My Danish Socks Arrived

On March 18, I wrote about the elegant idea that was Well, today my socks arrived. That’s pretty good–11 days from Frederiksberg to Vancouver.

I’ve got pair #10 on right now, and they feel great.


  1. hmmm this is a good thing. I should partake then I’ll have matching socks for the first time in my life. Kevie will collapse outta shock. 🙂

  2. I admit it, I have a sock-matching fetish. If my socks don’t match perfectly, I just don’t feel right and am self-conscious about it all day.

    For the most part, I wear two kinds of socks; generic wool crew-length and cotton “shorty” socks. The wool is by far superior for wicking wetness away from your foot, but they look rather strange when wearing them with shorts.

    Matching my wool socks is pretty easy, as the colors are distinct (black, blue, tan) and they are all of the same age, so they “feel” the same.

    The cotton socks, however, are a continual challenge. Though they are the same brand (Champion), they are of varying ages and thus have a slightly different thickness, tightness of the elastic and smoothness of the cotton.

    I really need to chuck all of the cotton ones and buy a new batch of identical ones.

    After that, I really should consider therapy.

  3. Donna: That’s the surreal joy of the product.

    Imo: Go to it.

    Winston: I applaud your analness and affection for matching socks. Clearly, 10socks is the way to go for you. Though, I expect then that you’d obsess about matching up the numbers.

  4. In the spirit of Einstein, all my socks are the same. And all my socks are of the same age. No new socks will be bought until these are gone. Thus, I will never have to match socks.

  5. Well, except for my Tigger socks. Exceptions need to be made for Tigger socks (I couldn’t find Hello Kitty socks that would fit me).

  6. It was a little over CAN $100 for ten pairs. Which is a bit pricey for socks, but they seem well-made. I’ll report back on their durability. Plus, I saved the time and effort of multiple shopping trips for socks (because I’ve never bought more than 3 or 4 pairs at one time). So, I figured it was worth it.

  7. Donna, et al.

    I think the numbering reasoning goes like this. At the beginning, all the socks feel the same. After a year of mixing and matching, however, a leftie from pair #3 (which you may have worn 40 times) might feel quite different from the #10 pair righty (which you may have worn only 20 times).

    I happen not to wait until all of my socks are dirty before getting them washed, so a sock at the way back would not automatically get cycled to the front, and so might not get worn for months. Matching pairs would assure that both socks feel equally worn.

    A old married couple I knew used to wear wildly differing socks (one pink, one orange striped, for example). When asked why, they would say,

    “It saves time in the morning searching for matching pairs.”

    When asked what they did with the extra time?

    “Talk to people like you about socks.”

  8. Augie: As you can see in the photo, #10 is on top. Plus, I thought it would be a bit predictable to start with #1.

  9. I’m definitely eager to learn about the durability of these socks. For a very long time, I had a black sock rule: I wore nothing but black socks unless doing exercise, and then it was white. I bought socks in lots of 3 or 4 pairs at a time, and wasn’t too concerned with whether the pairs ended up sticking together or not. However, now I can vouch for Hugh’s comments on the different “wearings” of socks and their feel/colour. Black socks especially are prone to fading in the wash.

    I’m very tempted to see if there’s a women’s 10 Socks set, but the $100 price tag is a little alarming. If Darren says they wear well however, then 10Socks can thank him for another customer. The value of good socks is very underestimated.

  10. You are joking! It’s not your real name is it? How can you live that down!
    What a great website though and the service and the socks looks as good as the service.
    David Bloch

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