The Night the Aztecs Stormed Glasgow

Last night at the Dave Winer dinner, the conversation turned to Civilization, a classic world-building game. I then told a story about my multi-talented friend Matthew Bissett, who wrote a song (MP3, 6.4 MB, 4:33) inspired by the game. The origin of the song went something like this:

One evening, Matthew was playing Civilization. His roommate Kennedy looked over his shoulder, and remarked “ah, the night the Aztecs stormed Glasgow”. Kennedy went off to bed, and Matthew wrote the song. The next morning, he burst into Kennedy’s room (he was in bed with his girlfriend) and sang them the song.

A couple of years, Matthew recorded an album of his songs (“I Wrote This For a Girl”), and this was the bonus track. That’s Kennedy Goodkey on back-up vocals (and girlish screams) and the talented Sarah Donald on fiddle. I’m not sure who played the bodhran. Here’s how the first chorus runs, in case you want to sing along:

10,000 men strong was their army sum total
Their blood would be spilled for their god Quetzalcoatl
The Mayans could knit and the Incas could yodel
But tonight, the Aztecs stormed Glasgow

Give it a listen–it’s very funny:


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  3. As a Civ player, I have seen such things as the Aztecs storming Glasgow and Louis XIV signing a treaty with Abraham Lincoln.

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