Lunch Among the Digerati

Boris Mann kindly invited me to an impromptu lunch at Urban Thai Bistro. In attendance were Robert Scoble (look at this photo, and then this one, and tell me he doesn’t look a bit like Philip Seymour Hoffman. I see that others think so too), Stewart Butterfield (involved with Flickr), Cal Henderson (another Flickrer, an Englishman who, remarkably, doesn’t support a single Premiership–or any other league–football team), Lauren Wood, Tim Bray and sundry unURLables, including Tim and Lauren’s son, Andy, Robert’s wife Maryam and her friend Shadi.

Much was discussed–Sun vs. Microsoft, Flickr, social software, the beauty of Vancouver, Vancouver real estate (does any conversation occur in this city where that doesn’t come up?), this Vancouver weblog conference idea, how people are going to view their photos in 20 years, etc. Both Boris and Tim have posted entries about the lunch which cover more ground than I am.

Also, it turns out that Boris is from both my former schools–Sentinel Secondary and UVic. I didn’t get to confer with him on who we mutually knew, but I’m sure there will be gossip to exchange.


  1. Wow – quite the lunch 😉

    Darren – not sure if you knew, but Stewart works on the floor of my office. One of the best and worst things about Vancouver is how truly small it is.

  2. Thanks for the mention in the write-up Darren. I was probably the least Digerati-esque of the geek table crew and perhaps even Maryam too. Oh and doesn’t Shadi work for Cisco or did I mishear that part, while I’m feeling sorry for myself? I regret missing the chance to out myself as an Arsenal supporter during the brief moment you steered the conversation towards matters of life and death, erm, well okay football.

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