnant, we aren’t best friends, but we are just… friends, she named her child Nevaeh which I think is a beautiful name, my sister who is now 21 and is pregnant with her second child, she was only 15 when she had her first child named Tiana-May wich is a lovely name, and is having another girl and is calling her Summer-frost wich is also an amazing name, Tiana-may is not being bullied and all of her little friends love her name as much as we do! x

  396. Just found out My brother has got his girlfriend pregnant!!!!! a little baby boy 🙂 he is going to name him marlie ❤ MUCH LOVE TO JOE AND CHANTELLE !! CONRATS XXX

  397. Shyla – Sounds like someone really common saying Shiloh
    Lemia – sounds like a disease
    Anastasia Power – that name just doesn’t go with the last name!!
    Igor – that hunched over creature that works for mad scientists that create Frankenstein and say “Yes Master” Why would you call your baby that in Ireland??

  398. I don’t mind different names but I called my girl Jenelle Kathleen, and my son Blake David. I know of a boy names Jens its like “Y-ens” talk about different but to each their own.

    I do have to agree with some names that people have mentioned are a bit different and not for my liking but I would never but down the kid for it, not the childs fault the parents call them that:)