My First Web Site

An old colleague of mine recently sent this faux page I made when I left a company called MPS (yowza–their site is kinda b0rked in Mozilla). It was just a little silly satire of a project being launched. I made fun of some of my colleagues, and everybody had a good laugh. Remarkably, it’s still on Geocities five years later.

That wasn’t actually my first site, though. Even before this site (whose shameful earliest incarnation you can see here), I created a site for a theatre company we ran. I dug up the files, and posted them here. I particularly dig the under construction icon. Good times.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the approaching footsteps of the MPS corporate communications. How long before they pitch up and ask me to take that page down? Do I have the slightest idea how to do that on Geocities (or what email address I used when I registered)? Not so much.


  1. Darren, I wish you luck if you need to remove that site. I created a Geocities site when I was an undergrad. At that point in time, my site was more professional than other websites, but, today, it looks pathetic. I posted my bio and resume, which today seem juvenile, given that more 10 years have passed. A couple of years ago, I tried to remove the site, but found that my account was frozen. When Geocities sold out to Yahoo, users were given a short period to remove content — or else lose account access forever. Despite contacting the Canadian government and Yahoo, I have been unable to remove the site. It seems it will be there forever.

    I hope you don’t suffer the same fate.

  2. Well, I may be an “old” collegue but I believe I’m still a year or so younger than you :p

    While we may have lost a bunch of things at this company recently we still try desperately to cling on to our sense of humour.

  3. That sense of humour would be a requirement when viewing the company site in Firefox. Ha.

    Hey, I’m available to help sort that out.


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