Why You Should Blog

Obviously I’m a big advocate of this whole blogging thing. However, don’t take my word for it. Here are two fine examples of why you, a normal human, should blog:

  • Gainful employment. Jeremy Zawodny explains how blogging can get you a job (or a better one than you currently have). I like to refer to this generally as “building the brand of me”. Like Jeremy, I’ve received enquiries from employers as a result of this site, and have gotten at least three clients thanks to it.
  • Help other people. I wish all the best to Kim, Tod Maffin’s wife who was recently diagnosed with MS. She’s displaying admirable courage and generosity by writing about her experiences. This reminded me of another example of brave writing (and drawing) about illness, the excellent Mom’s Cancer.

Don’t want a job or have a serious illness? Don’t sweat it, there are plenty of other reasons to blog.

UPDATE: Via Martine, here’s Marie-Chantale’s list of why you should blog. They wouldn’t necessarily be my reasons, but it’s an interesting list.

UPDATE #2: If you do want to blog, here’s a good round-up of hosted services.


  1. Blogging is what saved me from going insane when I was in Mongolia. I was living alone in an apartment and working from the same apartment. Until I made friends, the only people I could talk to were my translator, and my supervisor, who was often out of the country. During this time, I got dumped by my bf of 3.5 years. He called me and dumped me over the phone. I resorted to constantly posting on livejournal, so I could sort through everything without going nuts. Consequently, a friend was reading it and thought I reminded her of another friend. She “introduced us” via our blogs. We’ve been seeing each other for a while now. 🙂

  2. hi a pther good thing whit blog in long term are that they put you a presuuer and make time to write a dairy and somwher to write dowenb what tyou see when you travel somthiunbg you can print oute and give to you grnadchildren 40 years from now when bloginng dont work ad was some antic publishing system 😉

  3. I can think of a lot of reasons not to have a weblog (I know, that’s a controversial statement coming from a guy who lost count of the amount of weblogs he writes), some of which you can see at “Why do people give up weblogs?” (Google cache). Writing a weblog is time consuming, and for some people, they have the social skills to gain friends without the need for a frequently-updated, reverse-chronologically ordered website with individual permanent links for each item and an RSS feed.

    Weblogs are hyped, and to an extent, rightly so, because it enables a lot of people to write about what they think and what they are passionate about. For me, I have the time, energy and interest in it, and met a lot of interesting people that I would have otherwise never even heard of. But some people just plain don’t have the time or energy or interest in it, and it’s always hard to convince people to do something they don’t want to do, for whatever reason.

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