The Bathroom Diaries

Have I referenced this before? It feels vaguely familiar, but I imagine there are dozens of quality bathroom-rating sites out there. But perhaps not one this exhaustive. Looking for a clean public bathroom in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? They’ll hook you up. I can’t vouch for those locations, but they do well to disuade visitors from using the bathrooms at Main and Hastings in downtown Vancouver. Unless, of course, you’re trying to score heroin. There are an inexplicable number of entires for Cactus Club restaurants in Vancouver…guerilla marketing, perhaps?


  1. Actually, I found the washroom in the Scott Rd. location of Cactus Club to be eerily modern. There was some kind of plastic toilet-seat-covering gadget that ensured I would never sit on someone else’s used toilet seat cover, but wouldn’t have to handle the cover myself. It was really freaky. If that’s the sort of washrooms that all Cactus Clubs provide, I’m not surprised to hear they’re getting attention on bathroom rating sites.

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