Track Your Money

Yesterday I withdrew some money and received this bill, which featured the URL The site (with its tacky, tacky ads), is dedicated to tracking Canadian currency. It’s a competitor, I suppose, to Where’s Willy, a site I wrote about last year (cousing of Where’s George).

I entered in this bill, and found that it had originally been ‘launched’ on June 5, 2004, in a taxi in Quesnel, BC.

UPDATE: What are the freakin’ odds of that? I received that $20 bill yesterday. When I bought a Slurpee today, I received a $5 bill with stamped on it. This bill was ‘launched’ a month ago in Burnaby.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? ‘Keep track of your money.’ Or, maybe, ‘you’ve got to spend money to make money.’


      1. I got a $20 bill from A&W in Brandon Manitoba last week. It said “”. I didn’t realize I had to have the serial written down to see where it’s been. I wonder if it’s the same bill? Brandon is only about 200km from Winnipeg

    1. i have a $10.00 bill with whereswilly. march 6th 2010. it is 12:33pm. i happen to check a coat of mine and when i looked at it , i think i will track you down if i can. prince edward island.

      1. i have a 10 dollar bill with wheres willy on it , im in windsor ontario canada its may 7 at 435 pm.

      2. hi mary here, found this 10dollar bill #bfg2684021 . It came to me from safeway in Fort Frances ontario. where will it go next, because my hubby really wants to spend it

      3. I have a 10.00 Track Willy bill / Montague Credit Union, Prince Edward Island/ October 12/ 2012..
        Trackin number BFG 9136294
        Stella of PEI, Canada

    2. i have $5 says track this bill in Winnipeg Manitoba #aam8347794 at March 03 2013

  1. I like You write a number in the inside of a book, then release it to the wild. If nothing else, it makes me feel better about leaving books around town — sort of like a hobby.

  2. I got a five doller bill May 31 with whereswilly stamped on it in Hamilton ontario.

  3. Wed., Aug 2-06
    Opened my wallet to pull out a fiver.
    Lo & behold… is hand written on it.
    Should I spend it, or keep this five buck bill a while?
    I’m Ted at Portage la Prairie, Man.

  4. Hi I was on a trip to Toronto and received this bill Timothy’s world coffee shop downtown Toronto on College st. I am now in New Waterford NS and will spend it here. It has a little bit of a tear on the top. I wonder where it will go from here.

    1. Hi have the five dollar bill in kamloops bc got it at the bingo hall it has a bit of a tear on top.

  5. i have a five dollar bill that my brother left behind from nova scotia in july 06 but i think its time to cut it loose in oct 06 from barrie ont.

  6. i got given a $5 bill yesterday in change from Mc donalds in north vancouver with the track this bill stamp so i descided to go to the website

  7. received $5.00 change from a mcdonalds on keewatin in wpg,mb.track this bill @ writen on was the second time i received this bill not sure if it was the same one, that was last year some time. so i’ll spend it and send it on its next journey

  8. Picked up 5$ whereswilly at depanneur in remote Duhamel QC on Sept 22, 2006…bill # HOS7387667. He’s gone now…released in Ottawa Oct 3, 2006

  9. Received this $5.00 bill(H0P8334574) at Tony Roma’s Lethbridge,AB Oct.14/06 on it and decided to see where it came from and far it has traveled.

  10. j’ai recu un billet de 10$ d’un de mes ami avec le site marquer (BTC0236423)a plaisance,QC le 23 oct 2006

  11. I gave my dauther $10. dollars,she gave me back $5 dollars.I got up next the day and pulled money out of my pocket and found where,s willy(H0TO694180).Thoutht I’d check it out,it is Nov.04/06.

    1. I work at the Elora Arena and just found a 10 dollar whereswilly bill.. Elora is situated 15 minutes away from Kitchener Waterloo and Guelph Ontario…. I’m sending it on it’s way!!!!

  12. March 23, 2007 @ 6:30am
    Received a $5 Bill in Cambridge Ont.
    Form a Tom Hortons

    Now in Beer Store

  13. Recieved a $5 bill whereswilly on it today @7-11. AOK9180949. Take me to P.EI also on it.

  14. A friend handed me a ‘whereswillly’ bill #HNY8096607. I see several other serial numbers mentioned here so we know there are a few of these floating around, who knows which is the original???

  15. picked up a $10.00 bill at tim hortons at
    sick kids hospital march 26 2007 stuck it in a vending machine at car wash in guelph
    march 27 2007 did not get the number sorry

  16. Picked up my “Where’s Willy” five spot at lunch in Vancouver today. Brought it home with me to Sqaumish, B.C. Bill #HOK1016766. Probably going to spend it at timmy ho’s in the morning, FYI, Squamish has the busiest Tim Horton’s this side of “The Peg”.

    1. I got A five dallor bill from mt. Seymour today the number is AAG9139328. It has track this bills journey at i live In delta guys and I wrote on it!

  17. Setting my $5 whereswilly free today in Portage la Prairie. Got it in Wpg last month AOK9207321

  18. Received Whereswilly $5.00 bill at Blosom Restaurant in Toronto (Downsview). Taking it to Belleville, Ontario. A0L1741945

  19. $5 AOL1635483 with TRACK THIS BILL ONLINE AT WWW. WHERESWILLY.COM Oakville, April 2nd. Time to spend it.

  20. i found a 5 dollar bill with the stamp on it in a coffee shop in Blenheim Ontario.Bill # HOR7756935 on April 4 07

  21. I received a $5.00 bill #hns8441118 ,with the stamp on it at the Harley dealer where I work in Saint John, N.B.

  22. I found a $5 bill in my wallet the other day with whereswilly stamped on it, in St.Laurent MB. probably spend it at the bar on

  23. Got a fiver,hand written message, at Staples Bus.Depot in Pennisula Village White rock BC on April 9th 07.I hope someone can tell me where it originally started from,it would be cool to track it on a map! #OAM3473298

  24. I visit Kanda wit my Modder and Fadder We go to buy MacDonalds big mak and we get dis willy 10 bill? Kanada what a funny country

  25. just thought i’d let you know i have a $5 bill from my bank in Airdrie, AB – it has the words “” soon it may be in Calgary,AB – have bill will travel!!! have a happy day!!!

  26. Never heard of whereswilly before … but it sounds like fun. Got a $10.00 bill in my change yesterday in Pickering Village, Ontario BTA0686517. Going out to spend it today!!!

  27. I run a hand-set (that’s right ~ humans set the pins!) bowling alley in Youbou, BC. I received a $5 bill (AOL1114609) for a sale a couple of days ago. I still have it but will pass it on and see if anyone else uses this site.

  28. Got a 20 dollar canadian bill the other day in my change at Straight from the Hearth in Freeport Nova Scotia Serial number is: EZC926939

  29. Got 5 dollar bill some time ago. It was lost in my truck for a long time. We found each other today. He’s gonna buy me a beer tomorrow to celebrate! Hand written note on bill “” HOM2658864

  30. I reveived the twenty dollor bill serial #ALF3406417 in Meadow Lake SASK. on April 23/07 at an RCB Royal bank Interact machine,Ha Haa go willy go.

  31. it was going on 10 pm tues may 1st store was going to close in a few sec when i got home from store i notice that one of my 20 bills had printing on it where have i been?wheream i going? http://www.wheres eys3152859 very cool and very funny have to show it off a bit then will pass it a long maybe spend it in orillia on this weeknd

  32. May 16, 2007 at 7:04pm

    I reveived the $5 dollar in Stoney Creek,on after enjoying a tasty
    Banquet Burger.

  33. I receive in Ottawa the 16 of mai a 5$ bill with the number AON6350920. And now the bill is in Montreal, Québec

  34. $20 bill ALA3476045 showed up in my cash at the ATM here in Port Hardy, BC. Put it in the church offering. Hoped to type in the serial number and it’s http://www.wherehaveibeen history would show up. Fun anyway!

  35. May 30, 2007 at 7:00 pm
    Received a $5 bill #HOY1124843 in Lake Utopia, New Brunswick. Now I am passing it on to a friend in Saint John, New Brunswick. Go Willy Go.

  36. Hi guys. I received a $5 dollar bill with on it with serial # HOY1124843 from a friend on May 31, 2007 at 3:13 pm. I live in Willow Grove, New Brunswick and I am setting willy free at HomeHardware on Loch Lomod Road in Saint John, New Brunswick. Way to see the world Willy. I hope you keep going.

  37. Just recieved a 5.00 Bill with it was given to my husband last night in Exeter ontario. He is a cab driver, working outside London Ontario. Pretty Neat…NO. AOG5796234

  38. Recieved a $5 bill Saturday June 9th, 2007 in Aurora, Ontario from a Shoppers Drug Mart. #AOJ5006742. Never heard of whereswilly until I read the writing on the bill, I love it!

  39. almost set willy on the loose at a noodle bar in Fredericton N.B. today. didn’t know I had it before that. Coulda been 2 days ago…serial#A0F4809927


  41. Got $20 bill out of RBC bank machine in PG. serial #ALC2947266. dont know what its going towards yet. Post where it went later

  42. got a handwritten “whereswilly” in red ink FIVE dollar bill HOJ9873075 at Harveys burgers in Barrie/ June 23/07 and now it is in Mississauga.

  43. Picked up a $5 bill with handwritten ‘Track this bill at:” on it. It is June 25, 2007. Came from a shoe store in Saskatoon, Sk.

    My son and I decided to log on and see what this is all about!

  44. I recieved a $10.00 bill in Southampton,BTE9872827 and now will pass it on threw out Southampton and see where it goes from here July 1st/07

  45. I received a $5 bill at Starbucks in Sickkids Hospital in Toronto and I spent it at lunch time at a sushi bar inside sickkids.

  46. Hey i got this random five dollar bill i dunno were from though but it had words so me being tardy like i am i read it and laughed and went here so yeah well i live in nelson.

  47. While working at a golf course in Ottawa, I recieved the wheres willy 5 dollar bill, it stayed there for about three days and then was given to a customer.

  48. I have that damn 5$ bill in my hand just right now. It’s in Montreal,Qc on the Plateau Mt-Royal in an internet cafe. Wow! I feel like a stupid lucky bastard!… Thank’s for enlightening my life like this. I recommend it to anyone who feel like a stupid unlucky bastard. Your life will CHANGE with a single touch of that magic 5$ bill!… Now I shit and I smell like baby powder! Wow! Amazzzooiiiinnng!
    God bless folks!

  49. SEP-05-2007, Hi folks i got the 5$ bill(Hov5786571) at “The Mane Event Off-Track Wagering” Scarborough,Ontario.I feel like i won the 649,I wish you all the best all who’s tracking this bill!,and Go bill Go!!!!!!!!!!!!and God bless you all!!!

  50. Got a $5 bill with “Wheres” on it from a Maxs in Peterbough, Ontario. Will be spent in Peterborough most likely within a couple of days.

    Hope this bill is a good luck bill. 😉

  51. Hello people! I received a 20 EZD3666376 as cash payment for my products in Dutch Settlement, NS on Sept. 8th /07. I’m wondering just how many of these bills are in circulation anyway?

  52. hi there from sault ste. marie….i was shopping for some hot red shoes and got this $5 for change…aov9204719…this is cool and like to see where it goes from here but not spent it yet.sept.15/07

  53. Hi from Vancouver, I received a $5 bill when purchasing some candy at the Ribfest in Burlingtion Ontario while on vacation visiting relatives… and if a lucky bill will spend it in Surrey buying a lottery ticket on September 19, 2007

  54. I received a $20 dollar bill with wheres willy on it on Sept. 16, 2007 at 5:05 pm in Charlottetown P.E.I. I spent some of it but not all.

  55. I Have a $5 bill with the whereswilly on it …. It is in st thomas ont right now but not for long im sure sep 18 2007

  56. I work at Brock University in St.Catharines , ON and had a $5.00 bill whith “ stamped on it to track its movement come through my cash room. It is going to be leaving with Brinks tomorrow.

  57. Finally, AOG8004820 has reached Montreal, QC in my change from “Salt & pepper” in the Gay village.

  58. I just got a $5 with the stamp on it…#HOU5834469. Got it from a coffee shop in little town Delhi, Ontario!

  59. I received this funky little note two weeks ago in Kitchener ont at a little farmers market. This is a five dollar bill with the serial # AOP7355850. Hope it’s next owner follow suit and let’s us know where it ends up next.

  60. Wilma says,
    I’m curious where the Brinks truck dropped off the money- see #114 as I live in St Catharines as well- maybe it didn’t go too far!
    Tomorrow, it is taking a trip to Niagara On the Lake to the restaurant called the “Old World Winery”
    This bill’s number is aok7478028.
    I received it as payment for an Avon order.

  61. This bill, stamped with, is currently in Winnipeg Manitoba being used to purchase Lotto 6/49 tickets. serial number is APB8813463.

  62. I received this bill five dollar bill at Tim Horton’s in Belleville, Ontario. HOL7625980. I’ve checked out the web site and sent the bill onto my son Chris who is currently going to school in Thunder Bay, Ontario as a Thanksgiving Gift.


  64. I foun my first $5 wheres willy!!I got it at the corner store in Aylmer Ontario Canada. #A0P4606599
    I am sending it to my sons school for picture day.

  65. I found the $5 dollar bill in my change serial number aov7709864 October 4 2007
    in London,On

  66. I recieved a willy $5 at a restaurant in St.Catharines, Ontario a few hours ago…AOY5558717

  67. I have a $5 bill in Perth Andover NB. What am i suppose to do make him run! No. AOVO148087

  68. Received $20.- Willy bill today here in BC for babysitting. Serial # AZS4213602. Not sure yet where we’ll set it free. Possibly Superstore or Value Village.

  69. Oct. 11,2007 3:00 P.M.

    Received a $20 bill, with Ser. #AZB6101515, at a flower shop where I work in Lethbridge, Alberta
    This bill will likely end up deposited in the bank.

  70. Martine from Woodbridge, ON here. I get these ALL the time even in US cash. This is the first time I’ve posted on here.

  71. From Winnipeg, Manitoba. Received a $5.00 bill with serial # A0G9524018. I had never seen this on a bill before!

  72. I work in a school in Ottawa, Ontario and received a $5 bill from a parent paying for a book. Serial #A0F9485487

  73. I received this 5$ bill AOV7514720 today. I’m on my way to get a lottery ticket with it…who knows? All the power to all of those who cross this bill! Use it well.

  74. Hi i am in oakville and today my husband came home fromt he store and found this $5.00 bill with this addy. He told me to come on ehre and leave a message so here i am 🙂

  75. i am in pictou county nova scotia and have a five dollor bill with this web sit hand written on it

  76. hi recieved a five dollar bill at tim hortons on algonquin road sudbury ontario thought i would look you up have a great day

  77. oh by the way the no on the bill is apa2956546 this bill is getting around email me when you recieve it subury is along way from nova scocia

  78. Received this Canadian $5.00 bill today, 24-10-07, either from Tim Horton’s in Port Hawkesbury or at the Auld’s Cove Irving Big Stop. serial number HOY7731496. Wher did this bill orignate from and when was it launched??? How do I track the progress of this bill from here? Cheers!

  79. received a 20 dollar bill.serial number (EZF7183401). PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THIS BILL. THANKSSS……

  80. i got a $5 bill as a tip the other night at thirsty cactus in dundas and i just spent it on some weed…mmmm

  81. Recieved this five dollar bill at my pet grooming salon(The Four Paws Spa) in Kelowna, November 9th. HOR9362022

  82. I live in toronto and i am a cashier at the Weston Rd. Prize Choppers and I recieved this bill from a customer and passed it on to another customer.

  83. I just got a 5 doller bill with “wheres willy” on it this morning, A0F4939150
    Happy travillin Willy!!

  84. Greetings:
    I received the following $5.00 bill from Thrifty’s Food Store in Colwood, BC yesterday (Nov 12). It has a number “174” in the 5 of the bill.
    What fun.

  85. I recieved $5 (AOV1517846) in Victoria on Nov 10/07, and brought “willy” back home to Toronto. He seems restless, so I am going to set him free. Run Willy, run.

  86. Hi guys, I received a $5 dollar bill with on it, serial #HOY1124843 on June 4/07 from On The Vine on Hickey Rd., Saint John, New Brunswick. I live in Willow Grove, New Brunswick and this is the second time I have had this same bill. The first was on May 31/07 and I set Willy free at Home Hardware on Loch Lomond Rd, Saint John, New Brunswick. I took Willy farther this time to set him free. I released him at Wal-Mart in Maine, USA, on November 16, 2007. Hope you keep going Willy. Maybe I might get lucky and get you a third time, but for now enjoy your travells Willy. May you travel to far away places before you return back to Canada.

  87. We received change from a $20.00 at Tim Hortons in thunder Bay, Ontario (Memorial Ave) and received a $5.00 currancy with (APD3553838) on it.It would be nice to know if willy makes it overseas.

  88. received the $5.00 whereswhilly .com bill in Tillsonburg Ontario Canada when i got change back from a local pet food store.

  89. Yesterday I was having lunch at our local coffee shop and after eating my BLT wrap and poppyseed bun i looked over my 10$ bill and found the stamp i decided to check the website out, ps. Higher Ground Coffee Shop Radium B.C. i would recomend it

  90. Winnipeg Manitoba,
    Went to my mom’s place and she had a $5 bill that had “track this bill travels and under the addy on it. The serial number is AON4920108. Never heard of this. Pretty Interesting.

  91. I received a Where’s Willy $5 bill on 24 Nov 07 in Oromocto NB. Ser EYR6513059. It would have been nice to see the travels of this particular bill but not many Serial Numbers have been included in people’s comment.

  92. Just received # ALKO344605 in London, ON.
    Looks like it is on the first part of its trip around the country. Good luck little fellow. We’ll keep tracking you.

  93. Nov.28-2007
    I recieved the $ 5.00 bill yesterday from a friend and it is in Port Rowan ,Ontario today .
    I will continue to forward the bill and be interested where it will end up at.

    If any more shows up i will forward it to this address.
    Good luck

  94. fairly new bill, serial # AON3145031. In Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 🙂 I will spend it in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. Neat.

  95. Received a five dollar bill at a Christmas Party I was doing the photography for in London Ontario on November 30th 2007. It is going in the bank today.

  96. Found Willy at a gas station in Granum Alberta. I will free willy in Edmonton AB. Willy’s # is APB5711515 (kind of neat the si# is ‘A’ all ‘P’ points ‘B’ bulletin) Looks to me like “Willy” has lots of copy cats or friends….

  97. got a fiver today at Tim Hortons in Sutton Ontario will probably release it back at a Timmys in Pickering Ont.serial # apc 3419367

  98. I was at my work and a guy give me a 5$ bill with this site on it . I’m at Saint-Anne-Des-Plaines in Quebec

  99. I receine the 5$ bill in a HMV store today November 13 2007. Only heard about it a few month ago. Never thing I’ll see one!

  100. Got one of your $5 bills @ a Tim Hortons in Hamilton ont. Ca. Dec 15th 2007. Seems kind of fun to say you’ve had your hands on one. People should post the serial# so you could track which bill your holding on to. This one’s APC7287128. Will be spending it soon so someone else can say they’ve had it. Maybe I’ll spend it on a lottery ticket to see if it’s got any luck attached to it. Let you know if it does.

  101. Did a haircut at home for a friend in Strathroy , Ontario . Was given a $5:00 bill -APD8221672- I like Jonathan’s idea will use this bill to buy lottery ticket. Get er done….

  102. $5.00 bill AOF7123088 stamped surfaced in Trenton ON, Dec. 19th as portion of dues collected for weekly Super 7 draw I run for friends at Rona/Trenton. Bill will be used to purchase tickets for this week’s $30 million draw at Macs Milk in Trenton ON. Wonder where it will end up next???

  103. My buddy just left a message on my phone saying he found a 5 dollar bil with this website address, said he got from change at a tim hortons. Dec 20 2007, St. Thomas ON

  104. Just got paid from a job the other day and found a ten dollar bill with the web address on it. Dec 19th 2007, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  105. People, you’re not supposed to post the serial #’s here. To track a bill’s travels, go to the actual tracking website: Enter the serial # there and the postal code of your current location (assuming you have teh bill with you). If you don’t currently have possession of the bill, then it’s preferred that you don’t enter it at all, as it may create erroneous entries in the tracking database (each entry of a bill calculates distance travelled and time elapsed).

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  106. Bank machine withdrawl yeilds a “Whereswily” Canadian $20.00 bill in London, On Canada – Dec 22, 2007 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  107. Bank machine withdrawl yeilds a “Whereswily” Canadian $20.00 bill in Toronto, ON Canada – Dec 26, 2007 – Happy New Year! (serial #ALR0613172)

  108. Got a Whereswilly $5.00 (APE4687710)on Dec 24/07 in Duncan BC carried it to Port Alberni. Used it for an Ice cream in Whisky Creek (a bump on Hwy 4 with a store) and my wife got it back in her change so we carried it back to Victoria Dec 26th. Hope to pass it on it’s way in the next day or two.

  109. I recieved this bill in December, around the 28th, in Merritt BC, Country Capital of Canada, and they wouldnt take it at extra foods, the paint ran on it… what do i do with it??

  110. I just had a 5 dollor bill today, and just b4 i past it to a tim hortons i noticed , Track this bill, written in red ink, I am in north bay ontario, it went to the tims, @ the tigermart :),
    jan 8,2008

  111. received a 5$ bill with the message on it from a coffee shop downtown…mtl, qc

  112. I received the $5.00 bill today, Jan. 14/08 at my work place in Oshawa, Ontario–serial # APE3079557. After reading comments, I have not seen this # quoted by anyone else. How many bills are really out there? They may not be travelling too far from home with if the numbers are high.

  113. Found $5 stamped in my wallet January 11, 2008, have no idea who gave it to me. Edmonton, Alberta AOT8423604
    Please don’t give my email address to others!

  114. If santa is the most cloned guy then willy must be a close second.5 with a new # HOV5724009 January 23/08

  115. I recieved a twenty dollar bill December 28/07 from a bank machine on Red River Road in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I still have it and will use it January 25 or 26, 2008 and send it on it’s next adventure.

  116. January 29, 2008
    $5.00 bill AOS2662806,MIssissauga, Ontario, I’m going to play the lottery with it! Wish me luck!

  117. Says she got the Whereswilly bill around Jan 28/08. It is in Burlington, Ont. Will be sending it along. Found it kinda cute

  118. Hello, my name is Mike, I’m from St.Catharines, ON. Today I went to Canadian Tire and made a purchase, and received change back, containing your 5$ bill with the “” URL on it. COOL !

  119. Hi My Name is Luisa and I am from London,Ontario , Canada and I recieved a 5 dollar Bill with * whereswilly* at Tim Hortons inside Fays Cafe in the Victoria Hospital

  120. Hello i’m from Québec, canada and i received 5 dollar bill at sugar shack of Érablière du lac beauport #HNS4439986

  121. I’ve held on to the five for a couple months, but will send it on it’s way soon. I’m on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

  122. Today is February 15th,2008 and i’m writing to inform all of the where abouts of the”whereswilly” $20 bill.Well,it found its way into Scruples Salon and Spa yesterday,located in Windsor,Ontario…on Valentines Day! A relaxing day from all those days on the road…Instead of depositing this bill in the bank for process,i will spend it at a local club and keep its travels alive….

  123. Today the $10.00 bill (BEZ2165368)showed up at Waterworks variety store in St. Thomas at 9:00 am. I’m sure it will be travelling again very soon.

  124. got the fiver serial # APC8397398 IN BURLINGTON Ontario Feb. 14 2008.
    A Valentine of sorts !

    Hope future posters will note the serial # of their bills

  125. I got a $20.00 bill at the bank machine in Glace Bay, NS with the words wheres Just thought I’d let everyone know that in January 2008 Willy was in Glace Bay.

  126. I received thi $5.00 bill at the grocery store here in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik. The serial number is HOY7883722. Just to let you know that Willie is here in Kuujjuaq with us, but not for long

  127. looks like has shut down, but i found the $20 bill serial # ezr4568258 in kirkland lake ontario from the bank machine @ the northern credit union march 3/08

  128. hi
    i am 11 years old and i pulled my tooth yesterday and i got a WHERESWILLY 5 buck bill.
    what do i do with it?

  129. Diggin through my husbands change I picked up this whereswilly 5 dollar bill. I think he picked it up in Fort Mac or something…serial aov1499506. March 11 in Calgary, Alberta….I wish this were the lottery or something!!!!

  130. This $20 bill showed up in my skate sharpening shop in kitimat b.c. from a customer of mine…#alk8571483

  131. hi
    march 13 2008 i just got a $10 with on it and i plan on releasing him back into the wild(lol)

  132. Once i went to the bank,and A girl gave it to me and i said whats this and the lady said”you can track your money”. and she said we get them ALL THE TIME!!

  133. Ottawa, I received this fiver from my Dad at the hospital where my Mom is staying. My Mom put it in an Easter card for her grandson Willy and it is on its way to MacKenzie B.C. Go Willy Go!

  134. March 18,2008

    Received $5.00 bill in change at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Ontario today. Says on bill, “Track this bill!”

  135. i got a 5$ bill at pizza pizza in port hope ontario today im gonna keep it for a while, than maby let it go this is pretty cool (AOM4574512)

  136. i just found (AOS6757860) in my wallet so i came on here to check it out right now it’s in meteghan nova scotia canada

  137. March 21 2008
    Recieved a $5.oo dollar bill in Harcourt, Ontario It was in the change I reccieved at the grocery store.

  138. On March 26/08 ~ Received a fin from my girlfriend, had on it “whereswilly”. Spent it on a box of beer in Langford, BC, Vancouver Island.

  139. don’t know where i got it from. at sobeys paying for groceries and discovered the wheres willy bill and decided to hang on to it.# APC8397398.Dartmouth,Nova Scotia.This is cool, have a good trip Willy!!!

  140. So It seems “Willy” wound up In my hands today. I was at the Mississauga Recycle & Garbage plant. Noticed the writing on the bill and decided to carry on your thing you have going here.

    My location Is:


    Willy Is now with one of my co-workers, And who knows where he’s going next.


  141. Willy was given to me on April 1st at the Lunar Rogue Pub in Fredericton, NB. I will be passing it on shortly.

  142. I was given a whereswilly 5 for change at my bank in Peterborough,Ontario. April,4.2008

  143. Got some money from a store at my school called REDYMART and here it is a 5 DOLLARS in Winnipeg Manitoba April 10, 2008

  144. Received $5 bill from change at Restaurant in Barrie Ont. Spent it at a Tim Hortons drive through in Thornton Ont.

  145. I have Willy here with me. It was part of the change I received back from Emma’s Backporch here in Burlington.

  146. Hi all,
    I go “willy” as part of my change for lunch at The
    Rooster Cookhouse in Trenton, Ontario.
    I wonder where “he” will end up next?

  147. april 25,o8

    got willy in credit union today and will send him off to cancer fundraisre tomorrow night, #ALF720125

  148. I have the whereswilly $5 bill and I live in N.D.G. Quebec.Received it as change for my sandwich.AOW3410170 is the famous bill I have.I leave for Cuba on Monday, will bring it with me and spend it at the hotel.I hope I can follow it again from there, should be interesting!

  149. What the hell!!Is it a new stupid lotto??Hey folks,the value of the bill remains the same!!!Damn go out and play!!

  150. Received this $5 bill with my birthday money. Bill #A0T6493159. I live in St. John’s, N.L area

  151. I received a $5.00 bill APE2461830 as change from a Tim Hortons in Fenelon Falls Ont. May 3rd 2008

  152. I found this in my wallet not sure how I got it. Living in Edmonton Alberta,went on a road trip to Calgary this weekend, but I will be spending it today on Lunch.

  153. Just sold that bill for a good cause at the dollar store in order to drink plenty of Vodka today. I found this bill in Mississauga ON…goood luck to the next participant.

    “Drawing the line depends upon where it is drawn”…lol


  154. I`m not going to say what I threw my willy at, the blue bill was converted to green then to ash as all things teheeeeee

  155. Bought cigarettes May 8th at a depanneur in Montreal, Qc. and got Willy as change and then paid for more cigarettes later in the day with the Willy in my wallet.

  156. I just opend my dads wallet and found a five dollar bill
    i thought he wrote a site on it to remember it, but then i figured it out

    i live in British Columbia

  157. my mother recieved a 20 spot in kingston ontario, came for a visit in vancouver bc and gave it to me. bye bye willy im eating you for dinner!

  158. I’ve never heard of all this tracking of money business but got a $20 whereswilly bill last night at a Walmart in London, ON. I think it’s a great idea and will release the bill back into the world today when I pay some library fines 😉

  159. I received the $5 bill today at Tim Hortons in Selkirk, Manitoba. I will be releasing it into the world again tomorrow

  160. Received the $5.00 bill from the McDonalds last night, Upper James and Rymal Rd, Hamilton, Ontario. Just spent it at the Tim Horton’s, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario.

  161. Found in Regent Park, Toronto…Will be released into circulation in exchange for illegal ciggies…

  162. i foundd one paying for my treats at a cineplex odeon cinemas in Whitpby, ontario

  163. Got a $5 bill today from Dairy Queen in the MacAlistar Place mall (not sure of spelling), in Saint John, New Brunswick.

  164. Recieved a $5 bill with “whereswilly” today from Dairy Queen in the MacAlistar Place mall, in Saint John, New Brunswick.

  165. I recieved a $5 bill today in new glasgow NS with the words (track this bills journey)
    good luck

  166. Received a “whereswilly” $5.00 bill today as part of a fund raising donation to “Shelter House Thunder Bay”

  167. We got a whereswilly 20.00$ bill a couple of days ago from a Safeway, in Surrey, BC.

  168. Got a whereswilly 20 from a bank machine in Carstairs, AB yesterday. Had to check the website. May 31, 2008

  169. Recieved a five dollar bill from the mac donalds, in wal-mart, in wellard ontario. I’ve never heard about willy before so I thought I’d check it out.

  170. Received a five dollar bill at Marek Hospitality (Abitibi Consolidated) mill cafeteria) in Iroquois FAlls,On on Wed.June 4/08 at 1:00pm. This is sooooo cool…………………………….. Kiki and all the girls in the cafeteria.

  171. Received a five dollar bill at Marek Hospitality (Abitibi Consolidated) mill cafeteria) in Iroquois FAlls,On on Wed.June 4/08 at 1:00pm. This is sooooo cool…………………………….. Kiki and all the girls in the cafeteria. APA8994208

  172. I received a 20.00 bill from Georgian Downs Race track in Barrie Ont,Thursday the 30th of June. This is so neat .Keep it going.

  173. Well say hello to wheres Willy he as of today June 5 08 in Woodstock ont. from the T D bank so l will let Will travel on.

  174. I’ve had mine in my wallet for a while. I think I got it from my bank in North Delta, B.C.. The serial number is EYY9211029. I can’t believe how many people don’t state the serial number they seem to think that theirs is the only one out there, kind of hard to track!! Come on people get with the program!!

  175. willy aot9383859 came to me in april 08 in a bingo hall in kamloops bc will let him go in the same place in june 08

  176. aon4796489, 5$ bill is in Yellowknife, my kid brought it back from a track meet in HayRiver last week, I excahnged it with one of mine so I can respont to the, I’m gonna spend it sooner or later

  177. My Mom had a $20 bill that she got from the bank machine in Park Royal, West vancouver, BC. She spent it on the ferry to Vancouver Island. Sorry, no serial #………

  178. my mum had a five dollar bill and gave it to me for swimming, and i didn’t use it so i still have it :P, it is in richmond, b.c. canada

  179. My husband daughter and I were going to the arboretum in Guelph Ontario. we got change from a coffee at the Tim Hortons at 2.44pm and I thought it was pretty neat to see this where’s willy. I had never heard of it before. Easy come easy go.AOT7556747. go to the website for more info about us (music) have a listen at myspace/singlikeacricket

  180. I got a where’s willy bill from a convenience store and used it to pay for train fare.

  181. received it on 18 ofjune 2008 recu 18 juillet 2008 a green valley ontario magasin brown house store pres frontiere de quebec ontario near quebec border number # numero estbez2302009 $10 sais cool keeping it for summer vacation je le gard pour les vacances d’etee; pgg

  182. received in store brown house convenience green valley bez2302009 will keep for summer to spend in quebec or ontario lol merci bonne jounee thanks have a nice day $10

  183. Received a where’s Willy Bill today $5 amount in London Ontario. Serial # apb6301604. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  184. Received a $5 bill from a store called Life Is Good at a Sidewalk Sale this past weekend in Oakville Ontario. Serial # AOT4740188. My kids thought is was very cool! Sent it on it’s way at a Petro Canada gas station today, which is also located in Oakville. Hope to see you again Willy!

  185. Dis is Arctic The Money has landed in my hands and now I urge you to write short comments on the money of things we must remember and happening very soon with the use of this blood flow of currency…I gave it a start and wrote new world order…peace

  186. We received a 5$ bill and went to spend it at Canadian tire in Hanmer Ontario on June 22 2008.We went on this website and seen that it has traveld all over the place and we were lucky to receive it.It’s so awesome that we can track the 5$ bill down!

  187. Yesterday i spent a 5 dollar bill at La Paloma in Woodbridge. I noticed the where’s Willy stap as soon as I handed the bill over.

  188. June 25 2008
    Received at a Shrine Circus in change at London Ontario.Bill #AON38112799 Keep it going it’s awesome to see where it’s been


  190. this should only be great if only one five dollar bill is moving . the best thing to do is track only one. WE COULD DO THIS . I AM GOING TO SPEND THIS 5 BUCKS PLEASE TRACK IT. AOK1205026 is the number I am spending it at the RED APPLE CORNER STORE in ABBOTSFORD B.C. please keep this going and post it. THANK YOU

  191. Got a $20.00 bill in Plevna On. today the serial # is ALJ2324102, let’s see where it goes next!!

  192. 10.00 canadian bill brought to us in our local video store in Tracadie-Sheila new Brunswick July 1 2008.

  193. this is a lost of time how can you track bills when 1 person does not tell you bill code? bit i looked here anyways i got a 20$ bil from atm in gatineau no.ayu5278207

  194. Got my Where’s Willy fiver somewhere between Burnaby and Squamish, BC.
    #AOP8740957 will spend my lucky $5 on a lottery ticket! =)

  195. I HAVE a WILLY!!!! (5$) I received it from a MarketPlace IGA in Downtown Vancouver (APA943115) Gonna spend it soon! (Probably on a coffee!)


  197. I got a $5 bill when i was a wild water kingdom in Brampton, ON. It is now with me in Oakville, ON. I am going to Yellow Knife and i will pass it on there


    PEACE OUT!!!!

  199. 7 July, 08 – $5.00 AOP9101187 passed through Westerose, Alberta in a South Pigron Lake Fire Dept. fund raiser.

  200. I got a five dolar bill with the stamp, in Ottawa, Ontario. Its kind of wierd. First i thought that the bill was fake, but then i read it, and then i thought “‘Its probably a bunch of kids playing around” ,,,

  201. First for me as well!!! It is COOL!! couldn’t think at first what was on the twenty, what with the talk of the fake bills going around. Got it out of a bank machine in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. Fun to see where all they’ve been!!!!

  202. 10$ bill BTE8971751 is in ottawa ontario! it will be spent today and i’ve bookmarked the site to see if it pops up again!!

  203. Just got a bill from the Liquor Store in Kamloops with the stamp on it.ser# APD0143457. He has not done much with the site for some time now (competition) it was neat to see that there were still some bills floating around. was the first canadian site to do this and included both can and us currency.

  204. I recieved my wheres willy 5$ July 14th its the first willy i found. Ill get ride of it tuesday keep it rolin peace 🙂

  205. First time I’ve ever heard of this site.Received fiver(AOF944O331)at Fat Albert’s,Ottawa on July 24th and will spend it on Super 7 tonight.

  206. Hi, got a $20 at Walmart, Stephenville, NL. the other day with written on.

  207. We just received a “where’s Willy” $5 at Wiarton Video in Wiarton Ontario.

    Funny thing is, our town is famous for our “weather predicting” groundhog, Wiarton Willie.


  208. Just received a $5 bill from Goodies Bakery in Winnipeg, MB on Meadowood Drive. A0T7165127

  209. Received my first “Where’s Willy” $5 at Shopper’s last night.
    AOJ 3027266 I’m sending him off today!!!!

  210. July 30, 2008 1:00 p.m. (Toronto,ON)
    I bought a pack of smokes, received change with a $5.00 bill with
    Sending it off tonight.

  211. Heh I live in Sparwood BC, I recieved a $20 bill from the bank machine CIBC in Sparwood I let it go in Fernie BC at the coffe tea shop bestest chi latte in the world if u r ever there be sure to stop in and have one…wonder where that bill will be tomorrow???July 30 5pm

  212. AOM1771010 — Got it in Ingersoll, Ontario as change from Timmy,s. Anyone not knowing what to do with theirs can send them to me.LOL

  213. While being paid from one of my clients I recieved a $5.00 bill with a curious note written on it “Track this bill’s journey” www. It has made it’s way to Quispamsis New Brunswick, Canada. It will be interesting to see where it ends up next.

    1. while being paid from one client i recived 5.00$ bill whit a curious note written on it ‘
      “track this bill’s journey” www. a serial number is ..apl3612038 It has made way to GRAND-MERE canada 10 january 2011 .

  214. i got mine at c&m mini mart in woodstock,,don’t know where it came from or where it will go.(aom1062178)but hope who ever get it has fun as i did.

  215. This bill was acquired as change while attending the RIBFEST, an annual summer activety, in London, Ontario Canada on August 3, 2008

  216. This fiver (apd9358338) was part of my change at the St. Catharines Ont. ribfest.
    It also has a Mason symbol on it.

  217. got some money out of the atm and low and behold….got a 5er with T.O over here

  218. Got it from the bank in London, Ontario serial #AZ16731736. This is a great idea, figure out how far our money travels. $20. bill

  219. Received change from a variety store in woodstock on. Aug6/08 seial no. aow5664328.Great idea Keep it Going.

  220. This $5.00 bill was recieved at a pizza joint in St. Thomas, Ont. Canada the week of August 9th, 2008

  221. Today at Tim Hortons in Aylmer Ontario my husband gave the cashier a marked $5. Not sure when he received it, but we gave it away Aug.16/08
    # was hos3992539

  222. My husband received a $5 bill from a friend today in Barrie ,Ont with www. written on it in purple marker and the bill#is AOU6174302.

  223. Received at the Penticton Farmers and Crafters street market 11:30am 23 August for some lovely hand made jewelry. Fiji Island Fashions .. come see us in the Okanagan !! Sending to our special granddaughter in Calgary .. so look for her at number 421 !!

  224. Rec’d the “Five” wheres willy in Crystal Beach Ont.(for anyone who does not know where this is ,it is on Lake Erie.It was change from the L.L.C.B.O.
    Bon Voyage Willy!~serial # APC4100370

  225. i received this willy at a mac,s milk in thunder bay,ontario on sept,4 th ,2008…when i apid with a ten to buy a coffee…

  226. We received a 5.00$ bill on Saturday, September 06, 2008 in Saint John, NB, Canada. While I was collecting my paper money, someone gave it to me as their payment for the week. The code was AOV4267788. We’re going to spend it tomorrow at the Saint John Mall and send it on another “journey”. Hopefully it will reach someone else who will also submit a small indication on where it was found.

  227. i got a 5$ bill in fredricton and the number on it is AOR5598293…… cool thats the same as that girls named samy number 437…. ‘_’

  228. willy is in chandler quebec since september first in form of a twenty and hand written over the bargain.

  229. Received a “whereswilly” $5.00 in a 50/50 draw winning, at our trailer park at Springwater, Ontario on Sunday, August 31/08. Sent it on its way on Sept. 10/08

  230. Found a ten dollar bill with “track this bill across the country at” this afternoon. I am guessing I got it at the Bean & Bagel in Mississauga yesterday.

  231. got a wheres willy 5.00 in barrie at canadian tire gas station on maple view. AOK1480945. safe traveling willie lol

  232. i found a wheres willy 5 dollar bill it was September 14 2008 it was found in Dunn ville Ontario now i have the wheres willy 5 dollar bill here with me in grimsby Ontario now i will spend it and see where it will go and i also found it in a Parken lot under a boat in a mcdonalds

  233. Willy showed up on $20.00 bill Sept 17/08 in Brandon, Manitoba at a fund raising event.
    Ser # EZR9177849

    Oh Willy where are you now???

  234. Okay, now you’ve got us looking at all our paper money!

    Another fund raising event. This time a 5iver with a hand written (in green) ‘Where’s Willy?’ bill.

    Follow it’s journey. Serial # A0Y5713392 received wkend of Sept 20th in Brandon, Manitoba.

  235. i have the $20 bill got it from the lady i work for and she got it from the bank in bonaventure quebec when she took out her pay. we are in newcarlisle quebec.

  236. i have the $20 bill got it from the lady i work for and she got it from the bank in bonaventure quebec when she took out her pay. we are in newcarlisle quebec. the code is (are9525297)

  237. Got a fiver acouple of days ago. I was intrigued so I looked on this site. It is still in my jeans.

  238. A $10 bill passed through my hands tonight – I’m in Halifax and it is Sept 29, 2008 – serial BTD7023068

  239. I got the where’s willy 5 dollar bill in our museum gift shop at work today, in Burlington Ontario.

  240. I got a $5 bill with the number AOH2788241 in Lethbridge, Alberta Oct.2/08. It is interesting to see how far the money travels.

  241. I gota $5 willy in branch #35 red deer legion, for change from brother smenki

  242. I just happened to look at my $5.00 and there it was bill study with this web site. Bill #AOS6124014 This is so cool. I live in Northern Ontario and its October 10, 2008

  243. Got a 5 dollar bill in change from a henna tattoo stand on Canada Day in downtown Ottawa, Ont.

    Serial # AOP3730906

  244. I got 10 dollar bill at a Tim Horton in Grand Falls N.B. no BTK2621134 17 oct 2008 bot beer with 10 buck

  245. I work at Wendy’s in Calgary, Alberta. A customer gave me $5 and it said “currency tracking“. I kept that $5 bill under all of the other $5 bills so I won’t give it to anyone else as change and I hoped that one of the managers (who deposit this money into banks) noticed this $5 bill.

  246. I got this $ 20 bill at atm machine
    in st- jean sur richelieu in Quebec
    16 oct 2008 at 9:30 am and think willy
    will visit montreal .thank you

  247. I got the $5 bill in Toronto at the Eatons Center and brought it back to Sudbury and havent used it yet.

  248. $5 (A0Y8461288)recieved with whereswilly writing at Angel’s Diner in Brantford ON. Now in Norwich ON.

  249. Hi, received $5,00 bill, APK 1320290 October 25th,at 11:30 a.m. from someone in Bancroft,Ontario, who said it had originally come from out west somewhere.

  250. I have just received a 20 dollar bill with the whereswilly address on it with a highlighted code, als5260058 where has this bill been? i live out in langley B.C.

  251. Hi everyone,
    I am a dedicated Willier, I just love the site and think it is absolutely fascinating to watch where the money taht goes through my hands ends up. It’s also very awesome that there are so many people out there talking about the site and what it’s all about. I just have one request: could everyone refrain from posting the entire serial number in your messages. The problem is some dishonest person could enter these serial numbers, claiming they found the bill, when they haven’t really, and this would give a false idea of where the bills have actually travelled, thus defeating the entire purpose of the site! You probably noticed that when you entered the bill, it blocked 3 of the numbers and this is to keep people honest, so if you want to talk about a serial number here, go for it, just post the serial number like this: AOV85—16. I’m not harping on anyone, it’s just to make the whole thing more fun for everyone. So thanks for entering those bills, and come on over, join the fun and enter some of your own! It’s a very addicting hobby. Happy Willying!

  252. looks like i found a $5.00 serial number AOV9670861 at a cactus petes oct. 25/08 in toronto, ontario. il be setting him free later on today!

  253. HI
    I work with Queen Elizabeth Hospital here on p.e.i. ,a fiver came through as I was working the toll booth ,your web was on the bill, so it’s located somewhere in the maritimes as all our cash goes out of here by courier.
    just to let you know.

  254. recieved a 5 dollar bill with wrote on it.
    Home Hardware, Windsor Nova Scotia

  255. I got a five dollar bill in cahnge at Tim Hortens, Brantford Ont, # A0S3869441
    How do I find out where its been, as it has french written on it, along with the whereswilly.

  256. Oct 31 – Kingston Ontario $5 bill AOP7046668. Was given this bill while in Windsor Ontario this past weekend.

  257. Received $5 dollar bill at Wal Mart store in Clarenville,NL AOK12—90
    Just had to check it out.
    Keep on going Willy

  258. I received the WHERESWILLY $5.00 bill in St. Thomas, Ontario on November 5th, off to spend it in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

  259. Nov. 07/08 I received where’s Willy $5. Bill in Caledonia, ON. It will be going in our Church envelope. APK4544575

  260. I found a WHERES WILLY wrote on my canadian 20$ bill,got it in Nackawic Newbrunswick serial#EZN4628982

  261. I found a WHERES WILLY wrote on my canadian 20$ bill,got it in Nackawic Newbrunswick serial#EZN4628

  262. November 7,2008

    I received a “Where”s Willy” $ 20.00

    bill in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

    Kinda Cool!

  263. I recieved a five dollar where’s willy bill today in Toronto at Sobey’s grocery market on yonge street just south of Wellsley. I will probably spend it tommorrow.

  264. received a $5 whereswillie in Parksville on Vancouver Island, 10th November 08…serial numberAPH7774419

  265. Thats cool I cashed my cheque and recived this 20#ELB5651900 someone said it was lucky and spend it.So I did hope it is lucky .Everyone can use a little luck.November19th 2008 LIVER POOL N.S.

  266. hi i got one 20bill eyh0124072 at a bank machine in montreal it was bank of montreal i thought it was fake maybe it s good luck,good luck to the next person to get it

  267. I recieved a 5 dollar bill at the sterling Inn and spa in Niagara fallls,ontario,and spent it at tim horton on Mclead rd niagara falls


  269. Just got a twenty dollar bill with where’s on it. I live in Napanee, Ontario. Got it out of the banking machine.

  270. Found a $5.00 whereswilly at Walmart in Kelowna, BC Serial number HOR4960732. It has travelled throughout Alberta and BC. Spent it at Tim Horton’s in Westbank, BC

  271. hi, got this 5 in the mall in williams lake,b.c. will spend it at the legion br.139 tomorrow. dec.12-08
    ser,no. aom38-01

  272. Received a willy fiver at Houlligan’s Pub and Eatery in Winnipeg M.b Dec 20. It was hand written in blue and red ink.#aoj4962442. Any one else seen this bill? I thought it was kinda neat. Re-releasing it into the wild today. I’m thinking lotto 649, or a pint of Alexander Keith’s

  273. I got a wheres 5 dollar bill on january 2nd in Niagara Falls Ontario.No. H0Z9124640. keep on Trucking.

  274. Recevied a wheres willy five dollar bill AOV0243001, somewhwere in Strathroy Ont .Dec 2008. I’m going to purchase a lottery ticket with it, in the same town

  275. I have a wheres willy five dollar bill. >#APK4770743…. I got it in edmonton AB!!!
    This is kool!!!!! 🙂

  276. Obtained this $10. bill ( BTL1093901 ) from an ATM at the Ramada Hotel in Fredericton, NB on Jan. 16, 2009. Will send Johnny on his way soon.

  277. picked up the five in Grande Prairie, AB and spent it in Fairview, AB buying a candy bar and a Pepsi and now im broke,

  278. hey it’s my turn, got the 5.00 in change from a women at work{pollard banknote ltd} i
    I gave her a 20.00 for 649 ticket’s and she gave it to me. winnipeg manitoba Jan 24/09

    1. I live in Winnipeg and was counting my bills in my wallet and noticed the fiver with whereswilly on it, I had received it a few years back and now I have it again! May spend it tomorrow.

    SERIAL # A0903721

  280. I received a $5 (A0Y9286261) February 12th from a Tim Hortons in Point-aux-trembles, Montréal, QC. I was in Montréal for a PeeWee hockey tournament. I plan to spend the bill tonight at the Papineauville arena (QC) which is approximately 2hrs West of Montréal.

  281. just found a $5.00 bill in my wallet with whereswilly on it. no idea where I got it, will spend it tonite in Saskatoon, sk

    1. i received the wheres willy 5 dollar bill today in stouffville ontario after winning 5 bucks on lotto 649.maybe its lucky send me some lucky numbers that add up to 6 bucks ,and if i win on wed draw i will split it with you.

  282. Money counted from a swim meet that was held in PEI, I now have a five dollar bill in Burlington, Ontario on March 4, 2009

  283. just got this $50 bill in markham ont ,yea me gonna spend it on something,,marcr .05 09

  284. $5.00 AOF8150106 received at Royal Bank-East Main St. Welland, Ont. Spent at Bada Bings Bar/Eatery on Maple St. Welland. The Trailer Park Boys stopped in, on their way to Pt. Colborne. Wanted a bite to eat. “Willy’s such a cute little thing…we had a BALL at BADA BINGS” Who knows where he’ll go from THERE?


  286. I withdrew money this morning from a td teller and found a where’s willy bill! Yay! 🙂

  287. I got a five dollar bill from my boyfriend.It had whereswilly on it.It s at a garage in Bridgetown ns


  289. I received this $5.00 April 7/09 at total pet in Prince george b.c. #APP7917339 I will take it with me to kelowna and vancouver and then send it to my grandchildren, perhaps.

    1. I just spent a $5 bill at Tim Hortons in Wiarton, Ontario. (I think I received it in Owen Sound, On).

  290. My class and I received a $5 bill – APN2674668 – when we collected money for a trip. We are in Chatham Ontario

  291. Received $5.00 bill in Markham, Ont. serial #
    APV 1703985 and used it in Scarborough, Ont. Way to go ‘whereswill’.

    1. lol i had it just last week i spent it at petro canada on university cresent and pembina highway i didnt get the seriak number or anything i first got it in my home town of pinefalls about an hour and a half from winnipeg

  292. i was watching a deal go on and my bro owed me 20 -gave me his change $20.00 bill and i gots the whereswilly site on it im in winnipeg manitoba code is EZY8174091

  293. I got a $10.00 bill back from a 20.00 serial # FEA8176698 from our local store on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009.


  295. I received the $20 bill for my birthday in March from my mother n law from Brantford, ON. and I live in Iqaluit, Nunavut

  296. hi i got a $10 bill whereswilly at loto booth at the mail in grand fall windsor.on 11th of june 2009

  297. Hi got a $20..00 dollar bill from bank mxchine in Newmarket ontario wanted to check out web site before going to fairy queen to spent it in Keswick June 12 2009

  298. My brother received a 20.00 from an ATM Machine in Kapuskasing, On, # ALU 3688547. I think willy will rest there for a bit before my brother lets him go..

  299. i got a 5 dollar bill at shoppers on danforth Toronto serial number AOY6204056 on June 16 2009. time to set it free…

  300. I got money from my sister at Pizza Hut last night and i saw something red written on it and so i read it and there was the whereswilly’s web site. i live just outside of London On Canada. i think that cool to see how far it goes!

  301. yea me and my friend bought a slush puppy and Dennis got a 10$ bill back and the number on the bill is BTUOOO9730. This idea is really cool

  302. I received a $20.00 bill #ELC8361961,with the stamp on it at moneygram Markham road & Sheppard ave, Scarborough,Ont.

  303. I recieved willie in change at the hairdresser in DUNCAN BC VANCOUVER ISLAND at 1pm today.Im going to put him into a slot machine and see if he brings me luck

  304. Aug 25/09

    APC9283436 $5 dollar bill. Recieved at Daily Grind
    coffee shop, Simcoe Ontario Canada

  305. I received a “whereswilly” bill in Kelowna, BC out of an ATM machine at Walmart. I wonder how many canadian currency bills are elegilly stamped like this!

  306. September 14th, 2009
    I received a “whereswilly” $5 bill APH14—25 @ Bingo Country in London,On

  307. I got a fiver last month and hung on to it till now but now I have to give it to joanne., but I know she will spend it wisely on something like crack. Love her anyway.

  308. My husband was given the $5 bill when collecting money at work for the super 7. I wonder if it was lucky. I am going home now to check the numbers. North York, ON

  309. Im working right now at pizza hut at bloor and high park and just got a 10 bill with the “where’s willy”

    I never heard of it… and got a lil bit curious about where the 10 bill had been…
    pretty cool…
    i hope i can find another bill soon

  310. Vancouver British Columbia
    My $5.00 bill sat in my winter jacket pocket until yesterday when I sadly put away my summer gear

  311. i got a five dollar bill today serial #aom1609790 (whereswilly) im from stoney point ontario

  312. got a five for the second time and decided to follow the bill APD3110915
    hope to see it again, this is kidda fun.

  313. I just received a $20 bill from a friend and I don’t even think he noticed it the # is BTW9860018 and I am in King City, Ontario

  314. My grandson Lawrence just got a 5 dollar bill from the TOOTH FERRY last night AOM1477134…He’s not happy it’s been taped and wrote on…lol
    Sault Ste Marie,ON

  315. Feb 1st wheres $100.00 bill picked up at cibc newcastle, ontario paid criminal lawyer retainer in oshawa He is back in the system just like Chucky

  316. I got a $10 bill today feb.26/2010 at LE PETIT PAIN in Hawkesbury Ontario, Canada ( serial#BTN5487190.

  317. i found a wheres willy 5.00$ bill this afternoon in cornwall Ontario from my poket and i never had one before and i wonder where it would turn up next. [serial# aph4632169] And hoping to find another

  318. I got a five dollar in change in Prince Albert,SK. on march 13 2010, # APN1246427

  319. I just found it under my mouse pad I put it there about 10 months ago. I got it from a B.M.O. A.T.M. Oh by the it’s a twenty.#AZT3014985.

  320. Received $l0.00 bill BTU9817388 as change from Foodland grocery store in Dorchester, Ontario

    NO. EZL3531065

  322. I had a 5 dollar bill a few months ago it said “” which lead me here. I’m proud to say willy has been passed on leaving us here in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  323. I have a five dollar bill with the wwwwhereswillie address. I received it in North Sydney N.S.

  324. J’ai reçu un billet de 5 $ avec ce site écrit dessus, je reste dans Charlevoix, Québec. Le 04 Mai 2010..

  325. Received this $5.00 bill May 2010 serial # APY4793887 in Wpg. MB. Funny thing is that my 5 lb Yorkie is named “Willy”. Go figure !

  326. hey, my name is karlie farrow from leaf rapids and My friend gave me 20 bucks and it had wherewilly thingy on it so i thought it would be cool to see where this bill came from but .. it wourld be cool if specificaly each bill had a different number code on it to see where that specfic bill has been

  327. hey, my name is karlie farrow from leaf rapids and My friend gave me 20 bucks and it had wherewilly thingy on it so i thought it would be cool to see where this bill came from but .. it wourld be cool if specificaly each bill had a different number code on it to see where that specfic bill has been the code was ALL8462347

  328. I recieved a 20.00 bill from a bank of nova scotia machine in 100 mile house b.c. on may 22, 2010. We were attending a memoriaL service for Taya Grimes and put that 20.00 with other bills in an envelope for her grandparents. her grandpa’s name is Willy and was heading back home to Fort Nelson, B.C. today.

  329. May 31,2010 AOR5929055 Picked up at Tim Hortons in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Couldn’t find any history from where its been. Maybe its just been released. Here from you soon?

  330. i recieved $20.00 bill from a friend, and its still in my pocket for almost 3 months.

  331. we got this by having a garage sale in NIagara on the Lake, Ontairo Canada. 🙂

  332. i just got a Five yesterday at a Flaming Lips concert. in toronto .Never heard of this before. Then my girlfriend said i was stupid.

    I put a something special on it. It’s now going to esso up the street.

    1. I got this $10 bill with http://www.where‘s, track your bill on it at a Tim Horton’s in London on Clarke road. Didn’t write down the serial number but just passed it to my friend Tammy. Hope Tammy passes it on to someone else. Very cool!

  333. I got a $5.00 bill where’swilly in NewBrunswick while I was passing thru at an Irving station.
    I live in Lincolnville Guysborough co. Nova Scotia

  334. I have a $5 bill, recieved it from my mother who got it from one of her customers. Currently in Brantford, Ontario, bill # APW3990423. Nov.26, 2010…going to be recirculated tomorrow.

  335. oh and gust forgot to tell you guys where he/she is he/she is in fredericton,newbrunswick

  336. Noticed this $5.00 bill (AAG6586518) with the address and I am in Kitchener, Ontario. Hope it’s a lucky number and will use it at a lottery booth.

  337. I got a 5 bucker on the BC ferry coming from gibson bc to horshoe bay APL 0402519 I will buy a partial beer with this as Beer is so Frikin expensive here see yu in the pub WILLY

    1. Received whereswilly in our church offering on SunJune 5th 2011 #AAF5661050 at Full Gospel Chapel ,Chaplin Island Road NB It is a $5 dollar bill

  338. Received a $5 dollar bill with the hand written things on it. I didn’t realised what was that. It was few months ago. I kept the bill in my pocket all winter long. I found it back yesterday!
    Serial number: AAL4637485.
    I’m from Quebec city.
    Have a good trip, willy! ;o)

  339. Many years ago I had in my possession 5 dollar bill # AOM6910805 wondering where it is now. It was originally spent in the Montreal area.

    1. Received a where’s Willie $5 in change in St Thomas Ontario this week.

  340. received a $5.00 bill in Saint John N.B. yesterday number AAL3923640 marked trace this bills journey so it is in Saint john of June 24/2011

  341. I live in Campbellford Ontario and I just received a whereswilly 5.00 bill AAC2347084

  342. It is August 11th, 2011 and I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I received a $5.00 bill from the bank today. The serial number is AAN1235394. Please continue to track its journey.

  343. I got this $5.00 bill in Midland, ON Writing on the bill had “This is a SPECIAL bank note!” also “Please help track its travels @” APK1279785

  344. I got the whereswilly 5 dollar bill today from winnipeg Garden city shopping center 2011..

  345. i have a 10 dollar bill i havent spent it yet thought i got it in st johns N.B but i live in florncevill N.B. ITS oct 15 .

  346. Received a stamped $5.00 for change in Alexandria, Ontario on October 30, 2011, #HPV2723383. This website should have a place to type in the number on the bill for easiser tracking than reading all the comments. A.

  347. Hey there, I received a $5.00 at Tim’s this morning while getting coffee in Hantsport, N.S. I have sent it on it’s way. Have a safe trip Willy!!!

  348. Just got a 5 in Millville NB with
    Track this bill at
    on it #APY7732232 It’s on it’s
    journey again.

  349. jUST GOT A WHERESWILLY TODAY ,… 20 DOLLARD BILL,#ERZ0816753.Please continue to track its journey.

  350. jUST GOT A WHERESWILLY TODAY IN MONTREAL, QUEBEC… 20 DOLLARD BILL,#ERZ0816753.Please continue to track its journey.

  351. Received a $5.00. bill in Maine from the motorcoach driver in return to Georgia from Nova Scotia. Number is APR1369129.

  352. I received a $5 bill at the beer store in Stratford,Ont and new nothing about .But now I do !! Cheers

  353. Got the $ 5 dollar bill with whereswilly on it.. JAN 10th/12 WAL-MART SYDNEY , Cape Breton, NS. # APJ4953794 GOING TO BUY A LOTO TICKET WILLY BE SET FREE ONCE AGAIN I HOPE IT WILL BRING GOOD LUCK WHERE EVER HE GOES …

  354. I found a $5 bill saying on it in Montreal quebec. What is this thing about?

  355. I received a $10 bill with whereswilly today in Sussex, New Brunswick at a gas station.

  356. I live in Oakville On. Went to go pay for some food pulled out a $5 bill and saw some writing on it and said I have to keep this and check out this site had no clue that things like happened pretty cool now I have to spend it to send it on it’s way hopefully it makes it’s way across Canada

  357. received a $100.00 bill “www.whereswilly” EJA0313080 in Vancouver… now i am in Hermosillo, Mexico…

  358. Ive had a hand written whereswilly fiver in my wallet for about a month now. I got it at a salon on Academy Rd in Winnipeg. AAJ2297392 I finally can set it free! Cheers.

  359. We’re a gaggle of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with useful information to paintings on. You have performed a formidable activity and our whole group might be grateful to you.

  360. I just got a whereswilly five at an ATM car wash on Victoria Ave in Leamington, Ontario this morning. April 26, 2012.

  361. We have it here in Midland Ontario !! 8:30 pm. Got it buying a pack of smokes at a macs milk!

  362. Down in Montréal, 1st may 2012.. 5$ bill with serial number hac0810609.

  363. Almost had this 10 dollar bill for a week now . time to spend it and keep it moving. BFF9098625.

  364. Almost had this 10 dollar bill for a week now . time to spend it and keep it moving. BFF9098625.
    It’s in Oakville, Ont.

  365. Got 5$ Bill serial AAS1096357 in St Jerome Quebec June 20 /2012

  366. was given this $5 as change at Home Depot,New Minas,Nova Scotia…………..AAD8185439…:P,happy travelling Willy!!

  367. Hi My friend found a $ 10 bill in ONT
    called me to track it with free willie .

  368. Hi how are you all I live in Hamilton ont and I got the 5 $ bill and it is 07 18 2012 call if you get this bill I would love to know we’re it ends up 2892372499 ty

  369. I received a $5 bill from my husband to do a Timmies run. I noticed it was stamped when I was paying for coffee. Paid with a different bill and kept the one stamped with; Follow the Adventures of this Banknote at: I can’ t determine if Willy is a hampster or a guinea pig or some other critter. I am in Madoc, Ontario I’ll be sending Willy on his merry way tomorrow via Tim Hortons. Oh ya, his serial # AAJ3931421

  370. I got a $5.00 bill from Safeway on August 15/12 in Calgary AB ….#HAC7967781……..Well be sending it on it’s marry way today from Supper Store…….Have an adventures trip…………..

  371. I got a $10.00 willy August 25th 2012 from the Iclandic bakery in Gimli Manitoba with serial #BFD9325239

  372. i have a 10.00 dollars and i got it from my little niece who lives in winnipeg. She came at my place in Edmundston, NB for vacation.

  373. Saw the $5 at a lodge lunch in Sudbury On Oct 2nd 2012. Must be more than one floating around.

  374. I have a whereswilly $10.00 bill that I received at the Montague Credit Union / Prince Edward Island/ after cashing a cheque on October 12/ 2012… anyone know where the bill Originates from or who started “See Where I’ve been / Track Where I go at”?

    Stella of PEI

  375. Where is willy was in my hand for the past week in toronto I received it from the hot dog syand bear yonge and dundas! And my friend browed it to pay for a go bus! It might be on the way to hamilton;)

  376. I come from the north and was visiting in Toronto this past week, and for change received a where’s willy 5 dollar bill serial # AAE5962234.I got it at the ticket booth across from The Eaton’s Center. I will be probably spending it in Timmins Ontario. Anxious to see where it will end up.

  377. I found a whereswilly 5 dollar bill in my bills I had he’s here in Duncan bc # ape9504036 first time I found one great idea who ever started this.

  378. 5$ Bill picked up at DECH Hospital (Fredericton NB) parking lot attendant booth, only with me for a short time – traded it for a Tim Hortons coffee and some change on Canada St in Fredericton NB. Sorry did not get serial number. Stamped in red, front and back!

    1. Hi its Jan. 3rd 2013 , im in Edmonton Alberta . and just gave the $10 bill…BFB0023388

  379. Hello today January 6 2013 I got a 5 dollar bill from the supermarket and it”s brand new,it says HELP TRACK THIS BANK NOTE ACROSS OUR GREAT LAND FOLLOW THE JOURNEY AT http://WWW.WHERE IS WILLY.COM,,THE SERIAL NUMBER IS AAD1816990 and from what I can see on the picture, the mascot is a squirrel and is on skies,I looked a it very closely with a magnified glass,bye Giuliano.

  380. I just found a $10.00 bill in my pocket, not sure where it came from, but it had I live in New Glasgow Nova Scotia. The serial # is BTZ4728183.

  381. just saw this bill this morning.
    i’m in london ontario..
    $5 bill- last 4 # 5733
    unreal seeing postings from 2005 !!

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