Phevos and Athena

I’ve never tried to design a mascot, but it must be difficult. Otherwise, why would people get it so horribly wrong on a regular basis. The 2004 Athens games are no exception, with two pear-shaped blobs, apparently siblings named for a pair of Greek deities. Either they’re walrus/human hybrids or the unfortunate result of thalidomide during their mother’s pregnancy.

As you may have read, they’re taking their fair share of abuse in the media.


  1. My mom used to make me wear dresses like that. It’s a dark day for dough-shaped three-fingered kneeless mascots everywhere.

  2. Thanks, though I don’t have a fifth of the talent to do that. It was done by Randal at Bomeca Media Group ( My contribution was as follows: “make us an angry moose in green”.

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