About Time for Another Weblogger Meetup

It’s about time, I think, for another weblogger meetup. I’m trying to space them roughly 6 weeks apart, and the last one (there are photos here and here) was on August 26, so that’s about right.

Unless somebody can demonstrate a signficant reason not to, I’m scheduling this one for Thursday, October 14, starting at 7:00pm. At the last meetup, there were some discussions about changing venues–complaints about grumpy waitresses and lost credit cards, if I recall correctly. I’m happy enough with the Morrissey, but if we want to go somewhere else, that’s cool too. Now’s the time to wade in with suggestions.

I was reminded about scheduling a meetup thanks to Mr. Scoble, who provides some advice for organzing its first cousin, the geek dinner. As Robert points out, our new venue probably should be affordable, centrally-located and scalable.


  1. I was fine with the Morrissey as well, but some other suggestions I often hear are the Irish Heather (Gastown), Jupiter (Davie / West End), and The Foundation (Main / Broadway)

  2. yes, it was me who had the lost credit card. Damn waitress. She’s the same one who was taking people’s drinks away before they were done!

    I’m not good with venues that could handle larger groups of people. Jupiter is definitely not good for larger groups (at least when I was there last time) and neither is the Foundation. How about The Whip? They have a space upstairs that’s pretty large. And I that was the venue for the very first Vancouver weloggers meetup oh so long ago.

  3. I was going to suggest Original Joe’s? It’s at the corner of Broadway & Cambie, upstairs where Fogg n Sudds used to be.

    Then again, I did SO love the fact that Strongbow was on tap at the Morrissey. Can we make that a minor criteria for venue selection?

    Oh, and yes I think the 14th is a good day.

  4. (Gak, that makes me sound incredibly lazy since I wasn’t at the last meet. Can’t recall why. I am sure I was just unexpectedly busy. Haha!)

  5. I’m just relieved that it seems that I’ll actually be able to make this one. I’ve missed…what…three already? Too lame.

    Of course, you might all get nostalgic for the meetups *before* I started coming 😉

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