You Forgot Poland

I laughed out loud when President Bush corrected Kerry on this member of the “coalition of the willing”. I mean, he did forget Poland–they made a massive contribution of 2700 troups–but it sounded to me like the punchline of a off-colour joke. This guy seems to agree. There’s no apparent purpose to this site, but I like its whimsey.


  1. Did you read his source code? He thanks the RateBeer people. I wonder if it’s going to turn into a bizarre marketing ploy.

  2. I’m impressed that Bush managed to pronounce the head of state of Poland’s name correctly.

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, the Thursday, Sept. 30th “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was fabulous. Lots of good Bush quotes.

  3. yeah.. 2700 troops.. that translates to 2700 troops MORE than france, germany and 150+ other countries combined have sent to iraq.
    any more smart ass comments from stupid yanks?

  4. Papla, who are these Yanks you’re talking about? I’m Canadian, as are all the commenters in this thread. You know how many troops we sent to Iraq? Zero. If you’d care to debate the legality or worthiness of invading Iraq, I’m game.

  5. Canadian? and good on you. Beg your forgiveness for mistaking you for a “do-gooder american, our shit doesn’t stink and we shouldn’t have invaded iraq”.
    Legality of invasion – won’t discuss that. Generally people are divided into four groups –
    1. yes, and i believe it’s right
    2. yes, and i was brainwashed to believe it’s right
    3. no, and i believe it’s wrong
    4. no, and i was brainwashed to believe it’s wrong.
    I’m pretty sure I’m in the first cathegory and since I don’t know whether you belong to 3 or 4 – no discussion here.
    Worthiness? – I’ve met quite a few iraqis, and their opinion was between “Saddam wasn’t that bad, but still, good they got rid of him” and “Thanks god they got that blood thirsty murderer”. Not even one of them was against or had any doubt. Yes, I dare to say that getting rid of dictator and giving (relative) freedom to iraqis and afghans was worth it. It’s easy making up your mind about worthingess of war while you’re sitting in the cosy loungeroom with a beer watching news on tv. It’s even easier, when you’ve lived in iraq and your brother had his arms broken, because he forgot to put a picture of saddam for display in his shop window.
    Ridiculling any country’s contribution to the iraqi war, whether its 2700 polacks, 200 bulgarians or whatever number of estonians etc, is in my opinion just an example of bad taste.

    We’ve got just over 200 troops in iraq, and I’m proud of each and any one of them.
    Greetings from OZ.


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